diy {make your own stickers}


So today’s project is SUPER EASY….as in my 3 year old can do this. It isn’t so much a unique idea as it is sharing a fun crafting tool. When given a few hours alone some women go to the spa….I walk the aisles of craft stores and Lowes. On one particular night I was slowly examining random products and saw a sticker maker. It was $9.99 and I am too cheap to spend that on stickers….and I know that everything is 50% off at Hobby Lobby at some p0int. So, I just made a mental note to watch for it to go on sale (there are also 40% off coupons available). Well, it was finally on sale and I picked one up. I wasn’t too sure how it would work, but now I want to turn EVERYTHING into a sticker. It is addicting and fun.



XYRON 1.5 inch create-a-sticker

random fabric and paper bits

It is so simple. You put something in and then pull it out. Hello crafting fun!

When you pull it out you have to rub and press the top. This makes the sticky stuff only go on the back of the paper/fabric and the rest adheres to the top clear sheet.

Peel the top off and there you go.

I went sticker crazy. And a little hand kept getting in the way when I tried to get a picture to show you my stickers.

There I go with my super awesome studio photography skills…white bucket upside down in front of a window 🙂

That’s better.

For $5.00 it is a fun little gadget with lots of options!

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