teach me to number my days…

Some days are full of laughter and smiles….

Some days I want to collapse on my bed and hide….

The past few days have been a combination of great joy, excitement and heavy sorrow. While I found myself celebrating a friend’s new baby and the beginning of SnapShop registration….I also found myself so heartsick it was hard to think. About 3 years ago I had the joy and honor to photograph Lauren (I took this baby photo, the newer shot is from her Caring Bridge page).

She was born with a special heart and this week she went in for the last of a specific type of surgery. At the all too young age of three, she is now in the arms of Jesus. I’m broken for her family. I know many of you know the horrible journey Lauren’s family has been forced on, Please remember them in your prayers. Her family is especially asking for prayer for her older brother Adam…

When FireCracker was in the hospital she stayed on the pediatric oncology floor. That put tremendous perspective on the reality that she just had a broken bone. Some friends came to visit with their 3 boys and I remember talking to them about how “it’s not cancer…it is just a broken bone”. About a month later their 3 year old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor….a tiny guy now fighting a really big battle. Their summer has been full of doctors, surgeries, & testing. My summer has been full of swimming and being driven crazy by wild boys. There is no logical sense to be found.

The day we drove home from our vacation in Colorado another family was also driving home from Colorado. We made it home safely. Their journey home involved a crash that left their three children without parents. Three children coming home from a family vacation….now longing for their parents.

I can’t imagine.

There are so many questions. So few answers. Ups and downs. While I was celebrating this week, many were in the depths of despair. Today I read an email with the following verse,

“Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

The wisest people I know are those that realize the brevity of life and they live in that reality. I’m not guaranteed tonight. My children are a gift – an incredible gift. If I want to be a wise woman, a wise mom, I will learn to number my days.

Heavy post on a Saturday night…..heavy heart in me.

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