diy {back to school bag tags for Design Aglow}

Just a little post to say, this month’s project over on Design Aglow is up:


Yesterday, I ordered about 500 prints from…then woke up today to find this ad in my email.

Bummer for me, YEAH for you…go get your prints!

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  • amy - You should be getting FREE prints from MPIX girl!

  • Melissa Kaiserman - That’s not a bummer for you–it has your sweet Firecracker on it! (And I agree with Amy. 🙂

  • Christine Gough - Love the Design Aglow idea. I used the bubbles you showed for your munchkin’s valentines and made some of my own. Perfect for school starting on Monday!

  • giozi - Is a great idea. I can’t order on Mpix because I live in Spain, but I can use some of mine and I’m going to laminate them in any stationery store

  • Alicia @ La Famille - uhh…ya, why aren’t you getting free prints, girl!?! but thanks for sharing with US! 🙂

  • mamabirdy - Thanks so much for the mpix coupon! Editing and ordering photos sounds like a good idea as we wait for the tropical rains to pass here in the east.

    Be a little careful about putting your child’s full name on a publicly visible tag. I have no idea how real a risk it is, but we used to have full name tags on our kids’ instruments and a number of people told us not to do it. They said that creepy adults can use it to trick your child into thinking that they know them and perhaps have some other information about them as a lure. Like I say, no idea the real likelihood of this being a problem, probably worse traveling than just going to and from school in the family car/school bus. What the people recommended to us was to put big initials and then a note to turn over or unfold the tag for full information so that it could not be casually acquired.

  • Tela - i got that ad. it made me smile 🙂

  • Kimberly - LOVED getting that email yesterday!!! They should be giving you a discount for using FireCracker=) Such a CUTIE!!

  • Shirley - Thank you for sharing. I had the same thing happen to me with another company. 25% off everything, the day after I made my purchase:) Your blog makes me smile. I have a little girl who is almost thirteen and your little firecracker reminds me so much of her as a little one.

  • Jenny - I swear this happens to me anytime I order anything! Thanks for passing it along! 🙂

  • Libby Larson - how do you organize your family photos? do you have a scrapbook for each kid?? I have a 6, 4, and 2 yr old twins and i’m struggling to keep up?? By the way I LOVE your blog, you are a blessing to so many. In Him, Libby

  • Christi - I can’t say it enough- I love your blog. I was curious how you organize your photos. Do you just print your favorites each month and put them in an album? The dilemma for me is that I put my favorites on a blog and then print my blog. However, I obviously have many more pics than I post. Thanks!

  • Katie - What is you favorite print from Mpix, the kodak esurface,metallic, or are the 19 cent prints good quality?

  • Kelsey - Just wanted you to know that my life has changed SO much since snapshop in August. I am so thankful to have had those 21 days to revisit and practice my photography skills. Thank you so much, Ashley!

  • Tammy - Ahhh, this is perfect! my daughter just moved up a class for church nursery and there are twice as many kids so now no one knows her bag with the new teachers. i was just thinking to myself, “what kind of cute tag could i make?” yesss!!!

  • Bob Urbanowski - That sucks! This happened to me with business cards some months ago. Very annoying!