I did it! {pigtails change everything}

Waterbottle – check

Teeny hair bands – check

Brush – check

Little brown ringlets – check

Eager Beaver Mommy – check

Somewhat apprehensive toddler – check


I’m a newbie at this fixing kid’s hair stuff. I have boys. I spit on my hand, rub it on their heads and they are good. Not really.

Well, maybe.

Brothers, keep telling her how cute she is….

I actually did it. I made pigtails. I can fix girl hair!

After she was born I got asked all the time, “So what is it like to finally have a girl?” Honestly, it didn’t feel any different. She was a baby…but in pink. She is fearless, aggressive, confident, loud, active and all things like her brothers. However, she is really floppy. Her brothers have never been floppy. Aside from her floppiness, she hasn’t seemed so starkly different. Now she is getting older. Her differences are becoming more pronounced. She squeals. She LOVES babies. Her floppiness sometimes seems dainty. She has an opinion about clothes. And now….NOW….she has girl hair! She can wear pigtails. There is definitely someone else on my team in this house.



Photo tip: Instead of taking these pictures in the bathroom, where it was darker, I intentionally positioned us in front of the large front window. I got all my camera settings where I wanted and very sweetly 🙂 gave Chris guidance on where to stand.

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