diy {stitched rolled canvas}

Do you remember a little while back I said I had an idea for the free “Live Your Life on purpose” download by Sarah Jane Studios? Well, here it is:


I really liked the print, and wanted to use it in a more prominent way. Rolled canvases are often less expensive than stretched canvases. I thought it would be fun to have it printed on a rolled canvas and then add a little embroidery thread for texture.


Sarah Jane’s download (get it here) printed on a rolled canvas

Size 22 Needlepoint/Tapestry needle

Embroidery Thread ( I used DMC: 3805, 891, 604, 963, 743, 472….I also bought 704, 747, B5200 in case I want to add them)


After going through the needle, I tied a knot at the end of the thread. The strand ended up being double the thickness. Then I just started randomly adding it on top of the matching colors. There was no rhyme or reason how I stitched it. I’m not familiar with correct embroidery stitching…just did whatever worked for me.

She was given a new hat…and now wears it all the time.

You can see my stitching was crazy and messy.

It took me about 15 minutes…the amount of time I had to sit outside a bedroom door telling two little ones to stay in bed and take naps. I might add more to the green or the text, but those little ones fell asleep so I had to get tackle the mounding piles of laundry instead of continuing my little craft for the day.

You can see it is stretched a bit where I did the stitching. That was from my hand, I think it will iron out or work itself out fine. Thanks Sarah Jane! It makes me happy and reminds me to not waste my time, but be purposeful in how I spend it….even if the most purposeful thing I do all day is turn off my computer and phone to have uninterrupted Lego time with my kids.

So guess what….Uprinting is going to let me give away one 16×20 rolled canvasΒ  print to one of you! You can download Sarah Jane’s pdf and create this diy…or you can print whatever your heart desires (poster, photo, etc.).

Prize Details:

One (1) 16″x20″ canvas print with 2-inch border or No border, 1 Business day turnaround, *Free Shipping from Uprinting

One winner, chosen at random

Contest ends Monday, August 22nd 9:00pm US Central

Restrictions: open to US residents 18 years and above only

Winner is Lauren who wrote: “I tweeted to vote now and a weekly update! Loving promoting this great event! Thanks for sharing!”

To enter:

Since this diy involves doing things on purpose…I am going to continue with that theme for entering to win. As you know, my family sponsors a little boy in Rwanda through Compassion International. Compassion also works to provide safe water to those in desperate need. Right now @Water (the twitter account) is having a contest to give over access of their account for one month to the organization with the most votes. I would love to see Compassion International gain that platform for a month to advocate their Water of Life program. So, in an effort to use this blog for a bigger purpose….here are the ways you can enter to win the 16×20 canvas:

1. Use your twitter account to vote for Compassion International here

2. Use your twitter, facebook, blog, email account to advocate for others to go vote

3. Find a way you personally can be involved in helping provide clean & safe drinking water to those in need

Now…just leave me a comment for each thing you did!

Disclaimer: This canvas printing giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given for hosting. Check out for more details about canvas sizes, online printing & photo canvas.

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  • Katie - Voted! Thanks for raising awareness on this, love compassion and had no idea they were doing it!

  • Jenni Goodlin - Oh this post makes me so excited because my husband works at Compassion and has been trying to think of ways to get people to vote for Compassion for the Water for Life. Thank you so much, this will make him so very excited, along with so many others that work there and all of the children this will help!

  • Rebecca - Love this, what a great idea!

  • Amnah - Um, hello! I love it. Dude, seriously, I love your ideas.

  • Felicia - I voted for Compassion International. What a great cause. I knew nothing about them.

  • Felicia - Also tweeted about it @3birdsstitch. Hopefully some of my followers will go vote!

  • cara - I love this! It’s awesome. πŸ™‚ I love that you made voting or spreading the word part of it. I don’t use twitter, but I posted the link.

  • Dede - I voted and tweeted πŸ™‚ What a super idea!

  • JoAnna - I voted, tweeted and sent an email to friends with your blog post. Thank you for doing this. I hope Compassion wins! Cheers!

  • Laura Bowden - Love it! Thank you!!

  • BriBedell - Used my twitter account to vote!!! I’ve never heard of rolled canvas!! You are awesome πŸ™‚

  • Allison - I voted on Twitter for Compassion!

  • Megan S - I voted for Compassion!

  • Megan S - I am involved in providing clean drinking water through the Bridge of Hope program with Gospel for Asia. They provide food, water, and education – but more importantly they tell the kids of the hope we have in Christ.

  • Tonya S. - Voted!! Love your diy project!!!

  • amy - I voted!! Thank you for using your online power for good!!!

  • Allison - I shared on FB!

  • emmeline mcwilliams - Voted on Twitter!

  • emmeline mcwilliams - tweeted too!

  • erika - I voted via twitter!

  • Angela - I LOVE it! To bad I can’t win. I’m from Canada πŸ™‚

  • Anna Joy - I voted on Twitter! We are about to sit down and “pick” a child from Compassion International to sponsor this weekend – I’m excited to bless this little person and their family and in turn it will be bless us. I also donate monthly to Charity Water. Yay for your heart, it is so encouraging!

  • Julie - I love this idea! I voted on Twitter

  • Julie - I also tweeted about this

  • Kari - I voted! Also, I love that you did the stitching. I’ve always wanted to try it but didn’t know the proper way. I should really tell myself “who cares” more often.

  • megan - lovely, as usual! thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Breena - I voted and tweeted! What a great idea! And I can’t wait to do the DIY project!

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  • Kenna S - I voted, shared your post on fb and plan to donate to compassion international. I love your diy project and the embroidery really makes it pop!

  • tonpia - I voted. I like how you use your powers for good, like any great superhero.

  • Michelle - I sponsor a boy in Swaziland through World Vision. We directly contribute to helping make his water safer and cleaner. It’s a blessing to be a part of something like that.

  • cailan - Thank you for the fresh inspiration this morning!

  • Katie R. - voted!

  • heather - this is fun! i gave one of these away on my blog last week and i wanted soooooo badly to keep it for myself. i happily voted through my twitter account for compassion intl. thanks for the chance to win, ashley.

  • Katie R. - advocated!!

  • sarah - Just voted for Compassion on Twitter.

  • Channing Howard - I am a huge tweeter, I just added them on twitter and I can’t wait to see what happens on September 5 (which is my half birthday).

  • Erin - I voted! Love what you did with the embroidery!!

  • Lauren - I proudly voted!

  • Lauren - I shared this on facebook!

  • reeve - absolutely LOVE this! and your crazy stitching looks great:)

  • Lauren - I tweeted to vote now and a weekly update! Loving promoting this great event! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lauren - I don’t think anyone reads my blog so I am sharing this with one of my favorite bloggers so she can share the word! πŸ™‚

  • Tricia - Going to send out a shout out on FB. I <3 this DIY idea, so fun and a good reminder. I currentlly have "Trust and Obey" printed on my chalk board…I love visual reminders like that. XOXOXO

  • Julie - Love this! Voted!

  • Tiah - I voted for them on Twitter. Great giveaway, thank you.

  • Lauren - I voted!

  • Arielle - Just voted- such a great cause!

  • Arielle - Just voted. Such a great cause!

  • Arielle - Just Tweeted this. Happy to support such a great organization!

  • Leah - I voted! Seriously am in love with canvas prints, awesome tutorial!

  • Anna Marie - I voted for Compassion Int.

  • racheld - Beautiful work and beautiful cause! I donated and supplied a family with water for life. Advocate for those in need, I’m always for that!! Thanks for bringing more light to this need

  • Sarah - I voted! LOVE the idea of an embroidered rolled canvas print. My mind is swirling w/ possibilities!

  • Dana Laymon - what a good idea!! i ended up printing this and putting it up in my cube walls but this is much better- great idea for the home!

  • Tina Watson - I voted and I’m asking for others to do the same. Great idea Ashley!

  • lauren - I voted and tweeted!! Thanks for making me aware of such a great cause. I love it…

  • Jaime - I sponsor a little girl in Lesotho, Africa!

  • Kristen W. - What a great organization to support! I tweeted and voted!

  • Jen - i voted for them! THANKS SO MUCH!!

  • Bek@WeAreWildThings - Such a clever idea to sew on the canvas.

    P.S. I love your sofa chair thing, I’ve never noticed it before in your photos, it’s beautiful. πŸ™‚

  • Angela - I love the canvas (and embroidery!) and appreciate that you are using this venue to spread the word to support clean water programs. I do not use Twitter but do support a clean water program in Africa.

  • kristen - I voted for compassion!

  • kristen - And then I tweeted about it, because I too would love to see them win πŸ™‚

  • AlenaH - I voted for Compassion!!

  • AlenaH - I tweeted about Compassion!

  • gina - i printed this out when Sarah Jane posted it and have it in my craft room but i especially love what you did with it!! i love canvas and didn’t know there was a rolled canvas option for printing until now. i am not on twitter and i don’t have a blog but i love how you use your blog to do good! Thank you!!

  • Aimee - I voted on twitter

  • Jenny - I donate proceeds from my etsy shop to Blood:Water Mission, started by Jars of Clay singer to promote clean water and blood in Africa (ie, the AIDS epidemic), and we also sponser a little boy in Uganda (who’s mother has AIDS and father was killed by the Lords Resistance Army) through the World Help Organization. On another note, this rolled canvas idea is darling!

  • Jason - I voted for compassion international!

  • mer - i voted! πŸ™‚ cool giveaway!!!

  • Karen in NYC - I voted for Compassion. I hope they win!

  • Karen in NYC - I also tweeted about it πŸ™‚

  • Sherri Adams - I voted on Twitter and posted the link to my FaceBook page to encourage my friends to vote. I plan each payday to contribute $10. I love the canvas and it own one would mean the world to me. To have a daily reminder… It is truly awesome.

  • Debbie - Genius!

  • Chantelle - Voted and Facebooked! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and this is my first comment, awesome message. Love your DIY’s!!!

  • Hanna - I emailed!

  • Heldine - I voted for them! πŸ™‚

  • Heldine - I also tweeted it out. (@HeldineA)

  • Heldine - And I put the link on Facebook.

  • Heldine - I also sent out the link on my blog. I hope Compassion Intl wins!

  • Jessica - We support a pastor and his family who run an orphanage in Nicaragua. They’ve recently been provided funds to purchase a drill rig in order to give a way free, potable water and free, Living Water. Super Exciting stuff!

  • Shanalea - I voted and shared…so great to see a bigger purpose come shining through

  • Pamelotta - Thanks for the giveaway. And for making it meaningful. We have ‘adopted’ three kids from compassion and they all have the same birthday as one of my own kids. We call them their ‘twins’ and often have them think about what their twin is doing wherever they are in the world. It helps them keep things in perspective when they get a little whiney about silly things.

  • Christy Carpenter - I voted!

  • Christy Carpenter - I tweeted it too πŸ™‚

  • Donna - We sponsor a child in Africa. I love your rolled canvas print… the colors are so cheery!

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  • Claudia - Voted!!

  • Ash - Your house is like one big pinterest for me. I just love all of everything you have. πŸ™‚

  • Shayna Shipley - I have voted! πŸ™‚

  • Shayna Shipley - I posted about this on my Facebook page.

  • Shayna Shipley - I can be more involved in providing clean water to those in need by donating to shelters, and also continuing to conserve water in my home.

  • monday: best of last week | The Misadventures of Kelly and Kelly - […] diy stitched rolled canvas – really cool […]

  • Kelli - I don’t have a twitter account. My word for the year has been “anyway” as in “lets do it anyway”. The focus is on deliberate, with purpose, intentional. Loving this little poster. Also loving the campaign of clean water. In the Pacific North West there has been an inspiring little girl whose goal was $300 and through her tragic death shortly after being $20 short of her goal has hit a campaign number far exciting it. There is also the “drinks for drinks” campaign, which isn’t my thing, but it’s fun to watch when a small group of people takes a fun idea and turns it into a campaign to raise funds and how many people get on board and how big the funds grow just from having fun. In our house this summer we are stretching ideas to get clean water in other places.

  • Dawn - I voted for @compassion!

  • Dawn - Tweeted and set it to re- tweet to have others vote!

  • - I voted for Compassion International to takeover!

  • - I tweeted about Compassion International so that others can go vote also! Clean water for all. We can easily take such a luxury for granted.

  • Trish - Love this!

  • christineblaylock - I voted for compassion, awesome. tweeted.

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  • Cross Stitch Fan - I love this!!