diy {vintage goodies iphone case}


So I am not one to brag, but I kind of think I have the cutest iphone case out there! Well, maybe it is just the cutest to me, but that is totally fine. Here is how I made it:

I gathered all kinds of scraps fabric, my favorite vintage tablecloths and a few other random items.

After spreading it all out, I thought it would be best to go with something I knew I’ve enjoyed looking at for a long time…my favorite pink tablecloth. Then I just began adding stuff and layering.

I took lots of pictures as I went. I tried moving it to a diagonal, changing things around, and then finally got it the way I liked.

So I got my final image and then uploaded it to uncommon to create the case. I didn’t know anyone who had used uncommon, I happened to come across the site randomly online. I got the Capsule case and it arrived within a couple of days…really fast turnaround time. I will say when I opened the box, I was bit nervous about the case. It seemed kind of flimsy and didn’t hold together tightly. However, once I slid it on my phone it was a perfect snug fit and I am very happy with it. It isn’t as bulky as other cases, so it probably doesn’t protect quite as well for big drops, but it is a great smaller case. I do need to add a screen film.

Here is my attempt at getting a phone case in action shot. It is kind of awkward to hold a phone and not cover the pretty case while watching little boys drop swords down the stairs.

So I handed it to Obi Wan Kenobi. He was arranging an attack on Darth Vader with Luke Skywalker…

The finished product and the image I used.


And how about a random photo tip?

It was a dark rainy day when I was taking the final image picture. One quick way to add light is to simply open a door. It was cold, but worth it to open it just long enough for a picture. All the settings and processing on these two images are exactly the same…just one has the door open. I’ve been known to take baby pictures in the doorway…quick fix for a dark house or dark sky.

Happy Monday!

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