diy {carved eraser stamps}

This is another project I remember making in art classes as a child (paint by number was the previous one). I thought the boys would enjoy it, and school supplies are really cheap right now. My kids go in art spurts. There are days they could spend hours drawing battles and castles…and then days they have no desire for anything other than legos.

The idea is very simple: use a Xacto knife to carve stamps out of erasers.

Remember if you are doing a letter or number, you have to “mirror” it. Otherwise it will come out wrong. (“E” is a bad example…it works both ways)

I tried, oh I tried to show them how to get ink and not cover their little hands. My attempts didn’t work. They got ink everywhere.

I added some pushpins, thinking it might help. It didn’t.

So, I’ll be honest…this craft was not much of a hit with the boys. I think I enjoyed it the most. I couldn’t carve out their designs fast enough to hold their interest. However, maybe you or someone you know would enjoy this. I did a little google searching and found some other examples of making stamps with erasers…these are much cuter than the ones my boys made. Don’t tell my boys.

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