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*This is part of a series of posts from when I spoke at A Christmas Gathering*

There are so many ways to display and use your photos beyond a traditional frame or photo album. Here are a few ideas….
Mantle Display: I created this using 4×6 prints. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Chicken wire Frame: A basic frame with chicken wire attached. You can find all the details by clicking here.


Stitched Canvas: A favorite picture printed on canvas printer paper and some vintage trim sewn on. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Wooden Spool Holders: Saw a little slit down a wooden spool to hold a mounted photo. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Old Window Display: Using decorative masking tape, adhere photos to an old window. My window has an etched map of the area I live. You can find details on how I made my winder by clicking here.

Clipboards: Simple way to change out your photos on a regular basis. You can see photos of this idea being used in my boy’s room by clicking here.

Postcard Racks: Keep an eye out at garage sales & flea markets for old postcard racks. They provide a great way to share and display your images.

Photos in jar: I’m sure you’ve seen this idea around in lots of different ways. Simply add a photo to the inside of a jar. You can use two jars with the inmost one holding a candle and the photo safely between the two jars.

Shadow Box Display: Combine your photos and items of a similar theme to create a display. You can find all the details of mine by clicking here.

Muslin Candle Covers: Print your image on iron on transfer paper, adhere to muslin, wrap around glass. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Marie’s Lampshade: Print your images on vellum paper and add to a lampshade. You can find all the details of Marie’s lampshade by clicking here.

Phone Cover: Take any image and create your own photo cover. You can find all the details of mine by clicking here.

Vellum over glass: Print your image on vellum paper, wrap around glass, add a candle inside.

Gallery Wrap Canvas: A bit more traditional, but always fun. You can find all the details of mine by clicking here.

Frame with Wire: Using eye-hooks string wire across an open back frame to display photos and items.


So now get those pictures off your memory card before they die in a digital abyss, and enjoy them!

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  • Pamelotta - Oh, I’m so guilty of that. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I like the chicken wire frame best.

  • the inadvertent farmer - Just poppin’ in to say I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving week with your family. Kim

  • KaraM - I tried to convince the antique store by my house to sell me their postcard holder…didn’t work!

  • e l l a - I love these ideas!!! Thanks for the reminder to take them out of the safe-world of the harddrive and put some dust on them πŸ˜‰ Seriously, about an hour ago, my husband passed by our hallway and randomly said “we should replace these photos here ~ she (pointing to our 4 year old) couldn’t even walk yet….” πŸ˜‰ Have a great Thanksgiving week Ashley. xo

  • Kara Paslay - Ashley, thanks for sharing all the these creative ways to display photos! I appreciate you taking the time to put this post together for people like me who just don’t don’t get excited about a traditionally framed picture! You’re awesome!

  • able mabel - I love the vellum over glass look!

  • Katie M. - Thanks so much for all the ideas! I can’t wait to try some…

  • Mirys - I love the “tip” at the end!!!
    I surely need to print my digital photos… but I never find time to arrange them and choose the ones I wanna printed… Oh my!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    Mirys (from Brazil)

  • Katie Lockhart - I did a frame pretty much just like the chicken wire frame a while back for my sister at her baby shower. It holds baby Georgie’s hair clips, and it works great!

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  • B. - Nice ideas! And love that poster in the first pic! Where us it from?

  • Charlene - LOOK! This is how far I am!!! I’M SO CLOSE TO BEING CAUGHT UP! Any who, I just watched the new JCP commercial, with Rockin’ Robin in the background… SO thought of you!! RANDOM!

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  • laura@printing-instagram - Hey, My name is Laura and I blog about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos. I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas. I love seeing the crafty ideas that people create to display their photos! thank you for the inspiration and thank you for sharing.