killing time {sand art vs. sand goop}

Summer boredom in my house always turns to “Mommy I’m hungry.” Seriously, my kids are eating SO MUCH. It is crazy. I’ve heard your stomach is the size of your fist. Well 4 small fists cannot hold the amount of food that is being consumed here. To counter attack the constant snack requests I try to keep them busy. I usually have great crafty ideas to do with my kids…they usually do not think the ideas are all that great. Just as a time killer I got out some glue, cardboard and colored sand. We’ve done this before, but it had been a while. The idea is to let them ‘paint’ with glue and then cover it in sand. If we want to keep them I spray a coat of glossy sealer over it all to keep the sand in place.



She kept working after the boys finished theirs and were off to grander ideas.

Once again my crafty ideas were shot down….all the extra sand got combined with dirt, water, leaves & grass. They had FAR more enjoyment creating this mess than they did with their sand art. To make things even more exciting they chased eachother and threw the sandy goop on eachother’s backs. Nice. I think I need to throw a crafting party with my friend’s kids that like to create.

Then we went inside to cool off with apples and a little Word Girl. WOOOOOOOOOOOORD UP!

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  • kari signe - Firecracker is adorable in that last photo! One day your kids will realize how cool it is to craft with you.

  • amanda torres - Hmmm…sounds like my house except there’s no craft it’s always some super fun learning game that my kids don’t think are fun. One of these days they’ll realize how cool I am.

  • Emily Lusk - What a fun idea! I am going to totally do this next week!! I hear ya about the snacks…. sometime the word “snack” turns into a bad word! 🙂

  • Mariah - My boys LOVE Word Girl! And… they always, always shoot down my crafty dreams.

  • Kristen - Love this! Firecracker is the cutest thing when she’s painting and in the last photo! I love that you’re keeping them busy – it always seems that my youngest thinks he’s hungry when there is nothing to do too!

  • Christina - I like in the first picture…the empty freezer pop wrapper. hehe.

  • Jen - Mine are starving too! Ugh, the grocery budget has been busted…we’ve been trying to keep busy though. My kids always shoot down my ideas too, so don’t feel bad. 🙂

  • cailan - How funny. Thanks for being real about this today… it actually encourages me to try to be More crafty with my kids, knowing that if it doesn’t turn out well, we’re not alone. 🙂

  • ashley - this is EXACTLY how craft time would turn out in my house… I could see my dogs covered in glue&sand as well! …ok REALLY tho, HOW stinkin adorable is Firecracker’s bathing suit?!?! Does that come in my size?!?! 🙂

  • Stacey - My two year old daughter has the same shirt (only in brown and pink) and shades. 🙂
    Love these summer crafting ideas! 🙂

  • Nori R - I so love that last picture. Her brothers are such a wonderful contrast to Firecracker’s girlishness!

  • Emily - Growing boys eat a LOT, I’m told. And I’m on the “she’s so cute in that last image!” bandwagon, too.

  • Margaret - What a great idea! I need to have a go-to list of things like this for my kiddo when boredom hits. I LOVE firecrackers bathing suit–I am really wishing for one in my size 🙂

  • mosey - haha, I LOVE this post, reminds me of MY boys…

  • allison - A couple things – can I just say that you blog is always the highlight of my morning? if i don’t get inspired by the photos, or the crafts, i laugh out loud at your commentary. AND, that black bathing suit on Firecracker, oh my goodness, it’s so CUTE!! And she totally ROCKS it! Off to get me some colored sand!

  • Rebecca - Oh my, the Little Lady amongst the boys. Peace out.

  • Christina - I love that last picture of Firecracker! She is so cute! And your boys may not appreciate it now, but as they get older, and when they have kids, I’m sure they’ll look back and think fondly of all the crafts you had for them to do 🙂 God Bless.

  • lindsey - I just love this blog. Isn’t it strange how we begin to feel like we truly know people through blogs? I so appreciate your beautiful way of showing us your REAL life. And I’m pretty sure that I would have loved to have been one of your children! They get to do the coolest stuff!

  • emily - Nice to know my kids aren’t the only ones who don’t find my craft ideas to be all that fabulous 🙂

  • Krystina - That last picture is just priceless.

  • amber - They are hilarious. I could send my 4 year old daughter your way…she asks every day to craft:). It’s blamed on me…I love your kids. And I don’t even know them. Also, your post yesterday was amazing. As someone who wants to adopt one day…I loved it. Hoping to start raising more awareness at our church…

  • Beky - I never understand how my recently 2yrs old boy can eat so much (plus he is tiny), his childminder said he ate 8 fishfingers one day and wanted more! I love your blog, it’s inspired me so much I started my own. 🙂

  • becky - i’m glad i’m not the only one who spreads towels on the floor in front of the tv and throws a snack in front of the kids. i wouldn’t know what to do without my trusty stack of “picnic towels”.

  • karen - So sweet! Love the black bathing suit 🙂

  • heather - we love word girl!
    a few years ago wendy’s was giving away word girl story cd’s in their kids meals. best prize ever! we still listen to them.

  • sarah j - THAT LAST SHOT! unreal.

  • Jennie Frake - Ha! That’s awesome! I love WordGirl!

  • Kathie M - love it! your photos are so cute!! 😀

  • Kristin S - I LOVE that last pic how the boys are oblivious to the camera and Firecracker poses away. boys vs girls

  • Tash - That girl is looking so gorgeous. It is making me want to have a girl!

  • Desiree - I love that Firecracker and your oldest are making the same face while working with the sand!

  • Alice H - just imagine when your 3 boys become teenagers!! My kids eat a lot. I honestly think Colton (my 17 month old) eats as much as my oldest son (10 years old)!

  • Nichole Young - Firecracker is my new favorite little girl! She looks like she is such a character, she could have her own children’s books. The bathing suits, the bows, the hats. Perfectly-imperfect, she’s wonderful 🙂

  • Susan Bohn - you are so talented, ashley….and your kids are precious. my name is susan, i am a friend of charles and sharon.