diy {carved eraser stamps}

This is another project I remember making in art classes as a child (paint by number was the previous one). I thought the boys would enjoy it, and school supplies are really cheap right now. My kids go in art spurts. There are days they could spend hours drawing battles and castles…and then days they have no desire for anything other than legos.

The idea is very simple: use a Xacto knife to carve stamps out of erasers.

Remember if you are doing a letter or number, you have to “mirror” it. Otherwise it will come out wrong. (“E” is a bad example…it works both ways)

I tried, oh I tried to show them how to get ink and not cover their little hands. My attempts didn’t work. They got ink everywhere.

I added some pushpins, thinking it might help. It didn’t.

So, I’ll be honest…this craft was not much of a hit with the boys. I think I enjoyed it the most. I couldn’t carve out their designs fast enough to hold their interest. However, maybe you or someone you know would enjoy this. I did a little google searching and found some other examples of making stamps with erasers…these are much cuter than the ones my boys made. Don’t tell my boys.

Geninne’s Art Blog

Creature Comforts – this one is a mini stamp, adorable

the sweetest occasion

say Yes! to hoboken

half sweet vanilla

my cute crush

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  • Anna Joy - What a fun project! I agree, I think this project is more fun for the moms. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Cayla R. - Love your photo collage! Catch that one before it falls off!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ranee - My dad did this with us when I was little…thanks for the reminder, just might have to go buy me some erasers!

  • Sarah - for a Christmas present last year, i gave a crafty friend a “bouquet” of yellow pencils with the erasers carved into mini stamps. it was such a fun project to do and it took no time at all. plus it was a HUGE hit with my friend!

  • amanda torres - I’m impressed with your patience. I would have done maybe and ‘l’ and then moved on. You are my inspiration. The wind beneath my wings, if you will.

  • Erica - Fun! We do the same… but with potatoes and washable paints (my littles are littler than yours though at 4, 2, &2).

  • Jes - We did stamps yesterday, too, and also ended up with ink everywhere. Stamping themselves was much more fun than stamping paper. It’s refreshing to see someone else’s craft project gone awry. We’ve definitely had those in our house–something I thought the kids would love but didn’t.

  • Whitney Ulrich - How fun and adorable for the little kiddies! I hope i am a fun mom like this. I love it. You should hop on over and link this up to my link party

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

  • Mirys - My little 2 Musketeers LOVE stamps!!! Always have (and I think always will)!!! They love it sooooo much that I thought “why not give them a stamp with their own name or cartoon?”… and I still think this could be a good idea.

    But now you show me how to MAKE my own stamps! Super cool!!!
    Iยดll try and Iยดll be back to tell you what happened, ok?

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil)

  • Ali - we use stamps to go “letterboxing”-the best fun ever to be outside treasure hunting with your family! We draw images on craft foam sheets, cut them out, then glue on another sheet of foam. Safe so little ones can cut out their own…and I don’t have a line waiting!

  • Hannah B - No joke, I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while. I think a mustache would be the cutest little stamp!

  • cailan - 10 POINTS for effort! I appreciate that not all of your crafty attempts go over well with the little people – just like mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amanda - I have been a reader for a while. But this is my first comment, because you are doing a project that I have worked regularly with kids. I work/ed with a museum educator and we did this project a lot. We have learned that the kids will always get messy. But a couple other tips we do are:

    1. We use the big tan/yellow art erasers that crumble. I think they are called gum erasers. We let the kids use a broken pencil and pick away at the eraser to make their own unique stamps.

    2. We use styrofoam plates and double side tape some foam core on to one side and cut it into rectangles. We let the kids press the broken pencil into the foam plates to make another unique design. The plates were a great surprise to us.

    We started doing these the way you started, by letting the kids do the design and then cutting them. Because kids and sharp objects are a no go. But once we got the right erasers and the foam plates, the kids enjoyed it far more. Probably because they got to be more involved with the making process.

    We incorporate the understanding of contrasting colors and images, patterns, and many other things into the mix to get a little education out of it. But normally its all just fun and games and it always ends in a mess.

    I saw your post and felt inclined to offer up some ideas, in case you want to venture into this again.

    Love your blog.

  • Courtney Henson - What a great idea! My sister in law does a Christmas card every year that she makes out of a hand carved stamp. They are amazing and full of detail and I am always in awe of her talent. What a great way to try that on a smaller scale!

  • Lisa Pummel - I love those inky fingers! That’s how it should be…except when it gets on the furniture…or their clothes…or your hair.

  • Kathie M - Super fun & so cute!! I think I am going to be picking up some erasers now! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bek @ WeAreWildThings - Such a great idea. I saw some erasers really cheap the other day, will have to go and stock up. Yay. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alicia @ La Famille - hey, at least you’re honest! it looks like it’d be fun though.
    i gave you a little shout out today on my blog. i posted on a pallet bed i made…inspired by YOU! thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rosa @ flutterflutter - I am SO EXCITED to try this!!!

  • Sarah Jones - This is a great time to stock up on erasers! These little stamps make such wonderful & unique gift tags. I also love stamping on brown packing paper to make custom wrapping paper!