Mpix Rocks

Several years ago I was busy as a professional photographer. The whole “to give a client digital images or not” debate was really just starting. If you’ve ever wondered why photographers don’t always include a disk, well there are many reasons. A big one is that a client takes those great images and then buys the cheapest prints he/she can find online…and those great photos look not so great. The terrible prints become a reflection of the photographer. I struggled giving clients digital copies. I wanted them to have the images, but I did not want them to get terrible prints…which would reflect on my work as a photographer. I began searching for a professional quality lab that had both consistently great prints and affordable prices. Mpix is the consumer branch of Millers (a standard-setting lab on the professional side of photography). And so began my journey with Mpix.

About a year later, I contacted Mpix about an idea I had for doing intro to photography workshops. They’ve sponsored my SnapShops ever since. Well, this spring I had the privilege of meeting with some amazing members of the Mpix team to collaborate on the future of Mpix. A few months later, they asked me to be a part of the Mpix Rocks campaign. Honestly, I could “say yes” without hesitation because Mpix is a company I’ve stood behind for several years. You’ve seen me share about Mpix here long before I began working with them….now I am on their homepage. I know it looks like I photo-shopped myself on there, but honestly it really is there πŸ™‚

That page leads you to a little info on me and my favorite Mpix products.


When we began discussing the new Mpix Rocks ad, I looked online at the ones from the past.


“Oooooooo”, I thought. Gorgeous car, high tech computer, beach, mountains, gorgeous white couch, stunning bride….what amazing background would I do?

Then reality (and guidance from the talented Samae at Mpix) stepped in and took over. Reality is I don’t typically do photography in gorgeous settings with perfect models. I spend my days photographing real life…all the messes and all the joys. I relish the opportunities I have to encourage others to pick up their cameras and capture life. I’m so grateful I get to teach the basics of photography…to everyday people, not professional photographers. I think Mpix rocks, not because I can encourage professional photographers to print bridal portraits there. I think Mpix Rocks because I can encourage you to get your captured moments printed by a professional quality lab at a great price. So, it just made sense that my background would be everyday life. Here’s my ad:


And because I know you guys like the ‘real life’ so much, I thought I’d share what didn’t get published in magazines!

A better look at the result.


What I love most about this ad is that if you look closely you will notice two things I didn’t realize at the time:

1. There is blue painters tape on the staircase that I forgot to remove after quickly painting the steps white that morning.

2. The lamp does not have a lightbulb. I moved it to the playroom a month ago for this post, and have never replaced it.

That is real life.

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  • Danielle - Love it! I recommend Mpix to clients thanks for sharing about it!

  • giozi - Ha ha ha YOu make me smile like always. I’m going to read the article…

  • allison - LOVE IT! Real life is AWESOME!

  • Molly Howsden - THANK YOU! I love taking pictures but I’ve struggled with finding a place to print my pictures at a high quality and an affordable price. Because of that I have thousands of pictures that are just waiting on my computer or SD card.
    I can’t wait to get some of my pictures printed!

  • Missy - Ah! The superheros are the best!!!

  • andy - how cool is that
    i love mpix
    i’ve used them before for printing pics

  • andy - and they do rock

  • Liz - I saw this online before your post. I was so impressed! You really are an inspiration to me. I couldn’t imagine any other background! Thank you for being so creatively real!

  • giozi - He he he. I like your hole pants, and your face asking for a nanny πŸ™‚ I feel like this all the time. Is fantastic and really difficult to take familiar photos in real life. I shared with you the link of a picture of my countryman Mario Testino who took Sarah Jessica Parker, all glamour in his real life. Was funny.

    You have a site in mpix. Great. I agree with they say about you. You inspire.

    I just sent to them an email about if they sell worldwide. I’ve just purchased some minicards from Moo, I love them, quality is excelent, but is not too cheap πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing with us all that you found and use.

  • Alicia - I love your posts. I found you by accident one day and have been hooked ever since and am so glad such great things are happening for you! I like your ad WAY better then all the rest because it’s so much more like my life…minus a couple kids (i only have 2 and that’s chaotic enough!…for now) I use to do photography but my life has taken a change but i still enjoy capturing our family life. However my friend whom use to do my pics would let me have my images because I always used a professional lab and she new I could be trusted because I wanted my prints to look as good as she wanted her images to be seen!

  • lindsey - how exciting! and you look gorgeous! I’ve been using Mpix for almost two years and love it.

  • RachelC - Too cool. Love it.

  • Kimberly - LOVE IT!! LOVE Mpix’s too! What GREAT pics….you make everyday life seem so much fun with get style=) BTW, love the hole jeans!

  • Stephanie - I LOVE it! REAL life is awesome.

  • Elle - Hahaha! Love the outtake photos – especially the super hero costumes! And goodness, that wallpaper around your door is beautiful. I’m trying to figure out where I could use some…

  • Angie Sandy - Oh my gosh I love your out takes from the shoot! Thanks so much for sharing them, you have such an adorable little family πŸ™‚

  • Sarah - love it! congrats!

  • BeckyH - I use MPIX for my photo shoot prints, too.

    The series of getting the kids in the photo is hilarious! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Steph Connor - LOVE it! Your photos are always such an inspiration to me! I am getting ready to order my daughter’s photo birthday invitation prints from Mpix. The invitation is digital paper, text, and a photo. What paper would you suggest that I use? I don’t mind paying more for the metallic if the results will be worth it!

  • Jeannette - I’m cracking up here! Funny – I saw this ad yesterday when I got on Mpix to place an order. I can testify – they have great stuff at very reasonable prices. I have used them for over 2 years (since my SnapShop with Ashley) and have never been disappointed! I don’t know anything about printing pictures, but I know a good finish on a photo when I see it and Mpix’ is awesome!! Thanks Ashley for the great recommendation! I even googled Mpix coupons and found one for 15% off my order.

  • colleen from alabama - Ok, i don’t know if i am laughing harder at the pictures or the fact that you called spider man, super man! πŸ™‚ I love that about you ashley ann – life is REAL! and busy and crazy and sometimes even the very best mamas get their super heros confused! (can you tell i had -we’ve outgrown it a bit- a super hero lovin boy?) Excited to see all of the doors the Lord is opening for you.

  • Pamela - I could not think of a better background. And I love that you showed the outtakes. So cute.

  • Jeannette - Also – I don’t know how, but they usually ship the same day or next at the latest so it comes super quick! I guess it depends on what you are ordering, but they are fast.

  • Katie - I love your add, Ashley. I think that it really reflects a lot of not only what we see on the blog, but real life too.

  • Anna Joy - I love all these photos! I esp. love the one where Batman and Spiderman are battling it out. So freakin’ cute. I used Mpix recently when you said they were having a discount. Loved the quality and turnaround time! Congrats on the wonderful ad.

  • Ryan - I love everything about this Ashley! πŸ™‚ You look beautiful and the kiddos are absolutely adorable.

    I have been sold on Mpix since I ordered pictures of my baby boy on Tuesday and they arrived on Wednesday without requesting expedited shipping. They are so fast and the pictures turn out beautifully!

  • amanda torres - I love reading about your life. It just makes me laugh. So much comedy in everyday life that most people overlook. Way to focus on the bizarre.

  • Jill R - Oh yes, “Ashley Ann”….I knew her back when she thought she would start a photography business…..and look at you now! A supermom rockstar! You are awesome, love the ad!

  • Ryan - I%20love%20everything%20about%20this%20Ashley!%20%20%3A)%20%20You%20look%20beautiful%20and%20the%20kiddos%20are%20absolutely%20adorable.


  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - Love all the behind the scenes shots! Congrats on the being kind of a super model! πŸ™‚

  • lesley - This is amazing, and you are truly inspirational! I’m just getting back into taking photos, and you help me A LOT more than you know. P.S. Batman and Spiderman “fighting” while sister does crafts in the background is adorable:) Now I’m off to check out Mpix.

  • Amanda - πŸ™‚ awesome!

  • Kimberlee Jost - Super Nanny shot = HYSTERICAL.
    That looks like all the shots that I’m in.
    What’s up with that?

  • Christina - I love everything about this — real life! Congrats on the ad!!

  • cailan - Wow – how very neato. You look so great! And I’m definitely feeling pretty positive about Mpix right now!

  • Nicole - funny post. congrats on being featured!

  • Amy - That’s great! Congratulations on the ad! I love your blog and I’m also a very happy Mpix customer. It’s amazing how much better their quality is than most other places I’ve tried.

  • the whyte house - i saw the full photo on fb and laughed so much. the oldest hanging on the stair rail is priceless. congrats on your spot in the magazine!

  • Colleen - Real life is so much more beautiful! These photos show real “life-living” and that in itself is inspirational.

    And I didn’t even notice the missing lightbulb and painters tape… I was too focused on your stinkin’ cute family.

  • Jaime A. - You sold it girl! πŸ˜‰
    And the kids are adorable!!

  • Teresa Johnson - Congrats on being on their homepage and ad! The photo looks great, I really love the truth it conveys because you’re right, not everyone has perfect settings πŸ™‚

  • laurelbud - Superb.

    The background is perfect and for me much more inspiring than the others, seriously cool.

    Well done on the ad, couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


  • Sarah - I got am email a few days back from Mpix and it had firecracker on it. Love Mpix!

  • nic - Great post! Thanks for the tip! I’m checking out MPIX right away

  • Sarah - Fantastic!! Such a fun opportunity for you. I have used mpix since taking your snap shop last year, and I LOVE them. My printed images actually look like the ones I took, its fantastic!
    Enjoyed all the out takes & didn’t notice any of the things you did when I looked at the picture.

  • Dana Laymon - I LOVE IT! i order a lot from Mpix and this is so awesome! I love that it’s real because i always feel to small compared to the people in the ads, like “look at their big camera and their awesome location” but I resonate with you! it’s real and beautiful! so excited for you!

  • Jessamy - Seriously? Do you feel like such a super hero?? Can you believe you are in magazines? You’re awesome!

  • meg duerksen - rockstar.

  • Sarah - This is awesome!!! I LOVE “the real life pics” – Congrats!!! So happy for you.

  • Janice - I love all of this. I used Mpix about 3 weeks ago b/c of you and my pictures turned out great. Thanks for all your ideas!

  • Natalie@TheShadyAcre - Love it! Real life is the best!

  • Ruth Abel - I just two weeks ago finished a little photography class, and learned to appreciate good quality printing. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Jessica Cudzilo - Your life and blogging and overall accomplishments constantly remind me that I, too, can celebrate being a SAHM and still exercise my creative abilities/talents/loves. Thank you.

  • Jessica Winter - Haha! I love your blog. Thanks again for sharing your skills with us, as always a fun read. – Jess (at) OlyMomma

  • Abby - I love MPix too! I’ve recently started taking pictures for other people, and I have used them the entire time. I have been very happy with their service and products. How exciting that you are part of their team!

  • Rebecca - You’re the only person I know that makes blue painter’s tape so dang cool. Congratulations on the ad, it looks great.

  • Darcy - Love that you told us you painted your stairs that morning! I would never have noticed the painters tape, but love that you did that. Great photo, your house looks adorable (along with adorable kids!). Can’t wait to try Mpix.

  • Emily - I love it! And thanks for the mpix recommendation – I had a local lab in Dallas that I loved, but we’ve moved and I haven’t found one. Mpix is it!

  • Kate S. - I loved this post. It’s my dream to have that kind of chaos. But I think my favorite part might be the painter’s tape and the missing lightbulb–that’s real life, right? LOL.

  • Shannon - Cute shoes!

  • Jess - How awesome that Mpix was able to see the real Ashley and embrace your real life in such a cool way. Whenever I give out discs I always recommend Mpix, but the funny thing is… I’ve never actually used them myself.

  • Danielle - Love the ad. And as a mom and photographer I also love Mpix for my prints and other photography products!

  • Raquel M - I love it!!!! I Love everything in this post, you are a great inspiration to me!

  • Alicia @ La Famille - gonna have to go check out mpix now!! great photo shoot. you’re such a cute mama πŸ™‚

  • Lisa - This is amazing Ashley! You ROCK!

  • Urska - I LOVE Mpix. Have ordered from them many times and I am blown away each time when I see pictures in print. So much better than computer. Tonight I am ordering a Gallery Wrap. Just need one for the living room of my son.

  • Mosey - WOW, what GREAT timing this post is, I was just wrestling with whether or not to begin offering digital copies of my work to my customers, I HATE it when they run to a cheep place and print junky glossy prints!!! I haven’t offered cd’s for years because of this… But at the same time as a mommy of five I sure am looking for a way to lighten the load a little. This gives me another option for those who don’t have a membership where I print my work!! I’ll have to get an order printed soon and see! ThANKS!!

  • Gina - I agree! Mpix rocks! I was introduced to them three years ago by the professional photographer we used for my daughters wedding. Use them exclusively now. In fact, I just got an order from them yesterday.

  • Jess - How cool is that?! Congrats on a really cool add – I’m going to have to check out Mpix a little more!

  • Lisa J - Fantastic! I love everything about this! Congratulations too, you deserve to be up there with all the other photographers. People NEED you! You inspire me every day !!

  • jody - Love this! Thanks for the intro to MPIX. Love the costume dressing – oh my – I do that all day w my kiddos!! I wish we were neighbors! I just want to sit down at that table & be in your oh so cute kitchen!!!! And of course, love your shoes!

    Thank goodness the tape & missing bulb are there & not there – makes it all that more real!!

  • That Uncomfortable Itch - I just discovered MPix a few days ago and am loving it. Congrats to yuo for being featured there. So cool!

  • Elizabeth Beattie - Wow! Congratulations and thanks for sharing! I needed to order three prints for a wall display and decided to try them out. Just placed my first order and I am looking forward to the results.

  • Jenny - AMAZING, Ashley! What a fantastic opportunity! Real life ROCKS.

  • Julie - What color are the walls behind you an your kids in this post? I tried picking this color for my bedroom but now I am swimming in a lined pool every time I walk in there.

  • Robyn Lee - Love this post! YOu are such an inspiration!!!

  • Julie - I love it! The behind the scenes shots were so fun. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing with us. πŸ™‚
    (love Mpix!!!)

  • amy jupin - hey! i rode in the back of a van with that cool chick!!

  • kathy - love the outtakes – especially the superman outfit!

  • Christin - love the behind the scene shots!

  • giozi - Ohh they replayed me. They only ship to USA and Canada πŸ™

  • Jane in Canada - Wow..Ashley! You totally rock. I’m so glad I traveled from the Great White North to take your Snap Shop a year ago. I love watching your undergo this transformation to celebrity, all while continuing doing what you love doing and putting your family first. Brilliant!

  • Jane in Canada - Unfortunately, mpix is not really an option for us Canadians. Although they ship to Canada, at a minimum of $30 for just shipping which doesn’t even include possible duty charges, it’s just waaaaay too overpriced. Maybe the mpix people could look into that. Other companies, such as Blurb, seem to have figured out their shipping costs so that their services are accessible to Canadians.

  • Sarah T - I love all these pictures. Coincidentally, I just happened to see you on mpix last night and thought “Hey! I know her!” (“Knowing” as in I am a faithful reader of your blog.) I love how honest and real you are with your readers. Oh, and you’re super creative, take nice pictures, and I love your artsy house. πŸ™‚ And OH#2, I love that you don’t fret about being a perfectionist at things.

  • Jessica - i love it! these are great pics!

  • Megan H - I think you are living my dream…amazing! Thanks for sharing…real life is refreshing. P.S. I don’t think Kimberlee could sing your praises more with Snapshop πŸ™‚

  • kathy - thank you for sharing.

  • Debbie C - Tanks tops are so great for moms! I have the same one you are wearing! Stripes are so my jam!

  • karen dillon - Oh my… how funny! loved this post πŸ™‚ and would never have noticed the little blunders in the picture.

  • monique - wow! you look amazing! so calm and serene with everything flying around you!

  • hearttypat - Spidey and Bat man are hilarious!

  • Christi - Love the pics. Can you please tell me where you got those adorable shoes?????

  • Lisa Pummel - Well their advertising worked. I’m now switching over to them! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Courtney M - While I enjoyed this entire post, I am very distracted by those adorable yellow shoes! Can you please share where you found them?

  • Missy B - what i love even more than the “real life” in the pictures is how you look as peaceful as ever in the midst of it all. classic!

  • abbie - your shoes! where are they from!?!

  • AshleyAnn - The shoes are from Target…about 3 years ago. Target, my friends, is where I purchase 95% of my family’s wardrobes!

  • andrea boggess - I love all of your posts. I have been slacking a bit– so now Im just catching up. Im finding that we both have the same taste in shoes πŸ˜‰

  • Lori Sessions - Love, Love, the table and chairs….where did you find them??

  • Gena@MsDivinesMelange - Congratulations!

    I’m a huge fan of mpix – I used them to print my wedding photos…which were given to me on a disk by my photographer. πŸ™‚

  • Mandy - That’s awesome Ash! The pics made me crack up; loved them!! Got a thing in my email from Mpix today and as I looked at it I said to my hubby, “Hey, that’s Firecracker in that pic!!!” Awesome!!! πŸ™‚

  • Mike - Congrats. I use mpix as well. Good stuff

  • able mabel - Love how you captured real life. How fun! I think the picture turned out great!!

  • Lauren - I think these pictures are perfect and totally reflect who you are as an amazingly creative woman, and busy mother! Having little ones myself, these pics totally make me crack up:)

  • Jodi - Ashley, I have been working all summer and haven’t had a chance to post! 1. Congrats on the adoption and the Snap shops!!! That is amazing. The post made me cry, and cry, and cry!!! And 2, I am so INCREDIBLY proud of you. I just love all that you do. You are such an amazing woman and still my go to inspiration for everything!!!!!!!!! You are a rock star Ashely Ann, I am proud to be a long time follower and can’t wait to watch you on your first TV show. :)!!!!

  • Brittney Davis - Ashley this is sooooo cool!!! So proud of all you have done! Your such an inspiration to all! Ryan and I are soo happy for you guys and all your accomplishments!

  • nicole @ deliajude - so funny, this post. thanks for the introduction to mpix

  • Pam Zimmerer - I do love mpix and when I started out this is how I introduced my clients to a worthwhile lab. Now a little more into my work I have moved to printing at Millers. I am not quite as happy that Millers has chosen to allow the “little brother” to do some of the things that were kept for us in incentives or gifts to our clientele. I have called Millers and talked to them but they say it is the way the future will be. What do you think about this?
    I do love seeing your moment of motherhood- I so relate to these pics!!

  • Rita M. - Oh my goodness those pics remind me of me and my sewing/photography prop room!! My kids are always under the table and almost knocking over my stored studio lighting and backdrop stands and almost knocking my sewing machine off the table!!

    That is a 100% real, candid and honest photo shoot! I bet Mpix was like: “what did we get ourselves into!!!” (kidding, Lolol)

    Keep up your inspiring work! Love everything you do, it is truly inspiring!!!!

  • kelly polizzi - congrats on the feature. Love the picture but i have to say, i think you may have missed your calling as an interior home designer. I love your home!