the day Leia won

Her brothers were playing Star Wars. They got in proper attire while she picked out her own Princess Leia costume. I followed them to the field, it took her a while, but she finally joined us.

Luke Skywalker fell asleep. Obi Wan guarded him from Darth Vader. Princess Leia didn’t care about the battle waging between her brother and dad, all she wanted was to stand on the wood spool. They weren’t about to let her.

Real life….so much better than what I could script or pose!

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  • Kezia - She is so funny!

  • kari signe - adorable!

  • Sarah @ w30 - HA! Love it and love her sense of style!

  • The Lady - Ver true! I love your photo/short story posts.

  • cailan - So adorably funny. Can’t believe she came up with that ensemble on her own!

  • Jenny - She reminds me of “Lulu” from the Ladybug Girl Books!

  • lindsey - BEST.POST.EVER. I love her little look-back to say “their gone – should i??”

  • Candice Forte - Awesome!!!!!

  • amanda torres - That whole sequence is sheer awesomeness. I love it.

  • allison - awesome!

  • Alice H - I love these pics. This is such a great story!!

  • Kirra Sue - Ohmyword. She is sooooo cute! Love it.

  • Becs - Great shots, I love them all! Cowboy boots and fairy wings are a great combo. 🙂

  • Ranee - hilarious…and she is just too cute!

  • Renata - I love this post. I have two little boys (8 & 4), so I have an appreciation of Star Wars culture that I never thought I would have. These pictures are awesome. Sweet memories to capture.

  • Abigail - lol! that’s awesome.

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - That is too cute. I love hoe crisp and bright your photos look.

  • salina - Very cute.:)

  • cynthia - HIlarious!!!! Love it! 😉

  • heather - complete and utter fantastic-ness!!!!

  • Bella - So cute! Love her outfit 🙂

  • Jess - So funny! I love the narration to the photos! Really cute post and props to Firecracker for being persistant!

  • Erika Matuszek - this is so precious!! I love her. great story-telling with the pics!

  • Kate S. - Her costume is the greatest part of this series–pink fairy wings, tutu, knitted hat, cowboy boots–pure awesome.

  • emmybrown - like so many have said…..AWESOME!!! (lovely blue sky too!)

  • amy s. - ….and the outfits will only get more interesting. 🙂 I did a “30 dressing days with Calihsta” when she was around 4. It was and still is a hilarious thing to reflect back on.

  • Mamabirdy - It seems like it’s always sunny in Oklahoma 🙂

  • Rebecca - One of my favorite posts!

  • Irene - LOL, she’s too funny Ashley!! She’s got a rockin sense of dressing up I can see.

  • Leslie - That is so great. What fun they have! Sweet moments

  • cassidy - It’s fantastic. That girl’s got some spunk!

  • CharlaL - Victory is soooo sweet! 😉

  • Seamingly Sarah - Love it! Watching the contrast between the boys and the girl makes me laugh. I only have two girls and my 3 year old has been dressing just like your daughter does. That alone makes my day, but I don’t realize it often enough. It’s only when she wears a plain brown dress do I realize the rainbow-ness that she is is missing.

  • Jeannette - Oh my! Love all the pictures. Corban is looking with me and he wants me to print a picture of Darth Vader!

  • amy jupin - firecracker is a HOOT!
    God love her!

  • Mandy - Hilarious!!! I love this; priceless!!!

  • Kathie McAuliffe - WAY TOO CUTE!!

  • Amy - That needs to go directly into a book. That was amazing.

  • Mary Lemon - I could see a new comic book series . . . Firecracker. She’s hilarious. Her outfits are the best!

  • Nancy - She is delicious. Love this post.

  • Melissa Evans - too too too cute! 🙂

  • Maria - So cute.

  • Julie - I’d love to know your settings for these photos! Your kids are darling!

  • Nicole L. - That is awesome! You captured that so perfectly! I love the look on her face when she turned around after the boys left!

  • julie - Oh. I love her. 🙂