our first ultrasound {homestudy complete!}

If you have ever been pregnant, you know what those first few months of anticipation are like. You can feel things changing. You can know in your head things are happening. Your outlook on life, home, work, etc. has shifted. However, all that you typically have to show for it is tighter pants and the absence of certain foods. Then the day comes for your first ultrasound. No one can prepare you for what it is like to see that growing baby on the screen. You can imagine. You can go off the stories of others. But you really just can’t comprehend it until you are in that moment.

Last week our homestudy agency called to say our homestudy was finalized and I could come pick up the copies. I’ve heard a lot about homestudies, but never really understood what they were. In a basic sense it is every aspect of your life detailed out in a several page report (ours was 16 pages single spaced). It is like a family biography. When I got in the car and opened up the envelope holding our homestudy…it felt like being in the doctor’s office for that first ultrasound.

Suddenly the past few months of working, gathering, preparing and feeling change happening felt real. It wasn’t a black and white picture of a little jumping bean, but it felt the same. I held in my hands something tangible that represented our family is growing. I’d be tempted to frame it and show it off to all our friends and family, but pretty sure they already think I am crazy enough.

One copy heads to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service to begin an approval process there. I had the envelope ready to go once I picked up the homestudy.

I wanted to make the envelope cute (think Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde)…but I was guessing the government might frown upon that. Simple white envelope, at least what was inside was exciting. I attempted to get big sister to pose with it, but she was less than thrilled with the idea.

While I was attempting a picture, I noticed my friend Cindy’s car in the parking lot. She happened to be at the post office mailing things for her adoption too…she took a pic for me.

So that is where we are at in the process right now…waiting on the USCIS. I’m guessing it will be a couple of months..then it will be time to mail off our dossier. If you remember my post about our family homestudy visit, my oldest told the social worker we didn’t have any rules in our family. When I asked him later why he said that, he told me at school they have the rules posted on the wall. We don’t have any rules posted. Then, I asked him if I needed to post the rules. He smiled and said an emphatic “No”.

Well, last week I posted some rules. They aren’t really ‘rules’, but more things we hope are happening in our home.

After I framed it, I had the boys come in and read the list. My 5 year old’s favorite part was “dance crazy”. He went on to demonstrate it.

So…yep, we got our first ultrasound (I bet I threw some of you off with that post title). One more step down. A whole lot more to go.


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