sweet p is one

Sweet P turned one this week….I love her so much. I still vividly remember the day we got to meet her. I think Lesley & Eric should have a bunches and bunches of more little ones. For her birthday I thought I’d make over one of the dollhouses my grandpa made. I admit this is the second time I’ve fixed up this house. The first time was the week of Christmas and I made it a fort for LegoMen. The boys never played with it. When they saw me tearing out the camo paper they asked what I was doing with their Christmas present! They decided Sweet P would enjoy it more.

Here’s the deal with my projects…sometimes I forget the point of the project. This was meant for a one year old girl. Well, obviously it isn’t too toddler friendly. I think Lesley is going to have to save it for a bit.


I covered the back of each section with fabric from Sweet P’s nursery. I used Decoupage to attach the fabric to the wood. I also painted & repaired some thrifted doll house furniture.

Mini corkboard: I cut a small piece of cork (the kind that comes like a 8.5×11 page). I hot glued a paper frame from a scrapbooking kit on the top. I then hot glued a little picture of my family and a “P” to the cork. I added a dab of glue to the top and some glitter to make it look like they were pinned to the corkboard.

Flower Pot: I spray painted a bottle top, hot glued some floral moss in it, hot glued a crocheted flower to a toothpick and hot glued it all together.

Curtains: I folded 2 rectangle pieces of fabric…hot glued the edges under. Then hot glued them to a dowel rod…which I hot glued to the wall.

I love my hot glue gun!

She is always around…my little shadow. I was trying to take pictures of the dollhouse and she wanted to pose with it. I need to get to work on her dollhouse….oh wait, I need to finish all the projects going on in her REAL house first!

Those crazy cowlick bangs are out of control! Maybe I’ll try hot gluing a hair clip to her head next.

The next day we headed to Sweet P’s party. Here is a peek. Lesley knows how to throw a glittery, girly, pink party (Lesley’s party post 1, party post 2)! It was amazing. My kids left on sugar highs. I told her Sweet P is getting a case of Pixy Sticks for Christmas from Aunt Ashley.

I let FireCracker pick what she wanted to wear to the party….she went all Wonder Woman on me again. I’m going to be in trouble when she out grows that shirt. I think I’ll frame it 🙂

Sweet P eats cake just like her mommy 🙂

This one makes me laugh. It looks like a college “party pic” pose with that drink in her hand…it was water. It was really dark in there – sorry for the black holes replacing their eyes!


Here we were a year ago….and now. I look way more excited about her than she does about me!


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  • andy - great post. saw the doll house on your sis’ blog yesterday. it is awesome. good job. love he details. still laughing about your comment. “she eats cake like her mommy, and the college party pic.” love it

  • Jennifer - The doll house is amazing as is everything you do!:) And, I can’t wait for my siblings to have little ones … there’s going to be nothing like it!:) Sweet P is adorable!

  • emmybrown - LOL! at hot gluing FireCracker’s bangs….at the college party pic and eating cake like her mom! 🙂 LOVE the pictures!

  • RachelC - Happy birthday to Sweet P!! What a great party. Love the cake. That dollhouse is AWESOME!! I love the bottle cap flower pot and the mini-curtains. Too cool.

  • ang - Oh my!!! Can I play????

  • kari signe - LOL the college party pic is totally forshadowing to when they are older! It is amazing the beautiful things you can do with hot glue.

  • amac - Love this post! What a sweet and thoughtful gift. I’m sure she will treasure that dollhouse 🙂 Your niece and your firecracker are both just as precious as can be! The party was adorable. And I’m cracking up at the college party pic, you nailed it!

  • Jeannette - Hello – AWESOME doll house! Happy Birthday Sweet P!

  • Amanda - I adore your blog and I remember when Sweet P was introduced to the world… it’s funny that the time goes by so quickly! 🙂

    Cute doll house too!

  • Kimberly - I CAN’T believe Sweet P is a year already! Happy 1st Birthday Sweet P=) LOVE the “college pic” of FireCracker & Sweet P!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • amanda torres - I think it’s time to open a party planning center with you and your sister. I can’t imagine how many repins she’ll have from this party. You two are out of control with your parties. I think I’ll just keep stealing your ideas for my kids.

  • Betsy - The college party pic comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks Ashley- you always make me smile.

  • Michelle - I love the dollhouse! I have been searching for one for me… I only have a boy!

  • Michelle - and I adore that polka dot dress!!

  • Anna Joy - Love that doll house! You are so creative. And love the party pics. So fun!

  • Mariah - Yowza! What a party!

  • Liz - You are the best aunt! She is going to love decorating all of the rooms and trying out her first diy projects when she gets a bit older 😉

  • Alice H - I bet your sister will love that cake eating comment! Haha!

    You are amazing that you would think to turn a bottle cap into a mini flower pot!

    You could make the Wonder Woman shirt into a pillow for Firecracker!!!

  • Heaven B. - Mmmm…that cake looks so yummy! I’d probably be shoving great fistfuls into my mouth, too.

  • Kathleen - That college photo is AWESOME! Save it for when they are actually in college.
    Great work on the dollhouse. What a thoughtful gift.

  • The Prairie Hen - Dear Auntie Ashley,
    Spoiling neices (and nephews) is the purpose of an auntie’s existence… that and giving non-age appropriate toys… just ask my sister, I won’t be a bit surprised if she brings my 5 yr old son a flame-thrower for Christmas!

    Good thing for Sweet P, the dool house will be a treasure to play with when she’s a little older. Good thing for her mama, it’ll be a dah-ling decoration for her room until then. Good thing for you, there’s no cake nearby for her mama to lob at you for the cake remark!

    Gotta go, just got inspired to finally do something with the generic, blah, plain-jane doll house that’s been sitting in my daughter’s room for 2 years…

    Thank you.
    Cuttin’ and Pastin’ in NE

  • Sarah - What a special gift and creative idea. I love the photos of the small details of the doll house!

  • Tammy - ADORABLE!! Girl, you know how to work a glue gun!! I’ve never seen anyone find soooo many uses for one than you. You rock a mean girlie dollhouse too! FireCracker and Sweet P are so precious together!! Love seeing them grow.

  • Charity - You did an amazing job on the doll house. It looks great. Also, I love that dress Firecracker is wearing.

  • Julie - So, for some reason I decided to stop inside a Hot Topic at the mall (I seriously never shop there) and saw a Wonder Woman t-shirt (3/4 length sleeves and uber cute) that was in an adult woman’s size. I thought of Firecracker and almost bought it for myself. I had a sweet pair of Wonder Woman underwear when I was Firecracker’s age that I always wore. Talk about gross. Anyway, you might want to check out Hot Topic for when she grows out of her shirt 🙂

  • cailan - What a sweet auntie you are! The party looks superb and love the pic of the girlies together AND your hair looks so pretty in the baby pic.

  • amy jupin - i am in love with the way you painted the doll house furniture. consider it “pinned.” ha!

  • Christie - Wonderful pics–your hair looks amazing curly! Love it! Where did you get Firecracker’s dress? I so wish I could take your snapshot workshop. I want my pictures to look like yours and I think that would help immensely. Too many financial stresses these days–cars breaking down, etc. But someday!!!

  • Aja - Adorable! And that “party” pic is hilarious!!

  • Jenny B. - The dollhouse is AMAZING! I wish my house looked that cute! Ha! 🙂 Sweet P is one blessed little girl!

  • the whyte house - that. is. awesome. such a great house!

  • heather @ cookie mondays - TOO CUTE for words!

  • Melissa@Julia's Bookbag - PSYCHIC WAVES IN THE AIR!! I’ve been writing all this week about dollhouses! This one is so gorgeous I can’t believe it! So darling and I laughed A LOT at the ‘party pic’ and the eating cake photos, soooooo funny! Isn’t fixing up a dollhouse just the most fun ever??

  • karen - Ahhhh…. simply adorable. And a happy birthday to Sweet P!

  • Meggie - I think you’re my hero! Congrats on making it one year- I was just telling my husband that the first year is like survival of the fittest, and if we can make it though all those sleepless nights and spilled milk tears than after that… oh, it’s a cake walk! 😉 ALSO, I think you should go into business making doll houses if this ever doesn’t work out!

  • Carrie - That dollhouse is adorable! You are so darn creative – definitely inspires me to turn everyday things into beautiful projects 🙂

  • Gina f. - Wow… The playhouse is beautiful…. Will you be my auntie?!?

  • Kristin Bommer - wow, she’s one already! time flies…. i remember reading when she was first born.

    also, that dollhouse is the most precious thing i’ve ever seen 🙂

    i’m having a giveaway over at my blog, i encourage your readers to stop over and check it out! i’m giving away 2 LUSH bath products and a pair of my handmade button earrings! kristin1028.blogspot.com

  • Love and Lollipops - love the post…and the pics! you make me giggle!

  • Ashley - the doll house is awesome. the party is awesome. oh, and you’re awesome :o). have a good one!

  • Ingrid - Ashley – you are amazing, that dollhouse is beyond gorgeous!!

  • RaD - You should make sure the case of pixy sticks you buy her are the jumbo ones, then you’d really get revenge! 🙂

  • Rachel - I love it! I just finished a quilt for my mom using that same fabric bundle that you did for the wallpaper. I think I have an old dollhouse from my grandpa somewhere that could use a little remodel. Great job!

  • Lisa Pummel - I love that they undressed her for her cake eating! Smart!

  • ellen patton - That doll house is something else! Very cute!!

  • able mabel - Fab job on the dollhouse!! I’d have a hard time letting my kids play with it.

  • Julia L - what a beautiful party!! and an even more gorgeous girl!

  • Marie-Claire - Oh wow, I only just asked about this & now my curiosity is more than satisfied, it’s amazing! I’d love to do a miniature makeover one day for a niece of mine! (somehow I can only picture my daughter destoying it.lol.) firecrackers posing made me smile..so much personality (even in her hair!). And congrats on snap shop…more motivation than ever to get a good camera! I’m off now to check out sweet p’s party….

  • THE-LOUDMOUTH - Super duper cute! I love the dollhouse and she is darling!!!

  • Grace - Love the college party pic!

    And what a fun renovation!

    I’ve been falling in love with my hot glue gun lately.
    Except for when I forget I’m using paper and the heat of the glue gets me. Everytime I tell ya!

  • Alicia @ La Famille - so sweet, ashley…i might have to steal that little doll house 🙂 and what a fun party!! (love the college pic! lol!!)

  • Lesley - We are loving that dollhouse! Lots of fake food and cars have made their way in it already! Thank you so much!!! And, I think I need a copy of the party pic!

  • meg duerksen - a turquoise hutch???? amaaaaazing!

  • karen brown - this has got to be the prettiest doll house i have ever seen. sweet p has a pretty great auntie!

  • heather - i would like to move into that dollhouse. fantastic!
    that photo with the cup is killing me. so funny!

  • Amy - Awww! The little house is adorable!

  • Debbie C - The dollhouse looks adorable! Also, where did you get Firecracker’s dress? It’s soooo cute!

  • Carla - I love the dollhouse and your photos capture the relationship between your daughter and her cousin so sweetly!

    Where did you get the little doll house? I would love to make one for my almost-2-year-old (and who am I kidding, for myself to play with, too!)

  • Peggy Annan - Oh my stars, Ashley, you are the only one I know who reclaims miniature furniture! The doll house is ADORABLE, almost as adorable as Firecracker.

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  • Steph @ BirdHouse - That dollhouse is too sweet for words! Well done!

  • Alina Koval - omg where she eats the cake– picture to die for!! soo cute!!

    amazing doll house bwt!

  • Stephanie Peterson - Hello Ashley,
    Love the dollhouse! I have 3 boys and a little girl about your same ages:) I have talked my husband into building a dollhouse for my little girl. I am curious, if it’s not too much trouble, what materials were used to build it and what the overall dimensions are. As always thank you for helping me to capture those everyday moments…You are inspiring!

  • Kimberley Walker - I love your dollhouse and I am so glad that I found yours because I have been wanting to work on one for my daughter. She is turning one soon as well and I was looking through your site to see if you have dimensions of your dollhouse?
    Thank you!

  • Alisa - Ashley- you have to laugh. I was googling(that is a word, right?) custom Target dollhouse bookshelf, and came across this one in the images, and then clicked on it and it directed me to your sister’s website, which directed me to yours.

    Just wanted to say how it is funny how the internet circles around. Gonna try to customize O’s Target bookcase for Christmas 🙂

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