Silhouette CAMEO

A while back I got to do a review of a Silhouette machine….it is one great machine. I raved a little too much to my sister about it. Well, the company that created the Silhouette recently released a new version called the CAMEO. There are a few minor differences and one major difference – it cuts 12″x12″ paper. So all those scrapbooking paper packs…it can cut the whole sheet. Recently, I was asked if I’d like to try out the CAMEO. Easy thing to say “yes” to…and I was excited to pass on my Silhouette to my sister.

The CAMEO is just as sleek as the Silhouette….just wider. Here it is in my home office/studio/kitchen/craft room. I don’t have a place to keep it out permanently, so the slender design is important for me.

I have some Amy Butler scrapbooking paper that is so hard for me to commit to use. I thought I’d try a full page design (though my paper was 11″x11″ instead of 12″x12″). Another new aspect of the CAMEO is it has one blade that you adjust instead of 3 different blades to change out (like the Silhouette).

Lens cap,Β  legos, baby doll with no clothes, a CAMEO, adoption handbook, crayons, my 3 year old’s jedi drawings…he’s a pretty good artist in my opinion.

The Silhouette will no longer be sold (don’t worry if you own one…all the Silhouette accessories will still be sold). The CAMEO is just as amazing as its predecessor.

It was killing them not to pull the paper out. They were killing me getting so close to pulling it out!

Evidently when it rolled over their hands it was really fun.

Seriously…how amazing is this? I made an intricate doily out of Amy Butler paper! The doily design was purchased from the Silhouette store. Is anyone as impressed as I am that it can cut this out? Both the Silhouette and the Silhouette CAMEO are impressive.

I also got a heat transfer kit….there’s that 3 year old working on more drawings.

So back when FireCracker was a baby I made her a cateye glasses onesie. The original tutorial and story can be found here.

I’ve made several of these over the last few years. I think they are fun little gifts for newborn girls, not sure that the moms that get them enjoy it as much as I do though. Anyway, it is a pain to gently cut those delicate classes out. I decided I’d attempt to figure out how to make it with the CAMEO. I don’t have a tutorial for how I created the image…it took lots of trial and error, but I finally got it to work…sent it to cut on some heat transfer vinyl…peeled back the extra….

I do like that I can create my own designs and the CAMEO reads all the fonts already on my computer…big plus in my opinion.

Ironed it on…painted on the “chain”….and now I have a couple little onesies for some new baby girls in my life!

So here is the part for you (sorry, wish I had the power to give one away to everyone!)….

There is a promotion running through October 31st. For $299.00 (normal price is $339.98), it includes a brand-new CAMEO and your choice of a starter kit (Fabric Ink, Vinyl, Heat Transfer, Rhinestone). To get that deal you must use this code: SYCAMORE

This is the first promotion ever for the CAMEO so the supply is limited and I am pretty sure they will sell out.

Don’t forget the May Books giveaway and all the sponsor giveaways end Saturday night.

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  • andy - that doily is amazing. what pretty paper and a cool machine. great idea too. love it

  • Jessica P - That is the prettiest doily I’ve ever seen! Very cool machine, and the cat-eye onesie is one of my favorite things you’ve showcased on this blog. It’s on my pinterest page as we speak.

  • Kathleen - Awesome!

  • Sarah - LOVING that doily!!! how cool is that!

  • Anna Marie - Wowzers! That is incredible! Wish I had the money to get one. I know I would get lots and lots of use out of it. My 4-year-old daughter would probably use it just as much…lol

  • Laura {The Embellished Nest} - That doily is amazing! I’m glad I had some self-control in the spring to not go and buy the Silhouette, not so sure if I will with the CAMEO though! To bad this one is even more pricey though!

  • Sarah Pratt - Just when you think you’ve got the best thing out there, Silhouette comes out with something even better!

  • Shannon - OMG! I have seriously seen some of the most amazing projects made using the silhouette!!! Sooooooo coooooooooooooooool! I so wish I had one!

  • Melody - The Doily is so Fabulous! It looks like stain glass the way you are holding it. Beautiful. and I am totally smitten with your Cateye Glasses

  • Holly T - On the Christmas list! Santa, I promise I have been good.

  • cailan - That doily is too neat – wish I could come up with enough reasons to justify this πŸ™‚

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my gracious! That is so cute! I love it!

  • merran tatum - oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! i have seen this and have put it on my christmas list of things i would LOVE but will never get. winning this would be a dream!!

  • merran tatum - hahaha…i commented before i even finished reading the post…the excitement just consumed me. maybe if i play the lottery i’ll win, and then i can buy the cameo and use the promotion code!!

  • eek565 - Whaat? I stayed up late last night with my freezer paper and an exacto knife. I made some stencils for my son’s shirt and cat eyeglasses for my daughter’s onesie. She’s due today. My throbbing index finger wishes I had a cameo!

  • liz - Wow! I’ve always been impressed with the silhouette, and I can’t believe they’ve improved upon it. Wish I had one… for now it’s me and my exacto knife!

  • Jessica - I know this is supposed to be a post abou the CAMEO, but all I can see is your sweet kiddos experiencing JOY out of the every day. As I sit at work, I want to quit my job and run home and make babies so I can let them sit so close to the CAMEO and listen to them giggle when it hits their hands. I love your perspective on life. Your blog is doing way more for people than what you may think! Keep up the great work…. God bless you!

  • Evie Valois - How does the cameo compare to the quickutz? This machine looks awesome and I’d love to use it for typography and scrapbooking and mixed media art and everything else!

  • Samantha Lawrence - I have SO many projects I could use this for!! Love the doily cut out!!

  • angie - I die. That doily is AMAZING!

  • Jenny - It’s brilliant! Wishing I could just go snap one up! Maybe after the holidays! The doily is amazing!!!

  • Shelly - Oh. My. Goodness! This is ALL I want for my birthday (November) AND Christmas AND my anniversary (July), etc. I would seriously not ask for any more presents for all of 2012!! Maybe if I’m really good Santa will drop $300 in my lap before October 31st! πŸ˜‰

  • Sara - Craving the Cameo!

  • Heather - I love that doily!!

  • christa - That is so cool! Just wondering how the quality was of the iron on transfers compared to the ‘other’ transfer paper? Did it stick just as well? Would love to hear your thoughts as I use the transfer paper on a regular basis for stuff I sell. Thanks!

  • Kristin S - That Amy Butler doily is simply perfect.

  • Jen - I love that paper! Amazing. Also, the cute little side by side kiddos and their anticipation. πŸ™‚

  • BeckyH in MA - Ashley — was it noisy?? The promo said it was quiet when cutting. But one of my friends got a Cameo and it was NOT quiet. LOL!!

    Really ticks me off that they are not going to have a plug-in to use AdobeIllustrator files with the Cameo. You can convert the AI files to SVG and then import into Cameo. But some of the definition is lost when converting and importing. Plus I would have to convert thousands of files. ack!!!

    Thanks for the review!

  • Kara - I’ve had my eye on a Silhouette machine for a while now, but have never gotten around to getting one. I’m so glad I didn’t before, because I would much rather have this model. I guess I know what I’m asking for for Christmas!

  • Helen - I think I’m in love!

  • Emily D - Oh. My. Word. Love this!

  • Kathie - That is so amazing. My friend just got a Silhouette and I was very jealous…Oh I would love one of these…I keep looking at all the options for these and it is just amazing!

  • CharlaL - I have entered EVERY contest to win one of these!I am DYING for one! So cool they sent you one! πŸ™‚

  • Mhills - Ashley, I love the Amy Butler doily, what is the name of the file you purchased from Silhouette Store? I would love to make a few of these.

  • aimee - So happy about the promotion….I couldnt buy it at full price so the Hub’s is going to have to get it for me now for Christmas…

  • Kasi - Wow! That doily is awesome!!

  • Stephanie - I want one of these SOooOo bad!! I LOVE the doily. I love the onesie! Fantastic!

  • Megan - I am very jealous. i have the SD and love it but have always wished it could take 12×12 paper.

  • Karen - I’ve been dying for one of these so I was going to bite the bullet but it doesn’t appear that you can buy them on their site so note sure how to use the code… which of course expires today! lol help…

  • Nicole - That is really neat. The doily is quite pretty. Forget the kids, I would have a hard time not pulling it out! I have the same problem with the laminator at work. πŸ™‚

  • Debbie C - Um, that doily is AWESOME.

  • Dana - I’ve nearly used up my freezer paper for actually freezing food instead of stenciling on fabric… so this would be a great, great, great solution to the shortage!!!

  • fabian sanchez - como puedo importar un archivo de adobe illustrador a Silhouette CAMEO

  • Jenya - Love the new cameo and your projects are amazing! Have you guys tried to instal the studio onto the mac? I would love to use my mac computer for the design part but cannot seem to get the cd to instal. Any suggestions?

  • Ashley Latham - Would you mind sharing the doily design link for how to purchase that particular design shape?

  • Jane Beirne - Hello my husband bought me the silhouette cameo for christmas ,i am having trouble cutting my cut & print files i get it on the screen then send it to printer ,then load print out onto cameo click on the optic eye icon send to silhouette then click cut . it does nothing then says cut was successful but its not doing anything .can you give me any tips. Kind Regards Jane

  • Heidi S - I recently bought a Cameo cutter and supplies from a new website I herd about and I’m absolutly in love with my Cameo. I’m having soo much fun creating lots of things for gifts. This website is perfect, for they also give you some helpful tips and tricks and ideas of things to make, you would never think possible. I bought some of the vinyl with the cutter and made some personalized wine glasses and a decorative mirror for my friends wedding I’m going to on Saturday. I was able to personalize a picture frame that I made for my parents anniversary, and just yesterday finished a calander for my bf’s 32nd birthday. I’m having so much fun, and excited to start making all the christmas gift ideas. I love your pictures, the doile is awesome, I will have to try that. Check out

  • Maureen - Thanks, this is great information! Was it difficult to get the glasses image in the Silhouette software? Did you import it or start from scratch?


  • ednalva dos santos ferreira - Gostaria de saber o valor dela em real e forma de pagamento.

  • luciana - eu estou louca para comprar uma dessa achei o maxino quero trabalhar com estampas e acho que ela mim cairia bem

  • Athina - hello! I loved your project can you tell me please which doily design you used from silhouette cameo studio?