Read a good book lately?

My oldest. He arrived 2 days ‘late’ and weighed less than 6lbs. For those of you that are tired this morning because you were up all night tending to the cries of a newborn – it’s true what they say. You blink and they grow up. Granted he is only seven, but I must have blinked because he is not that tiny bundle I nervously carried home from the hospital yesterday. He’s seems big now. In a few years, I will look back at this time and realize how small he really is. I don’t post a lot of stories about him because he is older. His stories are his to share. It is easy to photograph his youngest siblings because they are constantly making faces or doing crazy things. He is serious and only sometimes lets silliness surface. He is a lot like me. I want to be sure I capture him too. I want to remember my big 7 year old in his normal ways.

He loves to read….I love to watch him read. These are a pretty accurate picture of my son. Despite crazy going on around him, he is lost in a good book. My tiny son that has somehow grown into a boy that daily teaches me what it means to be a mom beyond the sleepless nights of a newborn. He was my introduction to parenthood. He’s the oldest…so the one that endures all my ‘trial and errors’ as a mom. Soon he’ll introduce me to middle school and then the teen years….and we won’t go further down that road!

All the photos below were shot with my 85mm lens

ISO 100, f/1.8, 1/640 (he is very still when he reads, so I could get away with using f/1.8)

That last picture….I will treasure.


Photo tip: think about the things that make up your days that don’t always seem “photo worthy”…and challenge yourself to capture those things. Change your angle and try a new perspective on a normal event/item.

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