Warrior Dash {Tulsa 2011}

It was fun to read your comments about our family pictures. I laughed at the ones about my hair and outfit. While trying to figure out what to wear, I texted my friend Shannon telling her I needed her help. I also asked several friends for pointers and even cornered one when she happened to stop by my house. I ended up finding The Daybook Blog….found tons of inspiration…and wished she lived closer and could come dress me for pictures.

To answer your questions…the sweater thing is from Forever21 (because I think I am younger than I actually am). I got it 2 years ago. Everything else is about 2 years old too…with exception to the $2.50 belt from Forver21 I just got. The boots are Hunter, from Zappos. The most expensive shoes I own…I bought black so when I am 90 I can still sport them in the rain. The hair was crazy and last minute, when I realized that the scarf and vest pushed my shoulder length hair up to an awkward chin level poof I decided it need to be a ponytail day.

That day didn’t start with pictures.  Around breakfast time we were cheering at a soccer game.

At lunchtime we looked like this…ready for the Warrior Dash with close friends!!!

And after

  • 3.23 miles of running
  • climbing Turkey mountain (BIG rocky hill)
  • running over junk yard scraps (tires & old cars)
  • crawling under barbed wire
  • dodging hanging tires
  • rappelling a ravine wall
  • climbing nets
  • swimming a nasty pond to climb over floating logs (they said it was waist deep…I couldn’t touch…it was COLD)
  • lots of climbing up things and jumping off things
  • crawling through mud
  • leaping the “warrior flames”

In the end, we looked like this (the black kind of hides the mud):


This is my friend Cindy…she is hardcore…3 kids and at the gym by 5:00am every morning. I met her that early one time. And never did that again. I hoped to keep up with her, but the forever running at the beginning did me in. She’s is the friend that is going through the adoption process with us. Even though we’d just run 3.23 miles in the mud…she still looks beautiful. She has that whole inner glow that radiates to the outside going on. We had a couple of other friends that were going to do it with us, but things came up. Next year we’ll get a big group…and I’ll actually train for the running.


On the way to the race, Chris asked if I had ever run 3.23 miles. I said, “never in my life.” He said the same.

Way to prepare Campbells.

So then we picked up kids. Cleaned up. And took family pictures.

We ran for fun and we had a great time. On the way home we talked about how cool it would be to make it a yearly family event when the kids get older. I’m pretty sure my boys would be all over it if they were a bit taller. I hate running. But give me a bunch of crazy obstacles and I’ll sign up for 3 mile race. It makes me really excited to think about running it with my kids one day. It will be my goal to leave 3 teenage boys in my dust….arrrrrrrrr.

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