diy {tree limb curtain rod}

Previously in the playroom, I had nailed clothes pins to the trim to hang the curtains. I wanted to change it up a bit. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and more importantly I did not want to take 4 kids curtain rod shopping with me. Most of my diy projects come from those 2 needs (cheap and no shopping with kids required).

So one evening I tromped across the street and began digging through limb debris in a ditch (left over when the city came to trim trees). In the midst of digging through branches in a skirt and rain boots a truck full of teenage boys drove by. There was no way to hide. I’m guessing the neighbor boys friends were like “who is the crazy lady in the ditch late at night?” and our neighbor was like “Oh that’s just our neighbor…she kind of scares us.”

First, find fairly straight DEAD branches. Trim them to the needed length and cut off any limbs you do not want. Sand everything down and clean with a wet rag.


Next, cover them in spray paint. I like glossy for branches. After the branches are painted you are ready to attach them to the wall. In my usual not technical way, I did not measure anything. I just held the branch where I wanted and drilled through the branch and into the wood trim. Once my holes were drilled I screwed the branch into the trim. It’s a tree branch…it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Do you like the new curtains? They are white bed sheets from Walmart. I add pom pom trim to the sides and twill tape to the top to tie them to the branches. I got the pom pom idea from this nursery (found via pinterest). Well now to make a rug and the playroom will almost be done….until next year when I decide to change it again.

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  • Natalie@TheShadyAcre - Very cute and creative! I love the pop of red and the organic texture that the branches add.

  • katie - I love this! I have used twine to hang all my curtains but I think I might steal this idea for my dining room πŸ™‚

  • Molly - love it!!! all of it!!

  • Kelly - Love that you sprayed them red! So fun! And the lockers? Yay! I have some going in our playroom this summer when it converts to a playroom/schoolroom!

  • Sarah - Nice! Where’d you get the lockers? Was that from clean slate?

  • allison - love this idea!

  • Sarah - love the curtains! i made my curtains out of sheets and added fun trim to the top and used clip rings to attach them to the rods. 6 years later and i still love them!the play room looks like it’s coming along well and looks more like “you”. did you paint the trim too?

  • ashlee - I LOVE it! The lockers are super cute too:)

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Love your lockers. Im waiting for a set my mother in law offered to give me. Not sure if I’ll use them in one of the bedrooms or in my craft room. And not sure if I’ll paint them(like Megs at Whatever) or leave them(like yours). Decisions, decisions….

  • Jamie - Even though I can only see a small glimpse of the room, I LOVE IT! The colors are my favorites. You’re so creative!

  • Katie @ explanationrequired - Love the curtains. The curtains we had in Charlotte’s nursery (which sadly got left at the old house) has pom pom trim. So fun!

  • Nicole - totally cute!

  • Katie - I love this. Thanks so much!

  • Kimber - What a cute idea!!! I love how they turned out, I seriously never would have thought of doing that!

  • giozi - I love your new curtains with the pompons, but I liked more the old clips :). Love your pots πŸ˜‰ and I love each time more the fabric.
    I have to do something like this in my terrace, well is small almost a balcony. You are very creative, don’t ever hesitate.

  • Ellen @ Black & White & Loved All Over - Love the curtains and the branch rod. The simplest ideas are the best somehow. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hannah B - That is just the cutest idea! I’m going to have to try this! The lockers in the room are awesome, too.

  • Courtney - Love that idea! I’d been toying with it for awhile but hadn’t thought about screwing the branches directly in… I was thinking I’d have to use curtain rod hardware and wasn’t sure I’d find branches straight enough or the right circumference. This definitely makes it easier!

    Also, BTW, (not that I’m a stalker), but our husbands totally went to high school together! Not that it’s too shocking, it was a huge high school, but my hubby graduated with yours. πŸ™‚

  • Katie - I can’t wait to see how you MAKE a rug! thanks for keeping the inspiration coming. I followed you back in the day, and it’s exciting to see all the opportunities you get nowadays! blessings to you, I really appreciate all your posts, especially your attitude about mothering. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!!

  • amy - I did this with tree of Heaven branches in our old house and loved it! I was even less precise than you though…no sanding, no painting, no screwing them in…just set the branches on top of curtain hooks that were already there. I totally loved them πŸ™‚ The scary part was when the “dead” tree of heaven branches started growing…like new stems and leaves, etc, etc while they were hanging in my house!! That tree is insane!?!!!

  • Chiara M - Ashley, I love reading your DIY articles, because they are so honest. The image of you digging around in the ditch while teenage boys drove by is lovely. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  • LeAnne W - Ok. I think you need to author a book. Seriously. YOU are my Martha Stewart. We are making a move to a new city, which will bring a new home. All of my inspiration for my new home and interiors will come from you and the pictures you have shared with us. I used to describe my style as “Pottery Barn Eeclectic”. Now, my style is Ashley Ann Inspired. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the constant creative, fun and beautiful ideas!

  • Anna - awesome!!! πŸ™‚

  • Marykay - Very nice!I love that bright red and the pom poms are such a great touch. I can not wait to see your rug… I am planning to make a latch hook rug out of t-shirts that I found on pinterest, but if you have diy rug that is quicker to make I would be SOOOO excited!

  • Sherry - I love this…what a great idea for a forest themed nursery! Thanks for the DIY!

  • Tonia - Adorable!!!

  • Laura - I love it! The curtains are so darling and tie everything together!

  • Elizabeth Beattie - So in love with the curtains! And the rods! I think I may use that idea to make curtains for our two large sliding door installations that currently have ugly vertical blinds on them.



  • Alice H - how do you creative people come up with these ideas? It’s pure genius I tell you! Who looks at a tree branch and thinks “I could use this for a curtain rod”? I am so jealous of your crafting abilities. I LOVE IT!!

    I plan on taking this idea and trying it. I am eventually going to turn my baby boy’s room into a “rustic-y” feel.

  • Kate S. - Our decorating styles are completely different, but I love your reading your blog and finding stuff like this–I’ve seen tree branch curtain rods before, but somehow this idea still seems to be uniquely yours.

  • Kasie - i love the red branch and the bed sheet curtains with pompoms! It looks amazing. congratulations on being in a magazine with Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. it was well deserved. it sounds somewhat cheesy, but you are so inspirational to me and it’s not because you were put in a magazine, but simply because you have character and a huge heart!!!

  • jami nato - more than the curtain rod, i love that you painted your trim something other than white. glorious.

  • Sarah - OMG!!! The Cuteness is endless!!!!! The curtains, the lockers, the RED TREE BRANCHES!!…just love love it! Great job! Please keep sharing these great inspiring decorating ideas…I cant wait to move and get a new house- I will probably scare my new neighbors too when I am in the ditches looking for tree branches at night after kiddos are asleep…ha ha…My husband will probably be like “what are you doing?” I will just tell him “Ashley make curtain rods with tree branches”- I might get a weird look- BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY IT!

  • irene - nice job!

  • nicole @ deliajude - love the red limb.
    the hankie garland is awesome too.pinning it!

  • Leila Marie Lawler - I have been wanting to do branch rods for ages now, since I am in love with all things branch-y.

    Yours are fab — red! I used that spray paint for an iron bed, and it’s the perfect red!

    And a hankie garland! I think I might steal that idea! Great job, you’re amazing.

  • Lisa Johnson - I love this project! I especially love the pop of red and anytime pompom fringe is involved, I’m happy!

  • cynthia - Love it!

  • StarHughes - Love the curtains!! So cute and country-style! I would love some for my house!!

  • mosey - oh!! I am so doing this, with a shower curtain for my bathroom windows, was just looking for a solution to my curtains issue in there! Thanks for sharing! (I had my boys bedroom decorated like a jungle when they were tiny, and used branches from trees for the valances and took fake vines/leaves and hung them and stuffed jungle animals on them… this reminded me!)

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  • gkey - dear branching out,

    This is one of my favorite ‘out of the window-box’ things to do. I like your reasons for finding alternatives to buying new also! The creative side always wins with me. Oh, and recycling is always in style these days.

    Hanging on a limb

  • Victoria/Justice Pirate - that’s amazing.

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  • JoAnna - Love this. So simple and SO SO pretty!

  • marilyn fetter - Your rope made me think of a possible way to hang old greeting cards or children’s art. But I need a lovely funky way to hang the rope.
    We had about 10 willow branches tied tog above our window with a 18 inch wide long swath of upholstery wrapped and loosely pinned to it. I miss it.

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