a canvas & me in the 80s

Well, I was determined to figure out a spot to display a big canvas of the photo of FireCracker at the sink. I wanted it in the kitchen because that seems like the natural spot for it. We really only have one wall in the kitchen and I had a bunch of plates on it…you can kind of see it here:

I decided the plates could be moved and a big canvas compliments of Mpix arrived at my house. Just seeing a box that big with my name on it made me happy. The canvas is pretty close to life size. FireCracker was so excited when I opened it. She gave it a huge hug and squealed, “my boots!”

So I moved the plates around a bit and now it is in the kitchen. It is so fun hanging in there..there is something about a picture on a canvas…it becomes art. On my page over on the Mpix site, I share that their canvases are one of my favorite products…they are!

I asked my mom if she had any pictures of me in my boots…the ones FireCracker wants to sport EVERYDAY…the ones in the canvas picture. Well, she brought me a stack of old pics. If you get past the blond hair, I think she looks a lot like I did at her age. The first picture cracks me up….my little sister looking like she is going to dive into the kiddie pool. I am sure I told her not to do that and I am sure she didn’t listen. Then I am sure I got frustrated and decided if she wanted to do it and got hurt, she better not cry because I clearly told her not to….

and the ones of me & my dad…can you believe how awesome that cowboy hat was…clearly 70s awesomeness

and the ones from Halloween….wow how far costumes have come!

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