10.11 Giveaway Day

Lots of giveaways today and some more Thursday & Friday. I know it can be hard to scroll through them all…but hey, extra scrolling means more than one winner! Here is the list of giveaways starting today. Be sure to click the “older posts” to get to them all!

Sass & Savvy Jewelry

A Perfect Treasure

For the Love of Joy

Baby on the Way

Elizabeth Williams Jewelry

Joretta Natural Knits


Cottage Life

3 Scoops of Love

The Poke A Dot Shop

Vintage Comb

Simply Silhouettes

Elizabeth St.

Jamie Schultz Designs

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  • Trudy Holtz - Is there a way to not view the giveaway posts on your blog?

  • Rachel - umm, if you don’t want to see the giveaway post then don’t open the blog when it says “Giveaway Post”.

  • e l l a - Thanks Ashley! That will be a good workout for my fingers 😉 So exciting!!!

  • Steph - Lol Trudy you must be super important and busy. Just come back tomorrow, Ashley isn’t a vending machine of entertainment. Also I enjoy the giveaways! Shopping ideas, love it.

  • nicci - yay, this is exciting, and a really cool way to see a bunch of neat designers’ products which I didn’t know about!

  • Lisa - Hi,

    I like the Emma locket.

  • Charity - The Emma locket is perfect.

  • Regan - I love the variety of the give aways this time. I have already been in touch with one shop. I never would have thought to look for something that ended up being the perfect gift for the holidays!

  • Beth H. - I love the Emma locket. Precious!

  • Beth H. - Oops commented in the wrong place. Sorry.

  • becca campbell - my best friend introduced me to “happy lists” a few years ago. writing down all the things that make you happy. when I began reading Ann’s book a little while back I realized how the feeling I got from those lists are the gratefulness i felt. i’m beginning another now- and am so aware of what God has done. thanks for all you share ashley!

  • Kristine - Ahoymate for my sister.