diy {vintage goodies iphone case}


So I am not one to brag, but I kind of think I have the cutest iphone case out there! Well, maybe it is just the cutest to me, but that is totally fine. Here is how I made it:

I gathered all kinds of scraps fabric, my favorite vintage tablecloths and a few other random items.

After spreading it all out, I thought it would be best to go with something I knew I’ve enjoyed looking at for a long time…my favorite pink tablecloth. Then I just began adding stuff and layering.

I took lots of pictures as I went. I tried moving it to a diagonal, changing things around, and then finally got it the way I liked.

So I got my final image and then uploaded it to uncommon to create the case. I didn’t know anyone who had used uncommon, I happened to come across the site randomly online. I got the Capsule case and it arrived within a couple of days…really fast turnaround time. I will say when I opened the box, I was bit nervous about the case. It seemed kind of flimsy and didn’t hold together tightly. However, once I slid it on my phone it was a perfect snug fit and I am very happy with it. It isn’t as bulky as other cases, so it probably doesn’t protect quite as well for big drops, but it is a great smaller case. I do need to add a screen film.

Here is my attempt at getting a phone case in action shot. It is kind of awkward to hold a phone and not cover the pretty case while watching little boys drop swords down the stairs.

So I handed it to Obi Wan Kenobi. He was arranging an attack on Darth Vader with Luke Skywalker…

The finished product and the image I used.


And how about a random photo tip?

It was a dark rainy day when I was taking the final image picture. One quick way to add light is to simply open a door. It was cold, but worth it to open it just long enough for a picture. All the settings and processing on these two images are exactly the same…just one has the door open. I’ve been known to take baby pictures in the doorway…quick fix for a dark house or dark sky.

Happy Monday!

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  • Kezia - So sweet!

  • Hanna Finn - Ashley, I love this! If I had a phone like that I would definitely do this.

    Can I also just say how much I enjoy reading your blog – it is the only blog I follow regularly. I think I stumbled upon it by seeing a photo of FireCracker’s bed, and kept coming back to see the photos and to read about your creative and busy life. I have been unemployed for a while now and getting a bit down just sitting at home on my own all day applying for jobs, but your blog gives me something to look forward to when I sit down on my computer each day. I just finished reading your blog from the beginning, you have really developed into a bona fide blogger in the last couple of years! I have laughed out loud at your description of “MacGyver crafting” (because that’s what I do!), the photo of FireCracker as a shocked librarian (in the onesie with the glasses), and many many other posts. I have had tears in my eyes whilst reading some of your posts. You have a way of writing and photographing that really speaks to me and inspires me to keep creating, giving and taking photos. Thank you.

  • Drea - no, you’re right. it *is* the cutest case out there! i absolutely love it! I didn’t know you could design your own case. that’s pretty rad. i don’t ever really like predesigned cases.

    thanks for sharing that! 🙂

  • jen@thecottagenest - That is awesome and now I want an Iphone!

  • Elaine - Hi Ashley,
    Love your blog! I have an Uncommon case and I love it. Have probably had it for about a year. I drop my phone all the time and it has been well protected. 🙂

  • Megan - I have the “deflector” uncommon case and love it!! I (being an absent-minded mom) left my phone on top of my car while buckling the kids in – forgot it and drove off! my iPhone flew off my car, was hurled into the street – and survived with just a few scratches on the case! Plus I love that I have my own personal design – I get comments on it all the time.

  • Mary Lemon - Awesome. I have an Android but the size looks about the same. I’ll have to check it out. I love your style. I have tons of vintage scraps, lace, bits and pieces of fun vintage stuff. What a fun idea for a case.

  • Holly - I made an Uncommon case using a piece of digital scrapbook paper.

  • alison holcomb - i also have an uncommon case. it’s lasted a good 2 years, and there has been absolutely NO damage to my iphone and i drop it quite a bit! love uncommon and love this case!!!

  • Lori - I’m getting an iphone just so I can make a case like that- how cool is that…uncommon. Mine will be burlap, lace, silvery glitter initals and some black velvet ribbon. I love that…very cool.

  • Jill - Thank you so much for posting this – you just gave me the best Christmas ideas for my husband and father-in-law, two of my hardest people to shop for!

  • kiley - you are so stinkin’ fabulous! seriously!!! and even more fabulous for sharing your fabulousness with us so *we* can be more fabulous, too! :o)

  • Kristin - Your case is so cute and unique. I love it! Thank you for posting this, I just got an iPhone for the first time and have been looking for a case so I don’t break it since I’m a klutz. This is making m think outside the box. So fun!

  • Nicole - Love uncommon! I offer the cases to my clients. Fabric and scrapbook paper images are too fun!

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - What a great idea. My case just broke, and I need a new one.

  • Jenna - I absolutely LOVE your iPhone case!

  • heather - that is fantastic!
    and now i have iphone envy AND iphone case envy.

    the only time you will hear my say i wish time would go faster is in direct relation to my cell phone contract. 😉

  • cailan - If only I didn’t need my heavy-duty, bulky Otter cover – I’m way to clumsy to trust myself with a less protective case. Love the peek at your cute entry.

  • natalie - I 2nd Hanna Finn’s comment- Your’s is the only blog I look forward to reading- and I actually never read strangers’ blogs till I found yours. Today has been ROUGH, and I just put all the kids in their beds, looked around at my disaster of a house, and said ‘just a quick dose of Ashley Ann before I pull it all together.’ I do wish you touched more on motherhood- i have so much to learn. Take care-

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my goodness! That is so cute! Love it.

  • Katie - Ashley, for a little more sturdier case, try the Speck brand next time. It has a lovely rubber “bumper” around the front edge to protect and keep it from sliding off your dashboard…(oops, did I say that, I meant around in your purse, which is on the floor in the back seat!) I have the clear case and have been decorating it with scrap paper, napkins, etc but I LOVE your idea of making a design yourself! My next project!

  • Amy - it is so you!

  • patsy - Very nice indeed! Love your photos of your family! Patsy from HeARTworks

  • Jenny B. - That is so cool! At first, I thought the case was actually made of fabric, and I thought, “that must be pretty bulky,” and then I thought, “no way she is going to cut up her favorite pink tablecloth!?” HA! 🙂 Very cool.

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  • Pearl - WOw! That is such a neat and cool idea!!
    I love it!


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