journals…a girl can never have too many

I have a ridiculous amount of journals. I can’t help myself. There is something about all that untouched paper bound beautifully. I have boxes of journals from growing up. I have about 5 journals that I am currently writing in right now. Ideally, I always think I’ll just do one journal for everything. Then a lonely journal begs for my attention.

Here are the journals that I am currently writing, drawing, sketching, etc. in….a big stack. All with different purposes.



Let’s start with this set. I want to frame these they are so beautiful. I picked them up at Anthropologie. I started them to go along with reading One Thousand Gifts. I am beginning to record my 1000+ gifts in these.

Here is an exerpt:

1. The laughter of many small children.
11. being called “mommy”
13. laundry – we have an abundance of clothes
19. little hugs that freeze time
28. fine point gel pens
35. morning sun streaming in the window
37. white paint
41. a notarized homestudy



This one was a gift from Mica May. She came to a SnapShop earlier this year (when I did the in-person ones). She gave all the attendees a journal. This ones goes to church with me on Sundays for notes.

Here’s an exert from it:

“God wrote my genetic code for a huge reason. I am who I am because God made me this way. What am I doing with the gifts God gave me?”



Then there are these are for my kids. We have purchased journals right when we’ve found out we were expecting. There are 6: 5 pregnancies and 1 adoption. We write notes to the kids, memories, dreams, prayers, etc. They were all started from the moment we knew they were coming. We’ll continue to fill them through the years and give them when they leave home.

Here is an excerpt from the one we keep for our next little one:

“Once your brother was born, I cherished holding him in my arms and savoring his sweet smell. Yet, in those moments tears would form as I thought of you. I wondered if you would be held and adored as a newborn. I wondered who would answer your cries and what was happening in the heart of your birth mother. The journey remains unclear of who you are and where you are. You are so deeply hoped for, longed for, desired. I can’t wait to hold you my precious one.” – 2008


So I’m a fan of journals. I like looking back. It is probably why I like blogging too. I like to write things out. I just have a lot going on in my head and for whatever reason I like to take pictures and write about it. For every blog post, I have about 5 journal entries/drawings somewhere.

So, since this week is Giveaway Half-Week. Mica May is going to give away one journal to one of you. Here is the hitch, the journal can’t be for you. I want you to think of someone you could give a journal too!

Here’s the details:

Prize: 1 journal of the winner’s choice from MayBooks

One winner, chosen at random

Giveaway ends Saturday, October 29th 9:00pm US Central GIVEAWAY CLOSED

To enter: Tell me who you’d like to give a journal to and which journal you’d like to give!


You can also use the code ashleyann to get 20% your entire order.


*This month proceeds from book sales will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the RISE school ( a school for little ones with Down Syndrome)

If you want to leave a comment today, but do not want to enter to win, just let me know in your comment

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