Several of you made comments about how I was able to capture the whole mice ordeal with my camera. One of the things I talk about in the SnapShop course is that I always have my camera out and available. If you think about it, a wedding photographer doesn’t keep her camera in the bag until a special moment happens. Nope, a wedding photographer has that camera fully charged, lots of memory and readily available. I’m not a wedding photographer anymore, but what I want to capture is just as beautiful. If my camera is tucked away somewhere, I would miss nearly everything I typically photograph. My camera sits in my kitchen. It is close to the backdoor and it is the room we spend most of our time. Because it is ready, I’m able to capture day to day life.

Day to day life around here includes a lot of one little girl being ‘caught in the act’. We were outside and I told her to stop playing and go inside to the potty. She turned around, said “NO!” My camera happened to be in my hand and I caught this. No folks, that is not water.

Grumble. Click. Grumble. Carefully carry her inside.

I also snapped a quick pic when I came around the corner upstairs to find her completely delighted with her “pretty toes”.

Groan. Click. Groan. Clean.

I heard water running in the kitchen and discovered my daughter with the hand washing obsession learned how to climb the cabinets.

Sigh. Click. Sigh. Dry up everything.

I groan, grumble, sigh and click because those are all part of the stories I want to capture. I would miss them all if my camera weren’t ready and nearby. I was sitting on the couch with my camera next to me when I heard that water running again. I grabbed the camera, rounded the corner and caught was could be one of my all time favorite photographs of her. I am so smitten with this picture, I want to kiss it.

Smile. Click. Smile. Dry everything up.


Our house is plenty big, but we are seriously lacking enough wall space. I want this as a HUGE canvas in my kitchen….but I don’t have a big kitchen wall. I love that has her in my old boots, the scar from breaking her leg, the perfect little turquoise chair, and even the mouse trap (no mice for several days, but I’m still jumpy).

Pictures like that can’t really be posed. You can try, but it is never the same as a true everyday moment caught. I know my kitchen and the lighting very well, so I was able to set my manual settings very fast…and she would have stayed like that all day washing those little hands if I let her.

Happy Friday….keep your cameras out and enjoy the weekend!

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  • kari signe - That last picture is perfect! This is why I took your snapshop course to maybe oneday get a wonderful photo like that! Your daughter just cracks me up.

  • Jyoti - BEAUTIFUL pictures of your baby girl. I know my Mom would wish he ALWAYS carried her camera around when my sister and I were kids. Thanks for these though, Ashley. You are gifted 🙂

  • Kimberly - LOVE this post! I need to have my camera out and ready more! Thanks for sharing and a great reminder to take photos of everyday life and soon we will miss. Have a GREAT weekend!

  • annabelvita - That last picture is PERFECT. Such a cute moment and the chair and the floors and the dress. Amazing. She’ll cherish that one!

  • Celia - Oh my goodness…… Love that photo! So wish I could afford to take your SnapShop. But you know… life gets in the way… but maybe next year sometime!

  • Katherine Bach - Hmmm… my camera is in the bag right now. I think I will go take it out right now. 🙂 You should still make a huge canvas because that picture is awesome!

  • Nicole (Mrs. Muffins) - Aww, that last photo really is adorable! My favorite photos are the ones from my family’s daily life.

  • Amanda - sigh….. thank you for reminding me that i’m not the only one with ‘events’ like this in every day life! 😉

  • trish - cutest thing ever. LOOVE the last pic!!!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - oh- that IS a perfect picture! those sweet dangling feet…

  • Misty - I love these! I try to keep my cameras ready to catch moments instead of alwYs using my camera phone, but I need to try harder. I love that last photo! I told my husband when we go to buy a house it has to have lots of wallspace for all the photos we have and will want in the future lol

  • Graceybug - Love the sentiment you have had all week. I am taking out the camera in hope of getting some of our everyday moments on camera. Must find time to take Snapshots in November so that I can actually use my camera well.

  • Julia - Love, love, love that last photo. I wish I could understand how to get the perspective that you do on photo’s. It’s the angle that really makes this

  • Shelley G - What great pictures to capture those memories. She looks so much like you in the sink picture! She’s adorable!

  • danielle - Love the last shot! I am always worried that if I take a picture my boys will think I am encouraging them but I think after seeing these I will just do it anyway!

  • Angela A - My daughter is the same! She washes her hands forever–and paints her toes, legs, arms, whatever. Yesterday she used a marker on her lips. Thanks for the reminder that I should take pictures–that it is something worth remembering and not just annoyances.

  • Debbie C - That last picture is gorgeous! The dress, boots, pose, blue chair, everything is perfect! We leave our camera out near the living room to grab when we need. Now I just need to learn how to use the settings… 😉

  • Julie B - Yep thats a keeper. Love the boots! Does she say no with a smirk on her face and a spark in her eye? Mine does and I secretly love it!

  • Leslie - these are so great! i am trying to be good about capturing these things too! i LOVE this – so great

  • Tammy - LOVE these. And LOVE that red and white dress. And her little accident on the play fort. That’s totally going to be my daughter in a few months when potty training starts.

  • Kristin - that last picture is priceless!

  • e l l a - I love that last photo 😉 It’s one of those that ‘says a thousand words’ ….
    Beautiful reminder to keep that camera handy. Although I’m getting mixed signals because my husband thinks I’m missing the moment if my camera is on my face and I don’t enjoy the moment but are busy with creating the perfect capture! – – to each his own right? 😉

  • vanessa - I am totally in love with the last photo too!!! You need to enter that into something it could for sure win a prize. I love the composition and the colors just give it that cherry on top. Every time I turn around my 16 month is trying to climb the stool in the bathroom to wash her hands like her big sister, I need to grab the camera next time 🙂

  • Aneta - I love that last picture so much! It’s so perfect! I’ve been loving your blog for so long now, never let a comment for some reason, but I do love your photos and stories!
    Keep ’em coming!

  • emmybrown - precious! I want that last picture on my kitchen wall too!! 😀

  • Kristin - Love this post! Love the grumble clicks. 🙂 Love that you are shooting every day, and inspiring us to do the same.

  • Dana L - I agree! That is one of my favorite photos you’ve ever taken! how awesome, i love the colors and the light and the clarity! love it.

  • giozi - Love love love last picture. Remember me Stephanie Rausser.

    Love the toes picture too ha ha ha, need a little pedicure class 😀

  • Jenna - Probably my favorite post to date!

  • Carrie - Is it strange that I want to blow this up and hang it on my wall 🙂 This is a beautiful image and captures a real moment in time – love!

  • Ryan - I love the last pic of Firecracker! That is DEFINITELY ones that’s canvas worthy! Love, love, love it! 🙂

  • Brandi - I want a canvas of that in my kitchen, too 🙂 Awesome!

  • Rebecca - I love these pictures! Yes I am yelling at you. Because they totally rock! Love, love, love, the boots, the urine, the odd hair line that doesn’t look so bad love it all.

  • tracy a - LOVE that last picture too. priceless!!

  • Shelby - i am equally as obsessed with that picture! Real moments in life are the best! I love your kitchen, too! I just shared it as a source of inspiration on my blog:

  • Darcie - I want to kiss that photo too. You should print it on canvas… and sell it! It looks like a perfect mix of the cowboy days, and the 50’s domestic woman with that blue chair. Do you remember what the settings were to get that soft light and color indoors? I love it!

  • regan - Just found your blog, love it! Love the dangling legs! Such a great photo and perfect advice…keep your cameras out and handy. Thank you.

  • Nicole - The funniest thing about this post to me, is that I can picture my own 2 year old daughter doing those exact things! She also has a slight hand washing obsession!

  • SaraK - I love the last picture and the one right before it! Do you share somewhere on your blog what time of camera and lens you typically keep out to capture those types of shots? I’m new to your blog. Thanks!

  • Gina f. - The last picture of Firecracker may be my all time favorite of all your awesome photos!

  • Tiah - My boys pull stunts all day and I never thought to take pictures. I will do better because one day I will miss it I’m sure. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Ali - Ashley you are so very talented! Your kids are lucky to have all of the little things of their childhood captured. Someday when they are grown they are going to look back and laugh (and probably tear up too) but most definitely thank you for the captured memories.

    I have one random question — how do you organize all of your pictures when you download and save them? I know it’s a personal preference, but it seems like once you have 1 million “little everyday things” you’d never be able to go back and remember where you saved a pic!

  • Christie - What great pictures! I knew you’d have your camera handy at all times! You probably wish it was attached to your body at all times ;). You are amazing.

  • Aurora - how precious!!! love it…i usually carry my camera in my purse but then forget to take it out when i get home. i need to remember to do that more…love these photos.

  • Shannon - Love it. I take pictures of al the messes, etc too! SOmetimes it’s just to show my husband what I actually have to deal with all day lol but I love the memories. Some of my favorite are of my oldest son when he was a toddler…green army men in the cereal bowl, yogurt handprints on the couch, and even hiding under the desk with my foundation!

  • ellen patton - The last photo is PRICELESS!

  • Tara A. - Love the picture of firecracker and the boots. So adorable.

  • cailan - Oh my goodness, that could not be anymore perfect. So PERFECT!

  • heather - The last pic is magic! love it!

  • Devon - I am sitting here in Starbucks laughing out loud reading this post. People are staring at me… And I don’t care! If only I had my camera to capture their faces. Ha! Thanks for the reminder to take it slow, appreciate the grumbles, and to above all capture them with your camera. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Tamara - If you’d have a like button here like on facebook, i would click it for the last picture. great!

  • Becs - Gorgeous shots, the last one is amazing, love everything about it – and the boots! I used to keep my camera in the kitchen too, must put it back there. Happy weekend.:)

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - Love the pictures. I love seeing kitchens that are shaped like mine. Gives me ideas. I need to keep my camera out more. I am always afraid someone is going to break it.

  • amanda torres - My mom relishes in seeing Addie climbing on the counters. She says it’s paybacks. I absolutely love the boot picture. You could always put it on the ceiling. That’s what I resorted to when I was a teacher. Hmmmm…no more wall space? Put it on the ceiling!

  • AshleyG - Beautiful perspective! 😀 I’m in the same boat these days…ah, toddlers!

  • Keryn - Oh the light in that third photo?! So jealous. And that last photo couldn’t have been staged if you tried. Beautiful!

  • meg duerksen - BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!

  • Jessica S. - Precious.

    Now, I’m off to finally find that battery charger for my dead camera 😉 Sincere thanks for the inspiration.

  • Nora Anne - I love this post! That picture is priceless with her little booted feet dangling! Love it 🙂

  • Sarah - That is a darling photo!

  • Liz - I love your post! Thank you for the gentle reminder to keep my camera out! How cute is that last picture? Love those boots, and the fact that they were your boots when you were little.

  • nicole - Man, I would give anything for my pictures to come out that clear! I play with it a lot but have the hardest time getting a good focal point.

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Sarah - Love it!!!

  • keri - forever folding laundry - That is my favorite picture I have EVER seen on your blog!!

  • able mabel - I had this kind of day today but forgot to grab my camera each time. Darn it anyway.

  • Shannon Phillips - Love Love Love!!

  • Jessica - you’re lucky to have such awesome lighting in your house! ours is surrounded by tall pines trees, leaving it rather dark inside… anytime I shoot indoors I have to have my ISO at 400 or greater. bah.

  • Bek @ WeAreWildThings - My little boy has a hand-washing obsession too. We were at the Drs that other day and he saw the sink and spent the whole time asking to wash his hands, I think she thought he had OCD! I love the chair picture. 🙂

  • Lori - Hey- I am trying to learn my photography course well – so I can take awesome pics like these. I LOOOOOOOVE that you have a girl like mine – headstrong, curious and OCD on the handwashing! The last pic is awesome. Enter it into every contest or just make a huge canvas and it wins first place in your heart always! love the boots. love the chair. love her dress, love the moment!!! beautiful as always – and hilarious.

  • Heather D - oh my goodness.. the first thing i thought as i scrolled down is that the picture of her little feet hanging over might be the cutest yet!!! great idea having your camera out and ready. maybe thats why all my photos are with my iphone ha!!!

  • Andrea - I just want to let you know how inspired I am by reading your posts! Your blog is such a breath of freah air and I always get something out of every post! That sweet picture of firecracker is absolutely stunning! I need to capture more of the everyday!

    Thank you!

  • Amanda D - I really LOVE YOUR BLOG! I check it every single day and you never cease to amaze/inspire/crack me up. I really do think we are living the same life sometimes. Thanks again for reminding me to never put my camera down!

  • Kristen - Oh my goodness… what sweet moments you’ve captured. I love them all, but especially the hand washing captures!

  • Mercedes - Lovely post, and my favorite set of pictures!

  • Lea Schelin - I completely in love with your blog! So much inspiration!!! What a beautiful, inspiring and positive person you are! THANK YOU!

  • little love - Oh my! Those boots!

  • Anna Joy - Would it be weird if I printed out this picture and hung it up? Yes? Ok, nevermind haha. Love it!

  • Nicki - Love the pictures, Just Precious!

  • stephany - I am not a photographer…well, not professionally. I use the auto mode on my Nikon D60, but I always have it with me.
    If it’s not on me, it is on the counter in the kitchen…by the backdoor…like you.
    I also bought a Kelly Moore bag just so I could carry my camera safely…everywhere I go!
    I want to capture every moment I can.
    Love your advice and your photos!
    BTW, I think our girls are really close in age…mine only has one big brother, though!

  • Elizabeth - The pic with the cowboy boots should be entered in to a magazine! you are cheating and not giving us settings…..the photo is so clear and beautiful!

  • Jodi - Yes, best picture ever!! Amazing!

  • Jamie - I need to get better with keeping my camera right where I can grab it… I’m going to work on that… because I love catching those everyday moments.

  • Josephine - pure love! <3

  • Juli - Bwahahahaha!

  • Kate B - Love these! I try so hard to keep my camera at my fingertips to capture those moments that make you smile yet groan. At times, though, the iPhone will make-do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jolie - Oh Ashley, I do love your photos! And your sense of joy! And I just wanted to say that seeing that boots photo, I knew exactly who took it – it’s so very you, and so very perfect! Thanks for sharing!

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