how holes make her whole

On April 9th FireCracker broke her femur. She ended up spending the rest of April in traction at the children’s hospital. She had a metal rod drilled through her leg just above the knee. We were told it would be weeks in traction, weeks in a cast and then a long recovery before she’d walk again. April was a long month.


As much as I dreamed of being out of the hospital, I treasure those weeks with her. Each day I found myself praying she’d be able to walk by her second birthday.


We finally left the hospital and learned to live with The Cast. May was a long month. She adjusted better than I did. We weren’t sure how long The Cast would be part of our family. Again, I prayed she’d be walking by her birthday.

Well, The Cast came off and she now bears two little holes on her leg from the traction. She likes to point them out and say “hole” to anyone who asks her about her leg. I think she’s already a bit proud of her scars.

While we were in Colorado I was watching her climb, hike and in general refused to be carried. It was a week before her birthday. I spent April and May praying she’d walk by the time she turned two…and there she was climbing mountains as a one year old. On the outside she bears two holes. On the inside she is whole.

I wanted a way to be reminded of how God went above and beyond in regards to answering my prayers. I was hoping for baby steps in July. I got mountain climbing in June. As a reminder I printed that photo above to replace one I had hanging in her room. Lisa Leonard has a new home decor line (previously it was primarily jewelry). She sent me a pennant banner with the word “whole”.  It it gorgeous and the perfect size. I used two strips of duck tape to stick it on the back of the frame.

The scars on her leg really bothered me at first. I hated that age one she already had marks that will be with her for a lifetime. However, I’m learning to be grateful for those two little holes. I hope to help her remember that even if her outsides don’t look so perfect…she is wonderfully made and perfectly imperfect….and whole.

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