Several of you made comments about how I was able to capture the whole mice ordeal with my camera. One of the things I talk about in the SnapShop course is that I always have my camera out and available. If you think about it, a wedding photographer doesn’t keep her camera in the bag until a special moment happens. Nope, a wedding photographer has that camera fully charged, lots of memory and readily available. I’m not a wedding photographer anymore, but what I want to capture is just as beautiful. If my camera is tucked away somewhere, I would miss nearly everything I typically photograph. My camera sits in my kitchen. It is close to the backdoor and it is the room we spend most of our time. Because it is ready, I’m able to capture day to day life.

Day to day life around here includes a lot of one little girl being ‘caught in the act’. We were outside and I told her to stop playing and go inside to the potty. She turned around, said “NO!” My camera happened to be in my hand and I caught this. No folks, that is not water.

Grumble. Click. Grumble. Carefully carry her inside.

I also snapped a quick pic when I came around the corner upstairs to find her completely delighted with her “pretty toes”.

Groan. Click. Groan. Clean.

I heard water running in the kitchen and discovered my daughter with the hand washing obsession learned how to climb the cabinets.

Sigh. Click. Sigh. Dry up everything.

I groan, grumble, sigh and click because those are all part of the stories I want to capture. I would miss them all if my camera weren’t ready and nearby. I was sitting on the couch with my camera next to me when I heard that water running again. I grabbed the camera, rounded the corner and caught was could be one of my all time favorite photographs of her. I am so smitten with this picture, I want to kiss it.

Smile. Click. Smile. Dry everything up.


Our house is plenty big, but we are seriously lacking enough wall space. I want this as a HUGE canvas in my kitchen….but I don’t have a big kitchen wall. I love that has her in my old boots, the scar from breaking her leg, the perfect little turquoise chair, and even the mouse trap (no mice for several days, but I’m still jumpy).

Pictures like that can’t really be posed. You can try, but it is never the same as a true everyday moment caught. I know my kitchen and the lighting very well, so I was able to set my manual settings very fast…and she would have stayed like that all day washing those little hands if I let her.

Happy Friday….keep your cameras out and enjoy the weekend!

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