Silhouette CAMEO

A while back I got to do a review of a Silhouette machine….it is one great machine. I raved a little too much to my sister about it. Well, the company that created the Silhouette recently released a new version called the CAMEO. There are a few minor differences and one major difference – it cuts 12″x12″ paper. So all those scrapbooking paper packs…it can cut the whole sheet. Recently, I was asked if I’d like to try out the CAMEO. Easy thing to say “yes” to…and I was excited to pass on my Silhouette to my sister.

The CAMEO is just as sleek as the Silhouette….just wider. Here it is in my home office/studio/kitchen/craft room. I don’t have a place to keep it out permanently, so the slender design is important for me.

I have some Amy Butler scrapbooking paper that is so hard for me to commit to use. I thought I’d try a full page design (though my paper was 11″x11″ instead of 12″x12″). Another new aspect of the CAMEO is it has one blade that you adjust instead of 3 different blades to change out (like the Silhouette).

Lens cap,  legos, baby doll with no clothes, a CAMEO, adoption handbook, crayons, my 3 year old’s jedi drawings…he’s a pretty good artist in my opinion.

The Silhouette will no longer be sold (don’t worry if you own one…all the Silhouette accessories will still be sold). The CAMEO is just as amazing as its predecessor.

It was killing them not to pull the paper out. They were killing me getting so close to pulling it out!

Evidently when it rolled over their hands it was really fun.

Seriously…how amazing is this? I made an intricate doily out of Amy Butler paper! The doily design was purchased from the Silhouette store. Is anyone as impressed as I am that it can cut this out? Both the Silhouette and the Silhouette CAMEO are impressive.

I also got a heat transfer kit….there’s that 3 year old working on more drawings.

So back when FireCracker was a baby I made her a cateye glasses onesie. The original tutorial and story can be found here.

I’ve made several of these over the last few years. I think they are fun little gifts for newborn girls, not sure that the moms that get them enjoy it as much as I do though. Anyway, it is a pain to gently cut those delicate classes out. I decided I’d attempt to figure out how to make it with the CAMEO. I don’t have a tutorial for how I created the image…it took lots of trial and error, but I finally got it to work…sent it to cut on some heat transfer vinyl…peeled back the extra….

I do like that I can create my own designs and the CAMEO reads all the fonts already on my computer…big plus in my opinion.

Ironed it on…painted on the “chain”….and now I have a couple little onesies for some new baby girls in my life!

So here is the part for you (sorry, wish I had the power to give one away to everyone!)….

There is a promotion running through October 31st. For $299.00 (normal price is $339.98), it includes a brand-new CAMEO and your choice of a starter kit (Fabric Ink, Vinyl, Heat Transfer, Rhinestone). To get that deal you must use this code: SYCAMORE

This is the first promotion ever for the CAMEO so the supply is limited and I am pretty sure they will sell out.

Don’t forget the May Books giveaway and all the sponsor giveaways end Saturday night.

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