our thankful tree {USCIS appt. date}

Yesterday, I posted a little iphone pic of a new pillow. My friend gave it to me as a birthday gift…white, teal, red…so cute. Well, yesterday I got a surprise email from the local shop my friend purchased this pillow from and an email from the maker of the pillow. How fun are blogs? It blows my mind that I could post a little picture of a pillow and then get an email from the person that actually made it. So crazy! Anyway, I just thought I’d share…the pillow was purchased at The Art House in Tulsa, but for those of you out of town you can get one from the maker’s etsy shop, Marekalaine.

A few years ago we did a Thankful Tree in November. I didn’t get around to it last year, but made sure I was on top of it this year. I, obviously, was not the creator of this idea. I am sure you’ve seen them all over the place. Some families do them on chalkboards, some on walls, some on doors. There are so many options. I wanted mine to be a little less ‘loud’…there is enough color going on in this house as it is.

I used a glass container I already had on hand, sticks from the backyard, old coffee beans to hold the sticks, strips of scrap fabric and an old book cut to make leaves.

Her hair is nuts. She and I have different opinions on how it should be fixed. The Gussy headband is much cuter without the ponytail holder too!

I keep a bowl of leaves and fabric next to the “tree” on the kitchen table. The idea is to write things we are thankful for on the leaves and tie them to the branches. As Thanksgiving approaches, the branches will get fuller and fuller. Sometimes we sit down together and add leaves. Other times the kids just randomly go over and starting writing and tying. It is especially fun to watch the older boys help the little two.

Yeah, you read that right. We finally got our fingerprint appointment! Just because I am curious, for those of you that have done fingerprints for an I800-A, how long did it take to get your approval from USCIS after your fingerprint appointment? (for an international adoption you must have a biometrics clearance done before you be approved for an adoption. Getting fingerprints is part of this process)

Our Thankful Tree is beginning to blossom. I have a feeling I am going to have to add more branches before the month is over!

Here is one I found several months ago by Simply Vintagegirl...so classy looking.


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