Our Family Picture {the “outtakes”}

Our friend Ryan did family pictures for us a few weeks ago. You can see some of my favorites on the original post. Ryan was nice enough to give us hundreds of the images he took.  I had to order some for our adoption dossier so I went through all he gave us. So many that might be deemed an “outtake” made me smile. I thought I’d share some here. Thanks again Ryan.

Ryan got so many of FireCracker smiling…when the reality was she was not in the most cooperative mood that night.


I remember when my oldest was a toddler and I was appalled by all the toys guns and weapons available to little boys.

Now I am appalled that lightsabers don’t come in turquoise.

I love both of these. Chris and I laugh at the response we get when we go out. If it is all 6 of us, people usually say something about our hands full or we can see them counting kids. When we go out just with the little two, we get lots of “ahhhs” and “oh what a cute little family”. So this picture of us walking is our “Oh what a cute little family” picture. It didn’t dawn on me how similar my outfit & FireCracker’s were until I saw this picture. This was the 2 seconds of the whole evening that she would have anything to do with me…and she obviously wanted away.


Darth Vader was using The Force on them.

My mom taught them a song about a butterfly in Italian. They sang it for Ryan. For a minute I thought about pretending I teach my children to sing in foreign languages as a little choir, but as you can tell by my face I am obviously not that mom.


If I had spare time I would make these two flash back and forth. Made me smile to see them doing the same thing.

I brought swords out for the boys, but forgot hers. She is asking where it was….

Fun times. Fun times.

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