taking after her brother {shutter speed}

Thank you for all your comments yesterday. I’ve read them all…and I’m going to print them all out to save. Maybe one day my little one will like to read them. For those that asked, registration for the September course is open. It is an exciting time for our family. I am trying to enjoy this journey and not get so focused on the wait to have all my kiddos together. I’m sure I’ll share more as the months go, but it will probably be a year before you get to see pictures of my little one in my arms.

It is crazy hot here. In 1934, Tulsa recorded the longest number of consecutive days over 100 degrees. Today, we tied that state record. The forecast for tomorrow is 112. Easy to say, we are breaking state heat records here.  My mom’s neighbor lets us enjoy her pool every now and then. This big kid is a great swimmer. He has loved the water since he was a baby.


The “I love water swimming” gene skipped my other two boys. Their sister, however, inherited it with reckless abandonment.

She is such a thrill junkie…her momma’s girl, for sure.

Photo tip: My camera settings were: ISO 100, f/4.5, and 1/200. I set my aperture at f/4.5, instead of my usual f/2.8, because I wanted to be sure if the distance between us changed, she’d still be in focus. However, my shutter speed of 1/200 was too slow to capture the action of her fall. If I shot this again, I would increase my ISO some, change my aperture to f/3.5 and increase my shutter speed. Her daddy was in the water.

I love this series. The settings for all four were: ISO 160, 1/320, f/4.5


Not only does she love going off the diving board, she is learning to swim. She can go a few feet on her own and almost comes up for a breath. I think if we had our own pool and swam daily, she’d be a swimmer by the end of the summer. It is really odd to watch her swim…looks like a baby swimming. I hate that my underwater camera died. I would love to have some underwater shots of her swimming this summer. 🙁

It is so hot outside I have half a mind to lay down a tarp in the living room and fill up the kiddie pool…for me. The kids would make a mess.

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