boys my joys {& a diy on Design Aglow}

There is a handful of spots for the SnapShop course (my intro to photography online workshop). You can find more info and enroll here. It is so exciting to be this close to selling out! SOLD OUT…September class registration will begin at the end of August, details TBA.


I love having boys…3 boys. I know for some people the idea of three boys in the house is terrifying. I LOVE THEM. Granted they are loud, active, messy, wild and so full of non-stop motion – but my life would be boring without them. They all share a room and you need a face mask before entering. Someone should have warned me about little boy smell, it is distinct and unlike anything. There are so many things about them that baffle me. The things they find funny are so very odd to me. It doesn’t matter how many times they hear or say it – they will always crack up at the word “poop”. I don’t get it. Absolutely everything is some kind of competition and no matter how much I tell them “this game everyone is a winner”, they have to determine a winner. I tell them “the last shall be first”, then they compete to be the last so that they can really be the first. Quite intriguing to me are my boys.

I looked out the window at the older two and nearly flew out the house to stop the trampoline fight. Then I realized they were pretending fighting. One more thing I just don’t get. I pulled out my major zoom lens (70-200mm f/2.8). It cost me over $2,000. It was an essential lens back when I was shooting weddings. Now I use that pricey lens to capture pretending fighting while not interrupting it. Life is good.

all of these were shot with the same settings: ISO 200, 1/400, f/3.2

Photo Tip: I hate that his foot is cut off in the picture below, but I really like his expression when he realized I was photographing them “fighting”. Cropping is something I talk about in the online SnapShop course…basically you do not want to crop out important parts of a photo. There was not a good reason to crop out his foot, so I should have included it. However, I was paying more attention to his face than his foot!



In other news….my Design Aglow project will be posted today. It is a couple of things I made for that shower I mentioned yesterday. For those unfamiliar with Design Aglow, it is a great resource for photographers. You can purchase numerous templates, marketing tools and business tools to help you grow as a photographer. For the majority of the products you need Photoshop.


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  • Natalie - Ditto on the little boy stink warning…shouldn’t they put that in the parenting handbooks? Yesterday I was wondering why on earth I have my son’s room right next to or front door. Guests are greeted by the stench!

  • amanda torres - I absolutely love Bigger Bro’s face in the first set of photos. Trying to be knocked out, but laughing. Typical boy. I just love it.

  • Margaret - I LOVE being a boy mom. I just have one wild three year old, but I love it! He’s messy, loud, WILD and naked about 90% of the time we are at home, but he melts my heart. I’m having a girl in September and am actually a little scared of being a mom to a girl. What a cute project…my son’s birthday party is coming up and this might just get used at it!

  • cailan - Yes, having boys is superb – cute photos. Heading over to Design Sponge now!

  • Anna Joy - Boys are so fun. I just have the one boy but does the hubby count as another kiddo? He acts just as silly as our 2 year old! Boys never grow out of that phase of thinking “poop” is funny. And all the wrestling matches going on our living floor. I can’t wait to be the mom who will have the high school football players over at my house eating up all my food and telling me I’m a “cool” mom (I hope!).

  • Amanda - I love being a mom to two very wild 5 year old boys. Boys love their mommas like crazy, and drive us crazy!
    Author Vicki Courtney explains the phenom that is boys very well:
    there is a lack of frontal lobe development in the boy brain that makes it difficult (but not impossible!) to associate negative consequences with certain behaviors. I often joke with my youngest son and tell him, β€œGod has appointed me to act as your frontal lobe until yours is fully developed!”

    I find this to be so true. What they think is funny, the daring stunts, jumps, and ideas they have are so hard to comprehend. I guess the lack of development in their tiny brains explains it all. Risky, wild, and silly. πŸ˜‰ There’s no point in asking “what were you thinking?”, “why?”, “did you really think that was a good idea?”…. No, they weren’t thinking!

    Hope your first online class fills up today! I know it will be awesome!!

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Hahaha…being momma to two girls Im baffled by boys too. But I laughed right out loud when I read how your boys fight to be last so they can really be first(the last shall be first). How funny!

  • Alima - You are such an awesome Mom! I can see it just by reading your blog! I’ve only been following along for a week and I’m already inspired πŸ™‚
    I only have 1 little boy so far (almost 2 yrs) – he’s is definitely a wild one! And when I was pregnant I was convinced I was having a delicate, little girl so this has definitely taking some adjusting for me!
    You are inspring me to just have fun with it, enjoy the wildness, the loud, the mess, the “boyness” of it all.
    When I just relax a little, it is so much more fun πŸ™‚

  • Mariah - I LOVE being a mom to 3 boys too!!!! Love. love. LOVE. L O V E. And, oh yes. little boy smell. ooooh-ee, doggies. Seriously. doggies. kinda smells like wet dog. but in a sweet little boy kind of way.

  • Chelsea in MO - I would LOVE to buy a spot in your online photography class, but… my money saved up pennies were spent on Meg’s craft weekend in September. I CAN’T wait to go (and meet you and Meg), and I’m already saving for a later edition of your online class. I hope it’s a sell out for August! Yay! Go Ashley!

  • Danielle - It’s like the more I tell my son not to say “poop”, the more he says it. Why is poop always on their mind? I guess they come programmed that way!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Hahaha…oh I remember that little boy odor! I also had three in a room at once and my goodness gracious it could SMELL!

    And don’t even get me started on the smell of teenage boys…ughhhh! Kim

  • Melissa Kaiserman - I, too, have three boys and a girl. And all three boys share a room. My youngest was crying early this morning, and when I went in to comfort him, I noticed that unique smell was made worse by the fact that their room had gotten a little warm during the night. It’s definitely not one of those childhood smells I want to bottle! But you’re right about them being fun. πŸ™‚

  • Shauna - I would LOVE to sign up for your class but we are trying to save for our vacation in August. Last night I almost charged it, (I could almost hear that darn paypal button saying “click on me! click on know you want to!”)but I resisted. Maybe next time……

  • Laurie J - I LOVE having 3 boys. Never a dull moment!

  • Becs - I can’t think of a better use for an expensive zoom lens!

  • Summer - As trust has been created for children whose parents were killed in an automobile accident on their return home from Colorado. The funds will be used to help pay for the now orphaned childrens’ medical, psychological, and therapy needs. I thought you might want to know so you could let your readers know. Here’s the website:

    Also, love the play fight pictures of your boys. They are so adorable.

  • Lisa Pummel - All I have is a baby girl, but I will consider myself warned about the stinky boys. I can’t wait to have a little man! πŸ™‚

  • Alice H - Boys are so stinky! Love the photos! And it would be so fun to have you make items and decorate for a party. Part-time job? LOL!

  • Brook - I have the same kid ratio as you. 3 boys followed by a little girl. Our house is crazy loud and full of competition too. The fart jokes are alive and well here. My biggest problem is balancing my anxiety over people getting hurt and the boys need to feed their need of danger! They think up crazy ideas that I would never in a million years think to do!

  • Sarah Doerfler - ahh, yes, I too am familiar of the pretend fighting! BOYS! Love the flags and labels on a stick!!

  • Lisa Box - Yay! Just signed up for your snapshop–wasn’t sure I’d have time since we’re going to Seattle in August, but then I thought how cool it would be to use all my new photography skills while on vacation! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to getting started on Monday!

  • Nancy K - I read a book (Incendiary) where the main character (a mom) observes that “Boy is a good smell it is a cross between angels and tigers”…. loved that!! I will enjoy my 5 yr old son’s smell for now, but imagine that the teen years are gonna be rough!

  • jami - ha! we always say “the last shall be first, and the first shall be last”, too! awesome! glad we mamas of boys are all on the same page. πŸ™‚

  • Michele - Your boys are adorable! I love boys. So I was really excited and registered for snaphots online and didn’t leave my email address for you. So its – sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Samantha - I always look forward to reading your posts about family. Not only is the photography amazing, but your kids are superly adorable! *grins*

    I thought you might want to know {cause I know I would if I did this!}, but the title of this post has ‘Aglow’ misspelled. Just a head’s up!

    Love your blog; thanks for sharing! <3


  • amac - Congrats on selling out! Happy for you πŸ™‚

  • Siobhan aka Kiwi - I always felt as though I missed out on something by having all girls, I always wanted to buy a little tuxedo for some reason (and board shorts)… but I guess either way there are certain joys (and trials) only OUR kids can give us, no matter what gender they are (PS, girls have that stink too sometimes), LOL!

  • emmybrown - CONGRATS on this being sold out!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Kimberly - I’m SO HAPPY you SOLD OUT….bummed for myself that I didn’t get signed up in time. Congrats!!!