journals…a girl can never have too many

I have a ridiculous amount of journals. I can’t help myself. There is something about all that untouched paper bound beautifully. I have boxes of journals from growing up. I have about 5 journals that I am currently writing in right now. Ideally, I always think I’ll just do one journal for everything. Then a lonely journal begs for my attention.

Here are the journals that I am currently writing, drawing, sketching, etc. in….a big stack. All with different purposes.



Let’s start with this set. I want to frame these they are so beautiful. I picked them up at Anthropologie. I started them to go along with reading One Thousand Gifts. I am beginning to record my 1000+ gifts in these.

Here is an exerpt:

1. The laughter of many small children.
11. being called “mommy”
13. laundry – we have an abundance of clothes
19. little hugs that freeze time
28. fine point gel pens
35. morning sun streaming in the window
37. white paint
41. a notarized homestudy



This one was a gift from Mica May. She came to a SnapShop earlier this year (when I did the in-person ones). She gave all the attendees a journal. This ones goes to church with me on Sundays for notes.

Here’s an exert from it:

“God wrote my genetic code for a huge reason. I am who I am because God made me this way. What am I doing with the gifts God gave me?”



Then there are these are for my kids. We have purchased journals right when we’ve found out we were expecting. There are 6: 5 pregnancies and 1 adoption. We write notes to the kids, memories, dreams, prayers, etc. They were all started from the moment we knew they were coming. We’ll continue to fill them through the years and give them when they leave home.

Here is an excerpt from the one we keep for our next little one:

“Once your brother was born, I cherished holding him in my arms and savoring his sweet smell. Yet, in those moments tears would form as I thought of you. I wondered if you would be held and adored as a newborn. I wondered who would answer your cries and what was happening in the heart of your birth mother. The journey remains unclear of who you are and where you are. You are so deeply hoped for, longed for, desired. I can’t wait to hold you my precious one.” – 2008


So I’m a fan of journals. I like looking back. It is probably why I like blogging too. I like to write things out. I just have a lot going on in my head and for whatever reason I like to take pictures and write about it. For every blog post, I have about 5 journal entries/drawings somewhere.

So, since this week is Giveaway Half-Week. Mica May is going to give away one journal to one of you. Here is the hitch, the journal can’t be for you. I want you to think of someone you could give a journal too!

Here’s the details:

Prize: 1 journal of the winner’s choice from MayBooks

One winner, chosen at random

Giveaway ends Saturday, October 29th 9:00pm US Central GIVEAWAY CLOSED

To enter: Tell me who you’d like to give a journal to and which journal you’d like to give!


You can also use the code ashleyann to get 20% your entire order.


*This month proceeds from book sales will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the RISE school ( a school for little ones with Down Syndrome)

If you want to leave a comment today, but do not want to enter to win, just let me know in your comment

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  • Jennifer - I would give the journal to my sister. She is a bright happy cheerful soul who always is so vibrant. On the flipside, she struggling with where her life is going next, and I think a journal would help her focus and give her perspective.

  • Jennifer - Addendum to my comment, I would get her the vintage bird citron journal!

  • Jennifer - I would choose the Rise Art piece for it’s significance. My other favorite is the Mod Trellis Spa. I would give the journal to a mom who’s in the hospital with her child right now. I don’t know this mom but I know she’s out there since I’ve been there. Writing has helped me move through some tough stuff and I’m betting it could help others

  • Jamie - I would give a journal to a girlfriend of mine who is pregnant with her second child. I would share your idea (to write notes to her son)! I think it is an AWESOME idea. I would keep the second one for myself to do the same thing! (I will just be 2 yrs. behind, better late than never)! Beautiful idea Ashley.

  • isabel - I love the Chevron Teal, and it’s the perfect gift for my sweet sister.

  • Erin - I would get it for my sweet mentor. She loves to spend time with the Lord! She is intentional, thoughtful, and beautiful in the way she reflects to others what she learned in her time with Him. And she loves to journal her thoughts, so it would be perfect. I think she would like the vintage bird, Spa.

  • amac - I think it would be fun to give one of the monogrammed ones to my friend who is about to have a baby with her little one’s first initial on it.

  • Sara - I love the journal for the RISE school. I would give it to my friend Jessica who loves all things paper, writing, and who is a special education teacher.

  • Cindy - It must be purple and have an M emblazoned on the cover. It is a perfect journal from the May books collection. It shall travel with my daughter on her adventures around the world. It’s home will begin in England, however, where it travels is unknown.

  • kari signe - I would give a journal to all three of my sister-in-laws. Each one is in a different point in their lives (college, ackward post college, and married with 3 month old) and no longer together. I think would really enjoy something beautiful to help them remember these times.

  • Kate - I’d love to give a monogramed “G” journal to my 12-year-old daughter Grace. She loves to journal and writes mostly in cheap spiral-bound Mead notebooks. She’d love the luxury of a pretty journal!

  • Karen Davis - I’d LOVE to give away the Chevron Grey journal to my dear friend who adopted a little one from Ukraine alongside me, while my husband and I were adopting our little girl… I think she needs this one to write in for her little Ukrainian boy!

  • Krista Lund - i love journals too! i think that is why i love blogging and scrapbooking. i would love to give the pretty floral journal to my mom. i would love to one day read thru them. what a treasure that would be.

  • lynet witty - OH MY those are gorgeous! I would love to win one for my 12 yr old half sister who is a terrible speller, but I know that if I specifically gave her a journal where she didn’t have any concerns on spelling, she’d love it and be more enthused about writing down her heart. And I think the Houndstooth Teal would be perfect for her and her room! Eeek I hope I win, I got all excited about giving it to her already!

  • allison - I love the idea of keeping a journal for each of your kids; thanks for sharing a glimpse inside.
    I would definitely give the Chevron Pear journal to Jess, one of my best friends from college who needs more space to jot down her brilliant, crafty ideas!

  • Pamelotta - I would choose the monogramatic ‘L’ for a friend of mine who’s in the hospital right now. She was in a car accident and is blessed to be alive, but she has already had a couple of surgeries and her road to recovery is going to be long. I think it would be good not only for her to write in, but also for people who come to visit her to be able to write down encouraging words and prayers for her.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Heather King - Love the Vintage scroll and the baby boy… I think I’d give it to my friend Stacey, she’s expecting her first and I think that she would love to have a beautiful piece of art to keep her thoughts in…

  • Jes - I would give the RISE School Art Canvas notebook to my 4 1/2 year old daughter. She loves drawing and has recently started “writing”, (as 4 year olds do) and it’s been on my to-do list to find her a special place to document her thoughts.

  • Stephy - I would choose the navy/green “ahoy mate” journal for a very dear friend who’s husband works on a boat and isn’t around as much as she would like… She is a young mom like me, raising their adorable little guy and right now she’s doing it mostly by herself. She’s a super mom and a super friend and we used to fill notebooks upon notebooks writing to eachother in highschool, so I know she’d make good use of a journal. If I don’t win I may just have to buy her it anyhow! In return for all the lunches and overall just being great. πŸ™‚

  • Laura - What gorgeous and super fun journals! I would love to give the monogram “A” to my sister Alexandra for her upcoming birthday! Perfect for her! πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca Armitage - Wow, it’s nice to find someone else who has an “addiction” to journals, my husband complains we’re overrun with them. I love that they donate a portion of the books this month to Down Syndrome Awareness! So I had to buy two for myself before the month is over. You don’t see donations to that cause very often, and it is near to my heart.

    If I was lucky enough to win one for someone else, it would be for my friend Ruth, who is always full of deep, poignant thoughts that should be put down on paper.

    P.S. Love the idea of a journal for each child!

  • Kiera Chambers - I would love to give the journal to our daughter. It would be one we could both write in and ask each other questions and build our relationship.

  • krisi - I will send the monogrammed J journal to my 15 yr-old sister who is just beginning to discover what life is all about. She loves to write poetry and stories that take her places all over the world. I want to help her do that! What a gift. πŸ™‚

  • Trista - I would love to give this journal to our friends who just learned their long-awaited-for little one is trying to come to early (5 mos. gestation). As my friend sits on bed rest in constant prayer this would be a wonderful place for her thoughts. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Erin A. - I would pick the vintage bird mauve journal and give it to my sister!

  • Alissa Saylor - I have a friend who noticed in one of my blog entries that I mentioned needing a notebook for church so that I could take notes. The next Sunday she brought me a super cute journal and had started notes for me! I would give it to her! … also I absolutely adore Rifle Paper Co.! (the journals you bought from Anthropologie) Super cute!

  • Bobbi - I would give the Monogramatic R to my mother. She is currently receiving treatment for breast cancer and this journal the perfect size for her to take wherever she goes to keep a record of this battle of the enemy within that she will defeat.

  • Lora - I would give the wallpaper chocolate to my husband. he is such a creative genius who never takes the time for himself like he should and maybe this journal could be his beginning of giving back to himself and give him a chance to record all of his ideas in a central location (for at least a little while). πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway, Ashley!

  • Sarah - I would give a journal to my dear friend Katelyn. We met in college, and one summer we both went on mission trips to different countries. Her to Canada and me to Rwanda. While apart we had matching journals, and wrote to each other. i would give her the Mod Trelis Gray. Because i love it, and therefore she would to! I have a massive plethera of journals. its like an addiction πŸ™‚

  • Bailey Jean - I would love to give the Monogramatic E journal to one of the beautiful freshman girls I meet with weekly named Emily. I lead a small group each week through my church’s college ministry and then every Tuesday I meet with 3 of the girls to mentor and disciple them. We’ve been talking about how to get closer to God and ways of connecting with Him in the morning and one of my girls voiced that she used to journal but no longer has one. I think this would be a great gift for her!

  • Regan - i love the ahoy mate journals and the monogrammed ones. i love this idea of writing to children, even before they’re born. thank you for this sweet idea!

  • colleen from alabama - I would give it to my sister. She has weathered a lot in the past 3 years. Finally God has given her a precious husband (after 18 years of being married to an abusive one), they are looking to buy their 1st house together and she just entered her 27th year as a flight attendant. She is amazing. I would use this as a thank you for her endless love and care for my mom who has had 3 strokes in 4 years. I live out of town and she does so much on my behalf. She is amazing!

  • kassondra - I want to write one for my step daughter. her birth mothe ris not in the picture and i want to record all the funny silly and even upsetting times in her life so that she can look back and know I love her just as much as my children

  • Anna Marie - I would give a monogram “B” journal to my sister. Her last name starts with a “B” and she has 3 Boys.

  • Laura - I would give this to my sister, Rosalie.
    She has been in the hospital for almost 4 months, and will, very likely, be there until sometime next summer.
    Her road has been very long and sad for all of us, BUT she is slowly improving , and that makes all of us happy.
    She still has a very long way to go, and this journal just mite help her to record her thots and feelings, so that she may read them later…just to see how great God is and how important SHE is that God chose HER to travel this road.

  • Frankie - I would love the give the pink Houndstooth one to my sister- it would be fun to pass it back and forth between us, as she lives a few hours away. I’d love to write notes to her and have her write back, all stored in such a pretty notebook.

  • Pamela - I live in South Africa, and am not sure if it is open to international readers… But I would like to give one to a friend of mine. She turns 41 on Saturday. She found out yesterday she has cervical cancer and has been scheduled for a hysterectomy on Monday. I am sure she must be scared. She loves drawing so it might be nice for her to draw and sketch while recovering.

  • Claire - A while back, my mum and I started a company together. we sold vintage and handmade products. Despite our absolute joy at the opportunity to work together, Due to health, family, and work issues we hace to close down for a little bit. I would give her the Q journal to remind her to keep dreaming and creating. (our business name started w a Q).
    Journals are such beautiful things!!!

  • Danielle - I would give the chevron gray journal to my son still growing in my belly. I love your idea to start writing to him in this way. Can’t wait to begin. I feel like your post was meant for me today, so, thanks!

  • Christy - Love the modern birds., I would give one to my girlfriend at work as she fighting breast cancer. Would love to give her something to write her feelings and thoughts down on paper.

    I love journals too,I use compostion books (ughh not very pretty)
    But I have one for each kid. Love writing the little things they say and do.

  • kim h. - The gray chevron journal would make my best friend swoon. She also loves journaling. I think it’s a woman thing… maybe we know our men just wouldn’t understand all the ramblings that go on in our heads.

  • amanda torres - One of these days I’ll open up your blog and not cry when I read about child #6. Those words were so precious!

  • Sara Joy - I love the anthropology journals, so pretty! My bible study group is going to start reading One Thousand Gifts, how perfect this gift would be for the ladies!

  • Madaline Meatte - My friend is going to start trying to have a baby very soon, and I can’t wait! But I think she would love to have one of these — and I’m guessing she would like the teal chevron!

  • Juli - Do you keep up the younger ones’ journals as well as the older ones? I did the same thing with my kiddos. My oldest son’s & daughter’s journals are nearly filled. My youngest daughter’s journal barely has her birth story recorded! I am embrarassed to hand hers to her one day. πŸ™

  • Jenn - I like the vintage bird print. I would feel luxirious when writing in it!
    I would probably give the monogram journal to a friend

  • lindsey - I would give the journal to a friend who lost her baby at 35 weeks gestation 6 months ago. She is still trying to process the grief and I think that journaling may be a step she is ready to take. It’s hard to think of good ways to support a friend in this situation. I think she would like the Houndstooth Gray.

  • Christine - I would give it to my daughter. She loves to doodle and jot down lots of things.

  • Audrey H. - I would love to give the vintage birds in smoke to my best friend. She is about to go to grad school in a new city and a pretty journal seems to be just the perfect thing for this new adventure. I cherish the journal she gave me when I moved to Africa for six months and it really seems fitting to give her the same gift that has meant so much to me.

  • kaley - We have a journal for my daughter as well that was started when I found out I was pregnant with her. I love it and can’t wait to share it with her someday. I would give one to my good friend who will *hopefully* be expecting very soon so she can start the same tradition with her little one.

  • Marcela - I would love to give the Houndstooth Teal journal to a good friend of mine that just found out she is expecting twins. πŸ™‚

  • Mary Lemon - Love this post. I keep telling my daughter she needs to find time to journal for her baby Coen. I did a terrible job but do have a journal for the first year that I kept up with pretty well and periodically added to it. I would love to win a journal with a C for Coen. I want her to journal when she’s pregnant again like you mentioned. Your kids are so incredibly lucky to have such a great Mom! I get so many ideas from reading your blog. My daughter reads it too when she gets time. I’m going to make sure she reads this one.

  • Allison - I like the baby journals for expecting mothers. I wish I had written in a journal during my pregnancies. I’d give one to my sister in law for whenever she gets pregnant! Also, the monogrammed journals would be great gifts this holiday!!! I always try to make gifts meaningful!

  • Celia - I actually would like to find the most “manly” journal and give it to my husband. He loves to write and would cherish a good journal.

  • Jordan - I would love a customized one for my husband. He is gone with the Air Force and he uses a journal for work while out in the field. Sometimes he writes things in it to remember for his students, his exercise plan, and meal recordings. I’m always looking for more masculine ones but they are so hard to find. I’d love to have a US Air Force SERE one made for him. We’ve been living apart for two years now and it brings me so much happiness when he drops a journal off on a trip home and when he leaves I can scroll through and see his handwriting, his thoughts, where and what he was doing when he wasn’t with us.

  • Kristin - I love the journal idea for your children! Awesome, thanks for sharing! I will tuck that idea away for later…I would give the journal to my best friend as her and her husband are trying to decide where they’re going next year as missionaries. Would be awesome for her to have the gray chevron journal to write down their journey in!

  • Alison M - I would give it to my best friend. Her husband and her have been trying to get pregnant for a little while now and I would love to give her the “Vintage Bird Smoke” with Bump Diary on the inside. I would give it to her when she gives me the good news that they are finally pregnant!

  • Erin - Prayer journaling has been so important in my life. This record of what the Lord teaches, reveals, what my heart’s cries are (were) and how He came through faithfully over and over. I love to give journals as gifts to encourage this. If I won, this gift would go to one of my dearest “sisters”. She has been such an encouragement to me recently as she’s reminded me of the times she has prayed for me (she too keeps a record of her prayers) and how the Lord is moving even in seasons where we don’t readily see it. I think the houndstooth gray journal would be perfect for her. On a side note, we’ve had every good intention to journal for our baby (we’re waiting for placement on a domestic adoption) and even bought the journal (which is now being used for my 1,000 gifts instead). I saw the commercial the other day for Google (?) where the dad typed emails to his kids, sent photos, videos etc. Both my husband and I were intrigued by this idea of setting up an email address that we would email to to give the password/ account to our child one day. Certainly not as nostalgic as a real book, but it might fit our lifestyle a bit more.

  • Molly acord - Baby bump diaries for the baby boy for my sweet cousin Lisa. She has such a hard pregnancy, but baby Jack will be worth it!

  • Tiffany K - My sweet friend Lindsey is in the process of adoption. I would give her the journal to help her through this beautiful but sometimes heartbreaking process. I think the Vintage Bird in Smoke is perfect for her!

  • Angela - I would give it to my sweet sister.

  • Virginia B - I would give the journal to my employee, colleague, and friend, Kelly. I know she would love to have a beautiful new journal to record life in! Loving the chevrons and I think Kelly would especially like the pear and gray ones!

  • Sarah Pratt - I would give it to my husband. When we were dating (many moons ago), he would write and write. Poems, stories, thoughts. Anything. I would love for him to have something special to write in again.

  • beth w. - I would love to give the teal chevron to my sister in law!

  • Caroline - for my mom’s birthday (October 14, the same day as yours) I got her the book “One Thousand Gifts” after I saw you write a post about it on here. Well she started reading it, and was maybe 25 or 30 pages into it and said to me “her child just died.” 50 pages into it she said that the woman was diagnosed with cancer (my mom is a recent breast cancer survivor). I have never read the book, but was saddened that the book was so sad so quickly. However, she kept reading. And she finished the book in two days. Once she was finished, she told me that she understood why the author mentioned all the really sad things. The author was trying to tell her that even in the sight of bad things, to still give praise to God, for all things work together for our greater good.

    I would give this journal to my mom, so she can start to write down her 1000 gifts. And her favorite color is teal, so if there are any journals that are teal, I would choose that one.

  • Rach - My sister. She loves writing/journaling. I’m going with the RISE sunshine one. She’s a missionary/teacher. Great gift!

  • Stacy - My best friend is due to have her first child one month from today! This little girl has been wanted so badly and my friend has been down a long, difficult road to get to this place. I know she has a lot to “say” to her new little one. I think the chevron journals are so cute, but would probably go with one w/ baby’s initials!

  • elizabeth seay - so fun! mica goes to our church now…and she made beautiful journals, bags and t-shirts for all the women at our retreat this past weekend! you would absolutely love them! i had no idea she’s been to one of your classes?? i took your online photo class a few months ago too- i need to tell her! the crafty-creative world is getting smaller and smaller:) love your blog ashley and so excited about your adoption!

  • Stacy - My best friend is due to have her first child one month from today! This little girl is wanted so badly and my friend traveled a long, difficult road to get to this place. I know she has a lot to “say” to her new little one. I’d love to give her a journal monogramed with her little girl’s initial!

  • hope - love the florentine lattice sky for my sister!

  • Tara - I love the basic ones for your children. πŸ™‚ When we found out we were pregnant with the first, I set up an email in his name and started emailing him. I do the same with my second. Anytime I am thinking of them I email them right from my phone! πŸ™‚
    If I were to give one to anyone it would be a woman in my church family. She loves writing and has plenty going on. πŸ™‚ she’s an inspiration and an amazon women.

  • Keri Duggan - I would pick the Vintage Bird Citron notebook to give to my roommate! She’s going to be studying abroad in England next semester, and this would be a perfect (and functional!) going away gift. =)

  • Haley - I would love to hand over the hot pink chevron journal to my Jessica. She is a writer and I would be excited to read what she had written!

  • Samantha Denys - I’d love to give the Houndstooth grey one to my roommate. She loves to write in journals (I don’t have that gift πŸ˜‰ ) So I know it would go to good use!

  • Jessica - I would give a journal to my best friend Megan. She has started her own photography business. This is her passion and her gift and I would love her to be able to put her thoughts and concerns and celebrations in it about her new journey so that she can write, reflect and dream big. I love her so much and she is such an inspiration to me.

  • e l l a - Beautiful. I love journals too πŸ˜‰

  • Katie A. - I would give the Monogram E notebook to my god sister Emily. She’s 9 and as you were telling your story of journaling I thought to myself, “I should get Emily one. She’d probably really like one.” She’s like my mini-me. I give her books and she reads them and we talk about them. I just love her! Love those journals too. Thanks for sharing that site. I’m bookmarking it!

  • Delaney - Mod Trelis Spa. I would give it to my sister.

  • Candy Foster - I would give the journal to my best friend as a suprise gift. She loves journals too!

  • e l l a - Opps I didn’t follow the instructions πŸ˜‰
    I would love the Vintage Bird Spa colour for me and the letter G for my daughter Gabriella. Thank you for a beautiful giveaway πŸ˜‰ xo

  • sarah jonsgaard - I would love to give the vintage bird in mauve to my mom for christmas. I just went to the womens retreat with my church and there was a session on Harvesting the Word. I want to make a devotional for my mom using this method. The journal would be the icing on the cake.

  • Meryl - Definitely to my baby sister…she’s just entering her teenage years, such an important time to have a place to pour out your heart and thoughts.

  • Megan - I would get the Baby Bump Pregnancy Journal – my close friend is almost past her first tri!

  • Jennifer - I like the Vintage Bird Spa–so pretty. I think maybe I would give it to my niece Bailey, who is a crafty eight-year-old.

  • Katherine - I would love to give one to my fiancΓ© πŸ™‚

  • APRIL TAYLOR - I would like to give a journal to my girlfriend for Christmas. I would pick the Monogramed C for her.

  • Judi - Mod Trelis Citron. I would give it to my 19 year old daughter. Like you, she always has several journals going πŸ™‚ (So do I so I’m a bit jealous!)

  • Alice H - Thanks for the giveaway. I would like to give the Monogramatic
    E to my 12.5 year daughter Emilee. She can write about her teenage years! Or the Vintage Bird Spa to a friend of mine who is struggling with trying to have a baby.

  • Kendra House - I would LOVE to give the Vintage Bird in Smoke to my B-E-Autiful friend Lou! Her and her husband just began fostering to adopt and this would be an awesome way for her to journal the time spent with the children God places in her care.

  • Amy Ellis - I would like the Wallpaper Citrus and I would love to write in it for my daughter.

  • Savannah Pfister - I would give the Chevron Gray to one of the youths at my church to encourage note taking.

  • Megan - I would give it to my husband. He is a man of few words but has always written me beautiful letters and poetry. I love the idea of keeping journals for our children that we will someday have. I would have loved to read letters from my parents that spanned the course of almost two decades.

  • Kari - Before I even read through the post I was looking at Mica May’s notebooks and saw the baby bump one. My BFF is pregnant with her second baby (we’re hoping it’s a girl) and if it had been payday I would have already bought and sent it to her.

  • Holly Todd - I would get the Monogramatic H and I would give it to my daughter.

  • tonpia - I would give the journal to my mother so she can keep her thoughts to herself! Kidding. I’d give it to her because I’d like her to write her thoughts for my kids. Like life lessons. And I think she’d like monogrammed M one.

  • susan - I would love to list, dream, journal, think in the Mod Trelis
    Gray book.

  • Jaime Vines - I would give a journal to my daughter (3) and let her fill it with fun creations. I have so many fun journals already, I would give the second to my best friend, she loves things like this.

  • mica may - thanks for all the May Book love! i’d love to offer a 20% discount on all books purchased today & tomorrow for ashley’s readers!! enter “ashleyann” at checkout for 20% off! go ahead and get some holiday gifts for all those people you mentioned!!

  • Leah - We also have a journal for our son that we started when we found out I was pregnant. I’d love to give a journal to good friends of ours who have been trying to conceive for a year now, once they receive the good news. Since we won’t know if it’s a little girl or boy just yet, I think the vintage bird print in smoke would be lovely.

  • Joy Frameworks - I’d either get a journal for my mom, an avid journal writer, or a baby journal for my nephew. They are all adorable, but my favorites are the letters.

  • Lori L. - What a lovely post Ashley! I love the Monogramatic “C” for my sister. She is pregnant with her 3rd child and is struggling as a woman to find her place and calling in this world. I think a journal would be perfect for her!

  • Chantelle - Love this idea. Before I even read the giveaway I went to the website and started thinking about one of the journals for my co-worker. I thought she’d love the monigram one with the P for her last name (since we are teachers.) She does such a great job teaching her students Graphic Design and industry skills. She is also very generous to me and her students. I think it would be a great way to recognize her.

  • Jessica P - Hmmm…not sure which one I’d chose, maybe the Monogram Initial or the Baby Girl Book. I would give it to my sister-in-law.

  • Carrie - I keep lots of journals too. Many the same topics as yours. I keep another one as well. It stays on my husband’s dresser or nightstand. It is positive words of encouragement to him. Memories, small things he did, big things, things I am proud of, words of praise and adoration, all just for him. He loves when I write in it. I always leave it on his pillow when there are new words for him. My friend is getting married and I have been looking for a journal to encourage her to do the same for her soon to be husband. I would choose the vintage bird citron journal for her. It has been wonderful to gift these words to my husband over the years, and to remember that he is such a gift and blessing in my life (even on the days it is hard to remember ) πŸ™‚

  • christa - Most definitely I would give a journal to my cousin Chelsie. She is over in The Congo in Africa doing God’ work and is constantly journaling what is going on in her head and heart.

  • Allison - I’m really getting into the chevron look. So I would give the chevron journal or the baby bump journal to my little sister, she just found out she is expecting!!!

  • andy - i’d give it to my friend shannon. i know she journals and loves doing it. i like the vintage bird spa one for her.

  • Christy K - I would give the journal to my daughter. She is constantly writing creative stories, books, plays for her and her friends to perform, songs, etc. She is only 10 years old, but I love that she takes so much inspiration from daily life and shares it with others through her words. She has books and books filled with her writings and I’m sure she would love a fresh one to fill up all over again! πŸ™‚

  • Beth P. - A new journal would be a lovely gift for my friend, Peg, who’s expecting her first baby in January.

  • Veronica - I like the Vintage Bird Mauve and would love to give it to a friend who recently lost her sister from cancer, to help her in the grieving process.
    Thanks for your awesome giveaways!

  • Alicia B - I would give the Houndstooth to my mom, although I’m not sure which color!

  • Kimberly Renee - The houndstooth is beautiful!! i’d give it to my friend Sharon(her blog is here: because i think this would be a brilliant idea to write down dreams for they’re little boy!

  • Staci A - I’d love the Mod Trelis Spa Journal for my sister!

  • Renee - I would love the monochromatic “N” for my son’s girlfriend who is facing a life changing illness. She can record her journey and God’s hidden blessings in the midst of it.

  • regan - First, I’m so glad to discover I’m not the only one obsessed with journals, guess it’s more common than I thought. What a beautiful idea to have a journal for each child and write to them your hopes, memories, dreams, etc. I just adore this idea—so thank you. I would give the journal to my sweet younger sister with the monogramed M for her name. Thank you for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  • Allison H. - i love the chevrons. i would give it to my sister who is an artist. i know she would love to sketch in it!

  • Kate S. - So, wait, I am confused about something: five pregnancies? Not four? Did you have a miscarriage in the past? Or, are you pregnant?

    As for the giveaway, it was so hard to choose, but I think the smoke vintage bird is my favorite. I’m definitely bookmarking her site for gifts, though! Beautiful selection.

  • mia - to my sister. her hubby of only a year is over seas serving in the air force. she misses him deeply. a journal would be a great place to write her thoughts as she waits for him to return. ….and the chevron pattern of course. it’s so “in” right now!

  • Jen - I would get the art journal and give it to my best friends 8 year old son – he is an amazing artist and would probably love to fill up a journal with drawings and sketches. πŸ™‚

  • Susan Williams - I’d give it to my mom. She always has a lot of stressful things going on in her life and I just know if she wrote more of the things that are bugging her down, she could get them out of her head and be free of them. She used to have journals, but I think the stress of life has stopped that joy for her. Maybe a new, beautiful journal could help start that fire again.

  • julie r - I adore all of these – I’m definitely a sucker for a great journal to write in. πŸ™‚ I love the Wallpaper journal in orchid or chocolate! I’d give it to my sister-in-law who is due with her first baby in March, right around the time my brother will get home from Afghanistan. I’ve always liked being able to write about my babies before/after they come too. I have journals for each of them as well. Things happen and they grow so fast, I know I’ll forget things if I don’t write them down!

  • Dawn Ritchie - I’d like the Citrus Wallpaper to give to my Mama. I’m sure everybody wants to give their Mama stuff, but we just moved away from her and she misses her grand kids like crazy. I’d love for her to have it to be able to write down little tidbits for them since she can’t be here to see them grow up yet. Thank you!

  • Kimber - oh my goodness girlfriend! you are incredible, how do you find all the time to accomplish journals too!? love it!

  • Christy - I’d love to give one of the vintage bird ones to my mother-in-law!~

  • Karen - Can you tell me where you got the journals that you keep for your kids? My husband takes detailed notes during church and I want to get him a journal for that instead of just a plain notebook. Those journals look alot like what I have in my head that I want.

  • Christy - I’d love to give one of the vintge bird ones to my mother-in-law!

  • Debra - I would give it to my bff who is expecting her first child! πŸ™‚

  • Christine F - I would give the vintage bird smoke journal to a new friend who has inspired me every time I’ve spent time with her.

  • Danielle - And I thought I had a lot of journals!! You beat me! I like the idea of having a journal for each of your kids . . .

    I think I’d get the Navy/Green anchor journal for my husband. He’s a journal guy and it’s rare to find something “manish” other than a black moleskin.

  • Stefanie - I would get either the Monogramatic M or the Monogramatic O for my daughter. She is doing such amazing things for her community and doesn’t even realize it! I would love for her to capture her accomplishments in her own words.

  • Carrie Rosalind - My great-grandmother kept HUNDREDS of journals, but I loved that she seperated her stories and kept journals specific to each kid. I have quite a few of them with stories of my grandmother, and they are my most cherihed posession. <3

  • Mandy - Your stack of 6 journals made me teary-eyed. Perhaps this isn’t in the spirit of the giveaway (your call), but I would love to begin a “J” journal to give to my Judah, my firstborn love who came to us 6 weeks ago.

  • shea b - I would choose the houndstooth gray or maybe create a custom design as I would like to give one to my husband and that is the most masculine design. πŸ™‚

  • Rhonda Steed - i have a slight obsession with journals too!

  • Kelli - The Bump Diary Pregnancy Planner is what I’d choose for my 31 year old friend who’s a breast cancer survivor, has undergone breast reconstruction, and so desperately longs to have a belly bump of her own some day when all the treatments and medicines are over.

  • Kathie McAuliffe - I would love to get one of the monogrammed ones and give it to one of my many friends who are all having babies right now πŸ˜€ I know that when I finally get pregnant (*god willing it will be soon, I am tired of trying more meds, but will do whatever it takes) I will have a journal with letters and notes to my baby! πŸ˜€

  • Melissa Evans - I too am a journal lover. I have SO many. Many I hope to start using, in the near future…as well as many that are used on a constant basis. This is one of my simple life “things”.

    If chosen, I would choose to give a book to my Mum and I would choose the Vintage bird mauve to give to her. It’s definitely her style.

  • Amy - These are beautiful. I’d get the letter B one, for my friend’s birthday. I just decided to get her a journal (so this would be perfect!) because i’ve been journaling recently and it has been helping me process our adoption. Thanks!

  • Jess - I love the chevron and houndstooth patterns…one in each color! πŸ™‚ I would give the journal to my friend Julie who is also adopting from China. I love the idea of keeping a journal for each child. What an awesome gift to be able to give them. I wish I would have thought of that before Cora was born. But it is never too late to start, right??

  • Heather - I would love to give one to my sweet mother!!

  • Alisa Biggs - I think wallpaper sky for my friend Leslie!

  • Jenna - I would give a monogrammed “K” journal to my friend. Within the past 2 years she has moved away from her hometown, family, and friends to explore new adventures with her significant other. It’s not so easy on her all the time, and she misses home. I think this journal would be a perfect gift for her.

  • Laura - I would give a Monogramatic one to my sister. She rarely gets things for herself and maybe this would make her stop and do a little for herself:)

  • Mary Kuta - Jennifer: I would give a journal to my darling oldest granddaughter. She is eleven and loves to write. Her wonderful dad died last year from brain cancer after a two-year battle. She is a great role model for her younger brother(9) and sister(4)and she’s a big help to her mom. She loves journals and just started a new one about her dad. I think the Vintage Bird in Citron would be perfect for her, a little bird hidden in the green of the leaves.

  • Tara - I would give the monogram journal to my 3 yr old daughter..,she could use it now to draw and document what she says and then continue it over the years.

  • Rebecca T. - I would give the journal to my husband. He is in college for his pastoral ministry degree and takes many notes for classes and during his devotional time. The mod trelis is probably the most manly looking one in the shop, so I would go with that one πŸ™‚

  • marianna laughlin - would like to give a jounal to my mother. would love for her wisdom to be written down so that one day i can have her words to look back on

  • jdzjane - I would give my Pastors wife the monogramatic m one

  • angie - I would love to give this journal to my little sister. She is 6 years younger than I but in many ways my mentor in life. She, like you, loves to journal. When she was young she started writing under these two headings: “5 things I am thankful for” and “5 things that made me happy today”. To this day I still think of those headings and try to find the small things in life that I am happy and thankful for. She has lead a very tumultuous life (now a single mother of 3 young boys)yet her journals with their 2 headings are still filled every day.

  • Jamie - I love the monogram journals. I would get an E one for my little sister. Like you, she loves journals!

  • angie - I would give the journal to my amazing sister. I love the Monogramatic line.

  • Lee - I’d love to give the Chevron (pear) to my little sister… she’s about to move out of the house and away to college for the first time!

  • carolina - I do books, but always like the others book, love all. Specially the vintage bird smoke, with storyboard, is my favorite

  • Kristina L - I was lucky to marry a man who totally understands my passion for writing. He even journals occasionally himself! I like to encourage the habit, so I would give him the gray chevron journal.

    I love your idea of keeping journals for each child…what a precious, priceless keepsake! I often look back and wonder what my parents were thinking about throughout my childhood and adolescence…your children will never have to wonder!

  • Karin - I would give the journal to my friend. Her husband is gone every other month and she could write about her days so he could read it when he got back. I think she’d like the Mod Trelis.

  • Evangeline - To my husband, for sure. He yearns to write, but kid/job/life get in the way. A journal would surely inspire him to take a writing break…

  • tara pollard pakosta - I am a journal writer too! I just found 11 filled up ones from 1995 through 2009 or so…
    I keep a journal for each of my girls also with the same thing, prayers, hopes, dreams, what they are like, what they like to do, birthday letters, pictures, drawings etc. Savannah is almost 12 and I am on journal #4 for her and Ava is 10 and I am on her 3rd…I love looking back and reading those entries!!

    I also keep a prayer/thankful journal and was going to start a 1000 gifts, kind of the same thing really!

    I also keep just a regular journal for myself…
    so much fun! love this post!

  • tara pollard pakosta - I am a journal writer too! I just found 11 filled up ones from 1995 through 2009 or so…
    I keep a journal for each of my girls also with the same thing, prayers, hopes, dreams, what they are like, what they like to do, birthday letters, pictures, drawings etc. Savannah is almost 12 and I am on journal #4 for her and Ava is 10 and I am on her 3rd…I love looking back and reading those entries!!

    I also keep a prayer/thankful journal and was going to start a 1000 gifts, kind of the same thing really!

    I also keep just a regular journal for myself…
    so much fun! love this post!

  • Hannah S. - Oh wow… Hm.. I would use the book my self and begin working on my 1000 gifts! Checked out her website and it’s amazing what one person can do to change their life around… love it πŸ™‚

    Oh yes, and I am in love with the chevron books!

  • Mara - I would give the vintage cintron journal to my closest friend who has a daughter with down syndrome.

  • Valeri - I would give it to my granny. She is 75 and her health is failing. Having 2 small boys, I would love for them to know their great-grandmother’s stories and wisdom! I love the Monogram F πŸ™‚

  • DebZorn - My daughter has been a journaling since she was in high school. She’s 31 now. I would most definately give the “K” journal toher.
    It’s bright and spunky, just like her.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I would give a journal to my momma. She is always telling the kids the sweetest stories that she creates from her imagination and I keep begging her to write them down!

    I think she would love the wallpaper, chocolate.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • jessica w. - I would love to give my younger brother a journal, he was an adopted drug baby and I could see him liking to write down his life.

    I liked to do a custom all black one

  • Amanda - I love the mod trellis! I want to give it to my BFF Tracy πŸ™‚ She deserves it.

  • Kathryn - I love that you are such a journaler! I would give the journal to my best friend Molly, who has been influential in nearly every way to my life. She has introduced me to all my favorite authors (George MacDonald!), to a love of studying the Bible (Kay Arthur!), and a love of pretty journals to write about life in. Like you, Molly always has about 4 journals she’s writing in. And we are always on the lookout for new pretty ones for each other. I could go on and on…

  • Nichole - First off- I LOVE this blog post! I have gotten out of journaling, but have decided that after reading this blog that I need to get back into it and I am going to make it a mission to do so.
    Secondly0I would choose the RISE journal for a great friend of mine who is a social worker co-worker. I used to journal two good things every day that I went to work because there was so much bad stuff that I would hear about daily, so I would like to suggest that she do the same as a reminder of why we are in our profession.

  • Rachel - I would give it to my sister, who is always carrying around journals for writing. I would select the Mod Trellis Spa journal but really- all of them are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Amy - I love all of the floral. I would give it to my mom who loves journals! As long asi can remember she has been writing in one. Amy @

  • Beth - I would give the Monogramatic E to my sister-in-law. She is constantly giving me thoughtful gifts – just because. She loves to journal and i know she would be super excited to receive one of these beauties.

  • Dana - I need to get into a journalling rhythm once again. If I could give, I would choose the monogram S for my friend Shea. She and her husband have begun a charitable organization to raise money to support schools in Nicaragua and I think having something beautiful to keep a record of experiences and inspirations would be a great testament to her future generations of how one simple thought can become a project that has the power to change lives.

  • Shannon - For my cousin Tiffany. She is expecting her first baby and I love your idea of journaling for your kids!! LOVE!

  • Diana Cherry - This is so funny because I was just thinking of writing a blog about my journals growing up. I got my first one from my dad when I was about my daughter’s age (she’s five) and I’ve written in them religiously ever since. I have been hoping to give my daughter her first journal sometime soon and that is definitely who I would give this giveaway, too. I can just see that she has so much bubbling up inside creatively and that she has so much to say, I want to give her that forum.

  • Marsha - I journal also and know how much it can help make things clear to me. I would give a journal to my sister…or I will regardless of whether I win one here or not. My sister has just found out she has multiple health issues that may result in several surgeries. Thoughts are flowing so fast through her mind. Writing them down could surely help. I would like one that is cheerful and uplifting. You can choose which one if you pick my name. Thank you.

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - That’s so funny you’re holding this giveaway. My oldest has been asking for a journal of his own. I think he’d love the Monogramatic “C”. Crossing my fingers for him. πŸ™‚

  • Momma Sadler - I would choose Monogramatic “B” for the boy we are adopting from Ukraine. I’d love to have something for him to read when he’s older, something to help him understand our heart and where our desire came from.

  • Lydia - My mom would be the very deserving recipient. She has been selflessly caring for my grandma through terminal colon cancer until today when grandma met Jesus! Mom would love the Florentine Lattice in Orchid. She deserves something pretty do jot her thoughts in now that she has some time for herself.

  • Heldine - If I won, I would give a journal to my sister because she has a lot of thoughts and writes well. And she loves agendas/planners like me.

    Those May Books journals are so beautiful! I think I would choose the the monochromatic “E” one and have the pages inside as agenda (week on 2 pages) and lines.

    Aside from entering the contest, I just wanted to say that I love all your journal ideas and I might “steal” them. That would have been so cool to get a journal from my mom of all the stories and thoughts she had while raising me. And it is nice to write down all of the things you are thankful for to look back upon. πŸ™‚

  • mrs.dunbar - I would give the journal to my friend who just found out she is having twin boys. But I would ask her to write letters to her husband. As a way to keep their marriage strong.

  • Brea - I would give the journal to my mum. She is having a hard time emotionally right now and I think writing it all down would help.

  • Donaville - I would give the journal to my younger sister who has a small collection of moleskines. She just turned 21 today, actually, and we’re heading up to San Francisco in about a week to celebrate, but a journal thrown into the mix would be a fab gift for her.

  • Michelle - i love the Monogramatic journal. super cute! i’d give it to my sister!

  • Katie - I would give the journal to my sister. She is expecting right now and I love your idea of making a journal for each child. My oldest is 4 so I guess it’s not too late to at least start!

  • Ang - I would love to give a journal to my grandmother, to have her record her thoughts, memories, dreams. What a fantastic keepsake that would be. My favorite is the Vintage Bird Citron.

  • Kezia - I would give a journal ……. to my best friend, as I know she would use it! I would love to give her the Vintage Bird Smoke journal;)

  • amy - I would give the vintage bird muave to my sister, she just moved away to college and would use it to record all her “single girl adventures” I would love mod trelis in spa. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Julie - I would love to win one of the monogramatic journals for my mother-in-law who is such a wonderful lady whom I treasure!

  • Kelli - I would give the journal to my mother. She had breast cancer 7 years ago and now is going for a CT scan next week because she thinks it may be back. I’m sure she would use it to write about her journey through this…

  • Vitoria B - I’m like you, i have a lot of notebooks and love all of them.

  • carrie - I would give my son the journal – he loves to write and I want him to learn to put on to paper what he may not be able to articulate in talking. I would give him the monogrammed B journal!

  • natalie - I would give the journal to my dear friend Krista, she has seen me through so many mountains and valleys in life. She recently moved away and I miss her dearly. Would love to bless her with a new journal.

  • Evie Valois - I’m an aspiring writer so I need journals to jot down my ideas. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Gail - I would love the Baby Bump diary for my daughter. It is the cutest thing ever!

  • tiffani - I would give the Houndstooth in Pear to my mother if I won; her and my father have recently gone through a divorce and my mother is learning who she is is Christ all over again; she is a journaler/doodle-er and loves pretty little notebooks. This post reminded me of our,(my mom and mine), love for journaling and that she needs a new fresh one:) Thanks:)

  • Elizabeth - I would like to give it to my husband who travels often for work and loves to journal.

  • Laura - thanks for sharing about your journals. sometimes i think i’m crazy for having journals EVERYWHERE! love them.

  • Kaylan - I love the gray chevron journal. I would give it to my sister.

  • Lisa - I’d probably give it to my friend who travels a lot and likes to journal her travels.

  • Elizabeth - I would like to give the monogramic M to my grandma. She has done so much for me recently and I have been searching for the perfect thank you gift for her.

  • Andrea - I would love to give the pregnancy bump journal to a friend who is expecting!

  • Karen - Thank you for this post. I started a journal for all three of my girls when I was pregnant with them as well.. but haven’t picked them up in a while.. This post has inspired me to keep on journaling all the small and big things that are happening in their lives. I would probably pick out the monogramatic journal for a dear friend of mine that is struggling with depression.. Maybe journaling with help her through this season..

  • Tina Watson - I would give the monogramatic E journal to my friend Elaine who dedicates her life to not only her husband and two children but to many who are in need. She is a true servant. Elaine has a love for writing who will use this journal on a daily basis.

  • ellen patton - If I win, I would give monographic A to my niece Adrienne who is a terrific writer.

  • Tricia Fisher - One very close friend is recently divorced and her ex husband just went to prison, leaving her with their 3 daughters….i feel that a personalized monogram journal would be a perfect gift for her and allow her to write all of her thoughts down daily! She is one of my dearest friends and a wonderful person.

  • katherine - i would give one to my dear friend paula… the vintage bird citron journal!

  • Amber - I would give it to a friend going through a very hard time right now. It would cheer her up and give her a way to write her thoughts down. Now that I think of it, if I don’t win I’ll send her one anyways. I would get the wallpaper citrus.

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Honestly, I would love to win the same one you showed above, with the Custom “A” design on the front. I would gift it to my sister, who at 41, just had a baby girl(her first…and last). My niece’s name starts with “A” and my sister loves to record memories so it would be perfect!

  • Melissa Finfrock - I would get the monogram book for my sister. She is just like you. She has dozens – make that hundreds of journals. She is beautiful, inspiring, and selfless.

  • Brittaney - I would give the journal to my best friend. She’s expecting a new baby and it would be a great way for her to record his/her life!

  • Julie O'Dell - I am also a lover of journals!

  • Amanda Hays - I love them all but probably the Vintage Bird journal in Smoke is my fav! I’d have a hard time giving this one away! πŸ™‚

  • Grace - I have a ton of girls in my Bible study that love to journal and I would love to give some of the Vintage Bird & the Monogram journals away.

  • Katie - I would send the teal chevron to my friend Hannah( She’s a blogging friend, and her words are beautiful. I love the way she views life, and I think that a new journal would inspire her. Also, it’s just something she would love.

  • Tara A. - Hi Ashley, I would give the journal to my husband. He is away from me and the kiddos a lot during the week.I know that when I’m alone I am always thinking about the kids. He’s a fireman and 24 hours and even 48 hours is hard away from the little toots. So I would give it to him and encourage him to write only the nights that he is away at the fire station. Thanks, Tara

  • patsy - I have so many journals too! I have one where I’ve been writing my only son letters ever since he was in my tummy, I also have a gratitude journal, one for my prayer time, one for inspirations…ooh lots of empty journals waiting to be filled! Patsy from HeARTworks

  • Stephanie - I love this, I started a journal for my baby the day I found out I was pregnant. I love reading back and remembering exactly how moments felt. I hope he can hold it dear to his heart some day, otherwise I know I will always enjoy reading back.

  • Julie - I keep seeing this picture on Pinterest!

    I just wish they hadn’t changed your story on the bottom, it makes it sound like your children are grown and you have already given them their journals. It is a beautiful idea though and I’m glad it seems to have captured peoples attention.

  • Jenna - Could you tell me where to buy journals like your leather ones? I would like to start that for my family. Thanks!

  • Laura - Where do you purchase the journals for your children? They are lovely and exactly what I’m looking for.

  • ÿþ¡þüþÓþ - Regards for this marvellous post, I’m glad I detected this web website on yahoo.

  • Rebecca - This is such a good idea and a sweet testament to the love you have for each of your children. I would love to do something like this with our own children someday. It reminds me of a blog I came across once that did something similar, but in blog form. I like how tangible a handwritten journal is, though.

  • Bree - I agree with you. I have millions of journals! I also have the beautiful set of anthropologie journals. Keep on writing!

  • Libbie - You totally inspired me to start these for my kids! Just bought them yesterday! I am so excited! Now just think you gave the gift to your kids & you gave this gift to my kds too! THanks!!!

  • monday musings: july 16, 2012 « sustaining simplicity - […] great blog via Pinterest, called Under the Sycamore. Initially I found this post about creating a journal for each child that you write in for their whole childhood–notes, anecdotes, etc. Awesome idea. And then I […]

  • Two New Journals | S & L - […] the book we planning on giving each of our foster children. I was reminded of this when I saw this blog postΒ from a woman who keeps a specific journal for each of her children, one of which is adopted. It is […]

  • Lacee Curtis - I was wondering where you got your nice black journals from? I want to do those for my children also. Thanks, Lacee

  • Debbie - I am looking for a larger journal to my kids like the ones you have pictured and am having a hard time finding just the right one. Do you mind sharing where you bought yours? Thank you!

  • Victoria - Thank you for your post, it gave me inspiration to write on! I’m going through a journaling crisis right now, it’s hard to write on a daily basis and I feel I’ve lost my ability to journal… but I’m not going to quit πŸ™‚
    The idea about journals for children is amazing. I’ve kept a journal for my daughter but I typed the entries into a MS Word file. I’m thinking to make a book for my girl with her pictures and memories.
    Your notebooks are lovely, too!

  • Inspiracje. | Polskie R?kodzie?o - […] pozby?am. D?ugo potem nie pisa?am nic ale potem natkn??am si? na ten jak?e prosty i ciep?y post. Ashley, autorka Under the Sycamore, prowadzi jeden notes dla ka?dego dziecka. A ma ich […]

  • Brooke - Hi! I love this idea! I have a 3 month old son and would love to start a mothers journal for him. I have been looking for the perfect one! (but I can’t seem to find it) I love the ones that you have… Would you mind telling me where you purchased them?

  • Mandy Grose - I just want you to know i love your blog! You are one inspiring gal! Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone around, including me. Anyways I have a question for you. Where do you get the journals you keep for you children? I love keeping journals and now that i am expecting a baby i would love to start documenting this journey for my little one.

  • AshleyAnn - Mandy – thank you! It is has been a while, but I bought them all at Barnes & Noble

  • Amazon - Why people still make use of to read news papers when in this technological
    world the whole thing is existing on web?

  • Heather - I am love the journals that you bought for your children. I would like to know where you purchased them. I am looking for something similar to use with my three children.


  • Helen - This is it!
    This is the post that I randomly came across a couple of years ago on Pinterest that “introduced” me to you. I’ve read your blog ever since, but now I’ve gone back to the beginning… kind of like time travel I suppose… It’s summer of 2015, and I’m now reading fall of 2011 as if it were the present…
    I had forgotten how I found “Under the Sycamore,” but now it all comes back. This post… journaling for kids… something we have in common.

  • Toddler Journals | Style Strollers & Sweet Tea - […] good shape when I give them to the kids. I got this Β journaling idea from another blogger. Click here to see her original […]

  • Top 10 Traditions for the New Year – Just another WordPress site - […] Letters of Appreciation: I think it’d be awesome to do what this person does, and keep a journal for each of your kids. Then you could write in it at least once a year and […]

  • Top 10 Traditions for the New Year – Lou Lou Girls - […] Letters of Appreciation: I think it’d be awesome to do what this person does, and keep a journal for each of your kids. Then you could write in it at least once a year and […]

  • TERRI MCSWAIN - I wrote a Journal for my daughter/grandaughter. I started the day my daughter found out that she was pregnant. I addressed it to my grandchild, as at this time we didn’t know what it was going to be. After we found out, I went and added my grandaughter’s name. I wrote everything pertaining to my daughter during her pregnancy, and dated every entry. Like things she and the father did, every Doctor appointment she had, what she weighed, how much she gained, etc. The day she went to hospital to be induced, I took it with me, (I might add, she still ad this point had no idea that I was writing it. I wrote down everytime they came in and checked my daughter, there was probably about 20 people at the hospital that day, they each wrote something in it and signed it. I waited about two weeks an continued writing in it, then gave it to my daughter. About an hour or so late she came out of her bedroom and was crying said that was the sweetest thing. When my grandaughter was 5 she wanted us to read it to her. Boy did it bring back some memories. It has been 11 yrs now and my daughter is expecting another little girl in August and I again am writing a journal for her.

  • AshleyAnn - Terri – That is an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful gift. I need to tuck that idea away for the future. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Rachel Koehn - Don’t you only have 5 children?