newborn pictures in 10 minutes

I feel a little bad for my friends. A couple of years ago I did photo sessions of their families and kids all the time. Then I ‘retired’ from the portrait side of photography. Now all my friends get is a quick stop by my house with 4 crazies running around while I try to capture the sweetness of their newborns or kids. However, despite not having a studio, lots of time and having several LOUD kids running around – it is possible to get a few portraits. I thought I’d share a few tips on how I get a couple shots for friends in far from less than ideal situations.

My friend Jenn stopped by when it fit with her schedule and mine, so I looked for which rooms in my house had the best lighting. At that specific time it was my bedroom and the playroom. Newborns look great without lots of clothes…clothes typically bunch up and cover how tiny they are. If you don’t have a bunch of props on hand (which my only props now are flowery headbands & girly hats!), I recommend just going with a white blanket or two. Textures on the blankets add a nice effect as well. So for these photos I opened my curtains to let the light fill the room and used white blankets for my setting.

Edited to add: newborns like to be warm…a space heater nearby works wonders when it isn’t warm in your house (and even if it is). The baby is happy, but you’ll be sweating!


For these shots I stood on the bed above the handsome little guy. These next two pictures are very similar, but I can’t decide which I like most.

For the first shot here I rolled him over on his tummy (well obviously). The second shot I propped him up on a little rectangle pillow. Other photographers are awesome at this kind of shot, but I was working with little time and my own kids running around.

Next we headed up to the playroom to get a couple in my hanging rattan chair. I tried some upstairs because the lighting is great and other other rooms had toys & Legos strewn about! I used the same fluffy blanket (from IKEA) and also spread it across the floor to cover up the carpet. If Chris would just put in my painted white floors I would not have to do that. Are you reading this Chris? My friends NEED me to tear out carpet in the playroom.

So there you go for a few simple tips on how I do quick portraits. Does that help anyone?

Well my last scheduled SnapShop for the year is tomorrow….yes, I cut back this year the number I am doing. I’ll be spending today cleaning. Did you know it is virtually impossible to clean with 4 kids in the house? It is. Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth the attempt!

Giveaways are still going on….you have until tomorrow night to enter!

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