unwelcomed house guests

We’ve been sharing our home with another family.

To be honest, they weren’t really welcome.

I like to think our home is hospitable, but there are just some families you really don’t want in your house.

They were the kind that confused my floor for the toilet.

They scared me and creeped me out.

Thankfully my oldest was thrilled to help throw them out.


Who knew a couple tiny mice would send me running on top of the counters? The first sighting happened when I was alone downstairs (I wrote about it on facebook…some crazy mice stories over there). We got rid of that one. And then other one. And then one afternoon, the kids and I were in the kitchen….and we saw another one. I fled to the counter, my oldest – my hero – was all about catching it. He got to work setting up a trap.

I decided to help him a bit with his trap…after I put on my boots on in case it decided to run across my foot. All that rubber would surely protect me from the tiny mouse. Right?

While watching my 5 year old try to lure it out with cheese (that he just decided to eat), the little guy made it out and safely hid behind the fridge.

We just stood there wondering what my oldest would do next to protect us. Littlest Brother and FireCracker were safely standing on staircase watching me jump and squeal.

I told everyone to scream when I moved the fridge so the mouse would run out the door. Well, it came out with a partner and I really screamed. Then the boys screamed too. Then FireCracker started crying…and both mice made it under the wood and back under the oven.

Chris came home and saved us from those two. Then he saved us from two more. I think we are only family living here again. I hope.

And you thought after that Warrior Dash post that I was tough.

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