another step closer {fingerprints}

Yesterday we woke up really early. Well, 3 of us woke up early…the other 3 were sleeping somewhere else.

We stopped by the world’s best gas station to fill up the gas tank. I like taking pictures of gas station signs when I am on a trip. Gas prices keep rising and they provide an interesting look back when thumbing through pictures.

Little miss decided not to go back to sleep.

Two hours later, we arrived in our state’s capitol…at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We were there for an appointment to have our fingerprints taken. I wanted to be early…you never know what delays you could run into and I wasn’t going to be late.

We waited for the sun to come up and the doors to open.

Cheerios & grapes…the breakfast of champions.

I was told by a friend that a line would form about 15 minutes before the doors opened. So 20 minutes before, I got out to begin the line. No cells phones or cameras are allowed inside. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services: I was the first to have my fingerprints taken that day. I was there to take the necessary steps for my little one to be approved to become a US citizen. The women working were so cheerful and welcoming. The others waiting with us were in the process of become citizens. They were all given booklets to help them with Naturalization tests. It was a very sterile office, but the people in the room…the diversity….made it beautiful.

Our homestudy social worker recommended that we sleep with vaseline on our fingertips the night before we went. I, not wanting to hinder anything, did as I was told. Chris mocked me. The nice woman taking my fingerprints commented on how easy they were take and asked what I did to prepare. I told her. She thought it was a great idea. Chris’ fingerprints weren’t quite so easy. Don’t mock a mom…just sayin’.

We stopped for a coffee before the drive home. I kept reading the line on the cup, “WHEN WE’RE TOGETHER”…..when we’re together little one….another step closer to that.

FireCracker finally conked out on the way home.

So for those wondering about the whole adoption process…now we wait for approval of our fingerprints. It looks like that will take a month or so. Then we mail things off to our adoption agency. After getting lots of seals and approvals, it will be sent overseas….that will be a good day. Sometime after that point we will get a referral (info & a picture on the child we are matched with) and then will begin the journey for getting all the necessary papers & approvals to bring little one home.

So that is where we are at….in a very simplified explanation!


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