boys my joys {& a diy on Design Aglow}

There is a handful of spots for the SnapShop course (my intro to photography online workshop). You can find more info and enroll here. It is so exciting to be this close to selling out! SOLD OUT…September class registration will begin at the end of August, details TBA.


I love having boys…3 boys. I know for some people the idea of three boys in the house is terrifying. I LOVE THEM. Granted they are loud, active, messy, wild and so full of non-stop motion – but my life would be boring without them. They all share a room and you need a face mask before entering. Someone should have warned me about little boy smell, it is distinct and unlike anything. There are so many things about them that baffle me. The things they find funny are so very odd to me. It doesn’t matter how many times they hear or say it – they will always crack up at the word “poop”. I don’t get it. Absolutely everything is some kind of competition and no matter how much I tell them “this game everyone is a winner”, they have to determine a winner. I tell them “the last shall be first”, then they compete to be the last so that they can really be the first. Quite intriguing to me are my boys.

I looked out the window at the older two and nearly flew out the house to stop the trampoline fight. Then I realized they were pretending fighting. One more thing I just don’t get. I pulled out my major zoom lens (70-200mm f/2.8). It cost me over $2,000. It was an essential lens back when I was shooting weddings. Now I use that pricey lens to capture pretending fighting while not interrupting it. Life is good.

all of these were shot with the same settings: ISO 200, 1/400, f/3.2

Photo Tip: I hate that his foot is cut off in the picture below, but I really like his expression when he realized I was photographing them “fighting”. Cropping is something I talk about in the online SnapShop course…basically you do not want to crop out important parts of a photo. There was not a good reason to crop out his foot, so I should have included it. However, I was paying more attention to his face than his foot!



In other news….my Design Aglow project will be posted today. It is a couple of things I made for that shower I mentioned yesterday. For those unfamiliar with Design Aglow, it is a great resource for photographers. You can purchase numerous templates, marketing tools and business tools to help you grow as a photographer. For the majority of the products you need Photoshop.


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