diy {custom photo thank you cards}

Christmas is approaching and this year I have a head start on thank you cards. Wow, it is November…I am way ahead of the game. Actually, this is an idea I shared at The Christmas Gathering…hence the earlier timeline for me!

Before it gets too cold, take advantage of leaves still hanging around to get a picture for custom Thank You cards. I wanted to share a few ideas with you for fun ways to say “thank you”. These are all very simple ideas that I’m sure you’ve seen around. Here’s a glimpse at how they look different with the same kids and same setting.


This is the picture I ended up using for our cards. Simple idea. I tried…oh how I tried…to get all four of them to just look and smile at me.


My banner got tangled in the wind, but after untangling it…we accomplished some pictures. I just made this out of paper and twine. I used my Cameo to cut the letters.

This is the other one I thought about using for the cards. Maybe I’ll just make more cards.


Some chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby. You could cover yours in paper, fabric, paint, yarn, etc. I liked the understated cardboard look. This was a hard one to do with a certain little girl.


Digitally add Thank You:

I wanted one lastΒ  picture of them simply looking at me that I could add “thank you” with my computer. When you add text to an image it is good to think about where you will want to add the text. I was thinking I could add black text to the top right corner on the horizontal shots. I wanted to do some vertical, leaving space at the bottom for white text. It did not go as planned. As soon as the boys didn’t have anything in their hands, they became Ewoks.

Sister got mad when I told her she couldn’t pull her dress over her head.

In all the struggle, her headband kept creeping closer to her eyes.

Now, I know you all will ask for more details so here you go:




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  • the chronic utilitarian - love the ideas, ashley.

    this photo op looks harder than wrangling cats.

    happy thanksgiving.

  • Kezia - I love all your ideas – they look so good. The out takes are funny too!

  • emmybrown - love the idea….but more than that, LOVE this sequence of pictures of your hysterical little ones!!!! I had an Ewok brother growing up, so I laughed out loud at your boys!!! And Sister getting mad…..HA! Love it!!! Thanks for the smiles!

  • Weronika - Most adorable kids! These are the cutest pictures ever and a clever idea!

  • Sara - Your kids are so adorable. I always get a chuckle from their personalities!

  • Amanda Torres - I love the pic of her stomping off. LOVE IT!

  • Nicole - cute! the pix of your daughter are cracking me up!

  • Andy - those are great. love where they are chasing firecracker around. such fun pictures

  • Robyn Farmer - See….that’s why we love you. I love that you capture Firecracker running off. Keepin’ it real!

  • amber - I feel like a nut job after I try to take pictures with my 2!! These CRACKED me up:)… Never ending fun with those 4. Such cute kids.

  • Alice H - She looks like she is great at throwing a fit! I loved her little fists on her head when she is first getting mad.

    These are also great ideas. I am so thankful that you are posting all of these Christmas Gathering posts! We had such a good time on Thursday evening.

  • Stacy Teague - I went to enter for the silhouette giveaway and the first comment i tried to post came back as an error. So i tried it again and it worked. After I was finished doing all 4 comments I went back to look at them to make sure they went through and somehow the first “error” one also went through :/ So now I have 5 comments. Will you delete one? I don’t want to be disqualified! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • Kim - oh my goodness how I love firecracker. I love her stomping off!..she so reminds me of my daughter.

  • Christie - Adorable kiddos and great shots. I love the ewoks:).

    I was thinking the other day–my youngest is the only girl with 2 brothers. She has had a couple friends come play that don’t have brothers, and because we don’t have enough girly toys, they sit there and have no fun. My girl will pick up a sword and want to sword fight…they want no part of it. It’s pretty funny, but my husband and I are SO happy she can be a total girly girl, but she’s right there with every move of her brothers and is happy that way, too. Made me think of your little girl.

  • stephanie - use one of the bottom two! they’re wonderful.

  • Kara - Oh how I love that they become ewoks so often. We are entering the Star Wars (the next generation) phase. And I love looking at your photos now for things like lines and balance and movement. Your subjects are ridiculously cute too.

  • Rebecca Badger - SO CUTE! We have actually done this very thing a few months back! Although ours was not for Christmas. We had been given a very generous gift and I had to come up with a fun way to say THANK YOU! We got so many complements on that card!

  • Michelle - LOVE the idea, and the pics so made me laugh! Reminds me of my own four little funny kids. So sad though, the MPix link doesn’t work:( Thank you:)

  • Carissa miller - Totally doing this.

    PS – Gosh your kids are stinkin cute.

  • Amanda - These ooze cuteness!!! I just ordered flat cards from mpix per your suggestion for change of address cards. I was stumped on paper choice…what do you usually order? Stock, pearl or linen???

  • Lissa - Cutest kids ever. Period.

  • giozi - Love your card your sesion was so fun ha ha ha

  • Willeke - So much fun to watch! Made me smile!

  • Mary Lemon - They’re all adorable but I really love the last ones where they’re all hugging. And Firecracker’s headband is great! Your kids are so lucky to have so many photos for them to enjoy when they’re older. Love the setting too. It’s great you have an acreage. Very fun post!

  • angie - i love these pics so much! the ewoks crack me up!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Laughing so hard… so glad it is not just me!

  • Mirys - The runaway daugther is sooooooooooooooooo funny!!!! I loved this post!!!

    Kisses and blessings.

  • - Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

  • amber P - you have such creative ideas. and your kids make me smile! love the series of photos. that is so my life too! just gotta go with the flow when it comes to photographing kids. haha

  • Melissa - Your children are beautiful!

  • Elaine - Your kids are so adorable!! πŸ™‚ Also, I’m in love with your ideas, thanks for the inspiration! πŸ˜€

  • Debbie - OMG AshleyAnn – We just took family pictures at the beach this Thanksgiving….I think we took 200 pictures and not one picture has everybody smiling or looking at the camera!!! Now I just need to learn Photoshop Elements so I can cut and paste faces!!! I finally settled on this one!/photo.php?fbid=10150394608678907&set=a.442118083906.232930.719103906&type=1&theater

  • Kristel - Love your ideas… And the kids photos are just so precious…..

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