sweet p is one

Sweet P turned one this week….I love her so much. I still vividly remember the day we got to meet her. I think Lesley & Eric should have a bunches and bunches of more little ones. For her birthday I thought I’d make over one of the dollhouses my grandpa made. I admit this is the second time I’ve fixed up this house. The first time was the week of Christmas and I made it a fort for LegoMen. The boys never played with it. When they saw me tearing out the camo paper they asked what I was doing with their Christmas present! They decided Sweet P would enjoy it more.

Here’s the deal with my projects…sometimes I forget the point of the project. This was meant for a one year old girl. Well, obviously it isn’t too toddler friendly. I think Lesley is going to have to save it for a bit.


I covered the back of each section with fabric from Sweet P’s nursery. I used Decoupage to attach the fabric to the wood. I also painted & repaired some thrifted doll house furniture.

Mini corkboard: I cut a small piece of cork (the kind that comes like a 8.5×11 page). I hot glued a paper frame from a scrapbooking kit on the top. I then hot glued a little picture of my family and a “P” to the cork. I added a dab of glue to the top and some glitter to make it look like they were pinned to the corkboard.

Flower Pot: I spray painted a bottle top, hot glued some floral moss in it, hot glued a crocheted flower to a toothpick and hot glued it all together.

Curtains: I folded 2 rectangle pieces of fabric…hot glued the edges under. Then hot glued them to a dowel rod…which I hot glued to the wall.

I love my hot glue gun!

She is always around…my little shadow. I was trying to take pictures of the dollhouse and she wanted to pose with it. I need to get to work on her dollhouse….oh wait, I need to finish all the projects going on in her REAL house first!

Those crazy cowlick bangs are out of control! Maybe I’ll try hot gluing a hair clip to her head next.

The next day we headed to Sweet P’s party. Here is a peek. Lesley knows how to throw a glittery, girly, pink party (Lesley’s party post 1, party post 2)! It was amazing. My kids left on sugar highs. I told her Sweet P is getting a case of Pixy Sticks for Christmas from Aunt Ashley.

I let FireCracker pick what she wanted to wear to the party….she went all Wonder Woman on me again. I’m going to be in trouble when she out grows that shirt. I think I’ll frame it 🙂

Sweet P eats cake just like her mommy 🙂

This one makes me laugh. It looks like a college “party pic” pose with that drink in her hand…it was water. It was really dark in there – sorry for the black holes replacing their eyes!


Here we were a year ago….and now. I look way more excited about her than she does about me!


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