diy {tree limb curtain rod}

Previously in the playroom, I had nailed clothes pins to the trim to hang the curtains. I wanted to change it up a bit. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and more importantly I did not want to take 4 kids curtain rod shopping with me. Most of my diy projects come from those 2 needs (cheap and no shopping with kids required).

So one evening I tromped across the street and began digging through limb debris in a ditch (left over when the city came to trim trees). In the midst of digging through branches in a skirt and rain boots a truck full of teenage boys drove by. There was no way to hide. I’m guessing the neighbor boys friends were like “who is the crazy lady in the ditch late at night?” and our neighbor was like “Oh that’s just our neighbor…she kind of scares us.”

First, find fairly straight DEAD branches. Trim them to the needed length and cut off any limbs you do not want. Sand everything down and clean with a wet rag.


Next, cover them in spray paint. I like glossy for branches. After the branches are painted you are ready to attach them to the wall. In my usual not technical way, I did not measure anything. I just held the branch where I wanted and drilled through the branch and into the wood trim. Once my holes were drilled I screwed the branch into the trim. It’s a tree branch…it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Do you like the new curtains? They are white bed sheets from Walmart. I add pom pom trim to the sides and twill tape to the top to tie them to the branches. I got the pom pom idea from this nursery (found via pinterest). Well now to make a rug and the playroom will almost be done….until next year when I decide to change it again.

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