diy {road grid tray for Design*Sponge}

Have you ever used etching cream on glass? I hadn’t until this weekend, when I made this…..

It has the road grid of our little area of town. You can see our current house and our old house…it is unexpected on a window. The full tutorial and more details can be found on Design*Sponge today. It was so fun to make and there are so many ways to customize it for personal taste. After I took the photos for D*S, little miss came to the table and helped herself to the sand.


While she made a mess with my latest project her brothers were doing their normal wrestling in the background.

And I am reminded why I only have sand & candles out for a photo, and then it is back to real life. Off to go clean little messes.

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  • abby - I happened upon on your blog and l.o.v.e. it! Such great ideas, DYI’s and pictures too. This window etching project is so cool- I tried the link you posted above (design*sponge) but I could not find the tutorial (maybe the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet). Would you mind posting a direct link to that tutorial page? Thanks! have a great Wednesday!

  • Anna Joy - This is an awesome idea!! Love it.

  • Molly - i just love all the cute expressions she makes!! oh and the project looks cool too:)

  • cailan - I can’t even fathom how you come up with these ideas! The old window is so fun, and the flower knob – perfect.

  • Janet - Ashley:
    Are you going to be offering a Snapshot class in October?? I will be gone the last week of the class in Sept. and I don’t want to sign up for it if there will be one in Oct. If not then I will make the Sept. one work since I really want to take this class. Thanks for offering this.


  • Stacey - Seriously, how do you come up with these ideas while wrangling four children? I only have 3 kiddos and during the afternoon I think of all the crafts I want to do when they are in bed only to collapse on the sofa exhausted! I love your blog and find you to be a truly inspirational mother. Thank you.

  • ellen patton - Adorable little girl…and I LOVE that white cabinet in the background. Where did you get it?!?

  • natalie - I etched on glass once- last Christmas. Tried to make a ‘manger scene’ on hurricane globes. It was a disaster. I do not share your talent and attention to fine detail. Joseph looked like a sea urchin, baby Jesus was just a blob. Go you though!

  • jGaroutte - I love how she’s off in her own little sand world while your boys are wrestling in the background!

  • giozi - She is so pretty like alway. I’m going to the tutorial…

  • giozi - I can’t see it maybe later 🙁

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Ashley, can you direct me to any of your past posts showing or talking about that fabulous wallpaper in the background of these pics? I LOVE it! I think the gal from Wildflowers Photography has it in her kitchen as well. Id love to get my hands on some!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Firecracker’s bangs are sooo adorable! Love her.

  • Amanda - hmmmmmm…. i have a stash of old windows…..

  • The Prairie Hen - Dear Normal Ashley,
    I simply couldn’t come over here if I didn’t see those signs of normal in your pictures! You inspire me to find the extraordianry amongst the normality of my days!

    Normal and Crazy in NE

  • giozi - I saw it. Love the idea. Not only the way to draw, the use a window as centerpiece too.

  • Ari Morris - I just went outside and clipped some Zinnias and put them in jars on my kitchen table….great and beautiful idea Ashley! thanks!

  • Julia's Bookbag - I second the request for pointing us in the direction of a closer look at your wallpaper!! It’s gorgeous!

  • That Uncomfortable Itch - This is such a wonderful idea! It’s eco friendly, has infinite possibilites and looks totally doable. Love it! Thanks for shairng and a HUGE congrats for being on Design Sponge!

  • Jennifer - Very cool. I bought some etching cream about 3 months ago with intentions of using it on vases- now I may have a new plan! I love the teal flower Anthro pulls- I have them on E’s armoir- they are stunning!

  • Monica - What a cool idea! I just purchased a house 3 blocks from my parents’ house (where I grew up). I would love to have this in my new home. I’m adding this to my Crafts To Do list. Thank you!

  • Julie Call - Love the project. But I really love the boys wrestling in the background. Makes me feel happy :o) ‘Cause it seems like that is all my boys do.

  • karen - Hey Ashley, way off topic question here…but if you ever have a Q&A anytime soon…I was wondering what do you do if one of your kids doesn’t eat at breakfast/lunch/dinner. do you keep reminding them to eat or do you help them or do you just let them not eat?? i need help with this one!!
    xo Karen

  • Miranda - Cute idea! I clean lil messes all day long too… but, I LOVE IT!

  • Kristina - My eyes went straight to your Zinnias. I’m enjoying my own little vase of them, all clumped together in a little old cream pitcher. I love your idea of displaying them separately in a cluster of jars!

  • tracy ashley - you are too much! i totally saw this on d*s because i practically live on that site. when i grow up, can i be like you ashley? 🙂 say hi to the hubby for me!! blessings to you…

  • Jodi - I am thrilled to the gills to see such reality here. I (very often) find myself comparing my life with others (yours) and think of how “perfect” others’ lives are and how mine is so mundane. I know in reality it’s not so (on either side), but sometimes the mind plays trick. I do however, wonder…how on earth you get it all done and still have such a smiling family??! You’re an inspiration, that I wish lived on my block. 🙂

  • honeybeemama - ashley, i just love how you are always unapologetic about the realness of life. i love knowing your little men are roughhousing in the background while little miss sits and so peacefully makes her own art out of your sand. i, too, love to remember to cherish those messy moments and am encouraged that i’m not alone!

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  • christine - I just want to say your blog header makes me happy. x

  • Kristen - You have the most beautiful style and eye for color! What composition all of your photos and home have. Can you tell me what color blue the wall is in the background?!