I’m a soccer mom!

Soccer moms get a bad rap. You know what I’m talking about…soccer moms who drive mini-vans. There’s an underlying theme to the jokes that the ‘soccer mom’ lifestyle is kind of a settling of sorts. Like instead of living some great adventure, a soccer mom settles for a life of sadly driving a mini-van to and fro…whose greatest adventure is cheering at a game.

Well, about 4 weeks ago I became a soccer mom. And you know what…brace yourselves…I drive a mini-van! EEEKKKK how sad…my life of adventure is over and I’m just a soccer mom. Ummm, No. I feel like my greatest adventures are just beginning. Every night I get to see my second son running in the backyard in the cutest pair of cleats and shin guards. The very sight of the joy on his face chasing that crazy ball takes my breath away.

I’m a soccer mom who drives a mini-van. I get to watch blond hair going crazy in the wind as my little boy races across the field. I get to see him learn to be a part of a team and mature in the process. Oh my goodness…is he a cute boy or what?! He is a blond version of his daddy…melt me.

I wash really stinky black socks and sometimes catch a soccer ball going down the stairs…after it was snuck in by a little boy. But then again, I get to kick around a ball with a really cute guy every night…make that 4 really cute guys.


I get to watch him learn how to deal with disappointment and frustration. I get to see him learn self motivation and determination.

This new soccer thing – I am loving. The games are short, fast paced, and outside. And really….5 year old boys in bright white uniform shirts that are 3 sizes too big running down the field…you can’t help but smile watching that.

I’m a soccer mom that drives a mini-van. I also own Photoshop, so when I get a great kicking shot of my soccer player son, but the ball is already out of the frame…I work my magic. And my soccer player son is very, very happy with his soccer mom.


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  • emmybrown - I ALWAYS love your perspective on life! Thanks for changing it for the “typical” ideas. πŸ™‚ LOVE it!

  • emmybrown - *from

  • Kimberly Dial - What a handsome fellow! Congrats on your newly acquired life as a soccer mom … I think it’s fantastic … I’m a ‘soccer Nana’ … nothing is as fulfilling! πŸ™‚

  • Robin - Well at least we now see you’re not too star-studded as we readers all probably think! You really ARE like us moms even though you decorate, craft, and photograph like one! Yeaa for minivans!! πŸ™‚

  • Shannon Phillips - So cute!

  • Jamie - So CUTE!! I am a dancemom- if only I could work the photoshop magic like you!

  • Ranee - We just took the plunge into mini-van ownership. I was dragging my feet about it, but now I love it. Apparently whoever gave them such a bad rap has never driven one. πŸ™‚

  • Molly - you are sooo right! it is not settling…its a dream come true!

  • Jennifer Seawright - Love it! I am a dancemom. I wonder what their rap is?? LOL! Your little boy is too cute!

  • Jennifer Seawright - Love it! I am a dancemom. I wonder what their rap is? LOL! Your little boy is too cute!

  • Alice H - He is so adorable! I own a mini-van (at 29 years old) and I WAS NEVER GOING TO OWN ONE! I would be so sad without it now. But we don’t play soccer. We do football and cheer right now.

  • Meagan - Better keep your eye on this one – the girls are going to LOVE him!

  • Terry - I miss my soccer mom days! We spent 14 years on the soccer fields and I MISS THEM!!! Enjoy ~ your son is way too cute, and looks like he loooooovvvvveeeesss his soccer time πŸ˜‰

  • Jen - We are just now getting to this phase and I’ve been so looking forward to it! Now all I need is the mini-van!:)

  • Jenny - LOVE this post because I too am a soccer Mom of a 5 year old little guy and just like the stereotype, I drive a mini van! And I agree, the best adventures are right in front of us.

  • Andrea - I became a soccer mom this year too and I am loving it! πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer - I’m a soccer Mom too…it’s the BEST!!! Can’t wait to see more soccer shots from you!

  • Susan - Adorable! I love being a soccer mom, too! πŸ™‚

  • danielle - I am a new soccer mom also! I am already getting teased by my family about it. I am also already trying to figure out how we can still go to all of our festivals and hikes around games.

  • Leslie - I love this post! So clever, so endearing, and so true! Way to embrace your adventure because I wholeheartedly believe that is what it is!

  • Kirra Sue - I love it. i played soccer for most of my life through high school- and there were some amazing soccer moms out there. it was one of the greatest memories of my childhood. your kids are blessed! i still miss the smell of grass & shinguards. kinda gross- but kinda beautiful.

  • Ashley - I can’t say I ever want to drive a minivan, but I’m with you. There is nothing settling about being a ‘soccer mom’. Raising children is quite the adventure and supporting them in something they enjoy is awesome!

    At first I had a hard time owning up to the fact that I am ‘just a mom’. But the truth is I am so much more, and just because I don’t technically work outside the home, doesn’t mean my life is any less important.

    Rock on cool soccer mom, rock on :).

  • Ashley - I can’t say I ever want to drive a minivan, but I’m with you. There is nothing settling about being a ‘soccer mom’. Raising children is quite the adventure and supporting them in something they enjoy is awesome!

    At first I had a hard time owning up to the fact that I am ‘just a mom’. But the truth is I am so much more, and just because I don’t technically work outside the home, doesn’t mean my life is any less important.

    Rock on cool soccer mom, rock on :).

  • Brittaney - Too cute! I played soccer for 13 years and those were some of the greatest times of my life. Hope your little man enjoys it as much as I did!

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - My name is Yanet and I’m a swim mom and drive a mini-van.
    And I LOVE it.
    It’s all about perspectives.

  • Gina f. - So cute! I love how you have composed your shots… And you do have a cute boy!

  • giozi - Ha ha ha ha You are crazy, looooove the last picture, ha ha ha, you make me laugh.
    Your child is adorable is so handsome. Well you have almost a mini team πŸ˜€

  • Becca G - in the swagger wagon. in the swagger wagon!

  • Erin - Haha! I like that Darth Vader is flying through the air!! I’m sure the boys love that pic!!

  • Emily - sounds like a pretty good life to me! And isn’t it a requirement of the WHO that all children play soccer(football, I bet they call it) at some point in their life? πŸ˜‰

  • amber - I think a soccer mom life seems adventurous! I plan on being one one day. Right now, I’m a gymnastics mom & that’s pretty awesome too:). And, yes, he is one cute kid!!

  • Georgia - Love this. I remember the day I became a soccer Mom. Someone I never met got so excited and started screaming her lungs out. Then I realized it was me. Later I remember by daughter standing in the rain as goalie. I let her wear my windbreaker and it almost touched the ground. Yet without any concern for her discomfort she stopped every ball that came to her. Those were great days. Enjoy them. I miss them.

  • Kari - You got a blond haired soccer boy. You, my friend, are in some serious trouble.

  • Jess - You’ve got a handsome little soccer guy!
    I can’t wait to be a soccer mom (minus the mini van because we only have two girls)! Right now we are starting out with dance and it’s a little traumatizing right now, but if she pulls through, soccer comes next!

  • stephanie - I’m a soccer mom now too….and I think it’s the best thing ever. I don’t drive a mini-van, but it wouldn’t define me if I did. He’s adorable…just like my little baller.

  • Moriah - Love it! I can’t wait to be a soccer mom. FYI, orange slices are a must for game days. πŸ™‚

  • Katie Sellers - I totally agree!! My greatest joys are being able to be with my children and share their enjoyment of life! We are so lucky to be “soccer moms”!

  • Rebecca - Okay, I admit sometimes I think I need a mini-van. Stress “sometimes”.

  • Andrea Gray - I have been a soccer mom for about 6 years now. It is a life that I wouldn’t trade. As your guys get older, you will understand. There are so many of my little guys friends that are not active and it scares me so for them. Keep them active and it will keep you more alive.

  • Nicole - I use to swear to myself that I would never be the ‘the mom’ who drives a minivan, yet nowadays… it sounds more and more appealing! LOL.

  • jenny paul - love this, ashley! and you’re right: he is an exceptionally cute soccer boy

  • Stephanie Catlett (Mom's Happy Place) - Love love love these pictures! God has blessed you with such beautiful children, thanks for sharing :o)

  • andy - Loving this post. The last pic is awesome. Have fun soccer mom

  • stylefyles - Yayyyyy! Soccer is THE BEST sport. I started when I was 5, loved it so much I played all the time, played in college, semi-pro and now I still play on a super competitive team (at age 27). It’s the kind of sport that truly builds character, and one you can just never let go of. I have friends that gave it up….I brought them back into it and they’re always so thankful for it.

    I actually thought it was going to be Firecracker playing soccer, what with all her energy and whatnot. Obviously she’s still a mite too young. But I hope you enroll her too (if she wants)! She seems the type of rambunctious kid that would just love the sport, and soccer really is fantastic for girls as well as boys.

    Enjoy being a soccer mom!!

  • stylefyles - PS …. LOVE the photoshopped Darth VAder pic!

  • LindaJ - This could be my favorite post ever! Thank you. I am a soccer mom too. And I love it. I have 3 boys and they are all getting to big. I miss the days when there socks and shorts met together. Cherish these moments. They go way too fast!

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Soccer moms are there for their kids, supporting them all the way. Im one too. Theres nothing wrong with THAT:) Oh yeah and I drive a minivan too!

  • Melissa - Love this…can’t believe I am a soccer mom too,! My first time also with my 5 year old! Another way I can relate to u as a mom! You really capture the joy in your children!

  • tara pollard pakosta - I WISH I were a soccer mom!!!
    My girls will NOT play any sports! it’s all about crafts and american girl dolls for them!

  • Brooke Whitis - hahahha, we are totally friends!! We have talked about the whole mini van struggle πŸ™‚ I drive a mini van…and having two boys coming…I am sure ‘soccer mom’ is in my future. I think that you are one of the coolest…soccer moms… πŸ™‚

  • able mabel - Ohhhh. he is sooo cute!! I’d be a proud soccer mom too if I were you.

  • chantelle - soccer moms are real moms! it is so fun!

  • juneypie - soccer moms (or other-sport-moms) are the strongest people there are. how do you console a heartbroken child whose team lost? how do you control yourself and not get ugly at the umpire/referee/judge? how do you be nice to other moms who cheer for the opposite team? how do you deal with knowing that there are bigger tournaments and bigger loses and bigger wins for this small person who just wants to play? how do you stop yourself from playing his sport for him? how can you stop playing so there’s dinner on the table? how do you contain the pride? so yes, being a soccer mom is sad, sad because you see that small kid – whose only armor is that too big uniform – valiantly take on life’s lessons on the chin and all you can do is cheer.

    rock on, sports moms! (from a swimming/athletics/dance mom)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Go soccer mom, Go! I showed Nate that last one and he said ‘Awesome!’

  • Liz - You ARE a soccer mom….but you don’t need to BE a “soccer mom”
    Just stay true to you kids…because it is about them, not the parents.

    PS I didn’t particularly enjoy the game, but I adored watching my kids. So I learned to enjoy what they liked to do.

  • Kelly - This is a spectacular post! Kelly

  • Jill R - Thanks for sticking up for the minivan driving soccer moms! It is not a way of life I got stuck with, it is a way of life I worked to attain and I choose it again everyday! Love!

  • RachelC - There is a lot of soccer mom love going on in this post. πŸ™‚

  • amanda g - im a soccer mom too! minus the mini-van…my boys have a blast and so do i…my mom pride shines bright every saturday morning at the games:) welcome to the club!

  • Kristina L - Right now I’m living the “exciting” career life, but aspiring to someday be a mom. I can’t think of anything better than enjoying adventure-filled days with my kids. So if it’s any comfort…I am envious of your soccer mom life!

  • Katrina - That is too cute! Maybe I should create something like that for my girls.

  • Grace - Even though I’m not a mom I’ve always felt the same way. Being a soccer mom (or just a mom) doesn’t mean you settle.
    And that last photo? Priceless πŸ™‚