killing time {sand art vs. sand goop}

Summer boredom in my house always turns to “Mommy I’m hungry.” Seriously, my kids are eating SO MUCH. It is crazy. I’ve heard your stomach is the size of your fist. Well 4 small fists cannot hold the amount of food that is being consumed here. To counter attack the constant snack requests I try to keep them busy. I usually have great crafty ideas to do with my kids…they usually do not think the ideas are all that great. Just as a time killer I got out some glue, cardboard and colored sand. We’ve done this before, but it had been a while. The idea is to let them ‘paint’ with glue and then cover it in sand. If we want to keep them I spray a coat of glossy sealer over it all to keep the sand in place.



She kept working after the boys finished theirs and were off to grander ideas.

Once again my crafty ideas were shot down….all the extra sand got combined with dirt, water, leaves & grass. They had FAR more enjoyment creating this mess than they did with their sand art. To make things even more exciting they chased eachother and threw the sandy goop on eachother’s backs. Nice. I think I need to throw a crafting party with my friend’s kids that like to create.

Then we went inside to cool off with apples and a little Word Girl. WOOOOOOOOOOOORD UP!

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