getting rid of the ‘blah’

A while back – like over a year ago – I read a post by Rachel. She mentioned she saved up a bunch of stuff to spray paint and then when weather was just right she got it all done at once. Ever since reading that I’ve kind of kept a running spray painting list. I usually do a couple of projects at once. Slowly, but surely I am replacing all the brass hinges & doorknobs in the house with a dark bronze (almost black) ones. Replacing hinges can get expensive. Since they aren’t scratched or touched very often I have just been spray painting them all. I figure by the time I do it to every hinge I will have saved about $200.00. Yeah for spray paint! I am replacing the door knobs since they need to be more durable. Before spray painting the hinges I lightly sand them with fine grit sandpaper – in case you’re wondering. I also spray painted 3 pots and 3 branches…playroom projects.


I took a break from all that spray painting to go to an estate sale. Technically the sale wasn’t open, but I was let in for a sneak peek. The massive home was filled with all kinds of antiques. I saw several ornate mirrors I thought would look perfect with a coat of turquoise spray paint, but the $1,200 price tag didn’t quite work for me. I basically skipped everything of ‘value’ and dug through the left overs. I scored some cardboard fruit boxes (not sure what I’ll do with them), tea towels, 70s retro “LOVE” glasses, a chair with built in stool and some glitter birds. My favorite find was a mustard yellow vintage diaper pail. Isn’t it awesome! It was $6.00. Chris asked, “did you actually spend $6.00 on this?” Ummmmmm…..YES I ONLY spent $6.00 on that fantastic-ness.


Have you seen the Portlandia episode “Put a Bird On It”? Hilarious. Now I can put glitter birds on everything…they already had clips attached.

Though estate sale finds made me smile, last week I had been in a bit of a funk creatively. I got a little time to go visit Anthro – thinking it would leave me inspired as always. My friend Kara is the creative genius at our local store and I had been wanting to see her works in person. They were even more amazing in the store than on her blog. She is insanely talented. I spent nearly the whole time just looking at her work. Usually I leave Anthro inspired, but I left feeling Blah…I felt kind of like this:

Not mad. Not sad. Just blah. I think part of it was wrestling with my own creativeness and questioning why any of you read this crazy blog for creative ideas when there are so many more creative types out there that I could never compare to. Then I remembered a quote I’ve shared here before…Comparison is a thief of joy. Last week I spent too much time online, in magazines and even in Anthro comparing myself rather than being inspired by others. Comparison had robbed me of my joy in making – in creating.

So yesterday I decided to make. Instead of trying to create a new project or think outside the box, I found a quick project someone else had made. I made that. You can find the complete tutorial on Christine Chitnis’ blog. It is fast, simple & the results are very smile worthy.

Making. Not comparing. It made me feel like this:
6.6.11-12flourishFor those wanting pictures of the process for the planters, I wrote an updated post:


SnapShop Photography Courses

SnapShop Photography Courses




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  • Betsy - I actually spray painted my door knobs too. I was worried about chips, but figured that I could try it out for the price of 1 new knob. They’re holding up surprisingly well! I primed and painted them, then let them cure for a couple days before reinstalling them. The only thing I ended up replacing is the strike plate on the door frame.

  • The Prairie Hen - Dear Making The Best,
    Ha! I have to laugh becuae you bought the same things I would have! The diaper pail is uber-sweet!

    Lovin’ the pot-decor project too… will have to try that when we get home from Puerto Rico… I’m sure I’m gonna wanna bring some of the fabulous beach colors in to our Nebraska home now.

    Making Plans in Puerto Rico

    P.S. I do the same comparing thing… but seriously? NOTHING compares to getting those creative juices going and MAKING something, huh? Their inspired designs or my own less-so.

  • allison - I say that saying all the time when I get down on myself. It works like a charm – because it’s SO TRUE. Happy CREATing!

  • Becky Grundei - People read others blogs for inspiration.You inspire people,to challenge that inner artist. I have grown as an artist through creative people online. Chin up-do not let the thief of the night put discouraging thoughts into your head. Whenever that happens,look at your pots,smile and say I did that! Happy creative thoughts going your way! Becky

  • Trisha - Thank you so much for sharing in your “blah-ness” as this so often happens to those of us that strive to be great at what we do! Your pots you made are beautiful and I’m glad they made you feel happy! I will be keeping this post close at heart for days when I am feeling blah and have ‘no creativity’ coming from me! That quote is awesome and I had never heard it before! Thanks again for the brutal honesty life can bring! Much appreciated! Now go create something beautiful today! xoxo!

  • Cristy - Just a regular ole gal here, but I like your blog because your fresh boho chic style is refreshing and cheery. I think you have great taste. AND you do it with four children. I struggle to do anything with two. I gave myself up when my first was born. I was completely transformed from myself, into “a mommy”. So my inspiration from you is perceived balance between family and self. I don’t have time to regularly read many blogs. Here I get a mix of stories, ideas and some good finds (I really like a couple of your past sponsors). I read almost every day.

  • Sarah - i sprayed my kitchen cabinet hinges over 5 years ago and they are still perfect! i sprayed sealer on them as well for a little extra insurance.
    i know what you mean about feeling like blah…i get a little bummed when i spend too much time online. i don’t feel like i’m good enough and sometimes get frustrated with my self. so i’m trying to limit my time i spend online and instead try to find inspiration in other places-mainly by spending time outside and living life.

  • amanda lester - I loved what you said about comparison! I don’t think Im very aware of when I do that but its probably pretty constant now that I think about it. I’m definitely going to have to keep that in check. You’re just wonderful and your blog has been one of my favorite daily reads for a long time because you’re just REAL. Too many bloggers put out this happy, shiny persona all the time and it makes them really hard to relate to or care about even if their content is great. : )

  • Liene - Very cute pots. No matter what you are always inspiring, just because you are always honest and yourself!

  • Laura - Thank you so much! I really needed to hear this as I have been feeling the same way!

  • marie - I spent too much time looking at magazines and blogs this weekend. I definitely needed to be reminded that “Comparison is a thief of joy”!! Thanks for sharing the quote.

    The little birds are so cute – what an awesome find! And I love your quick project…smile worthy indeed!

    That diaper pail was worth every bit of that $6.00!

  • Erica - It is so true that comparison is joy-stealer; it crushes thankfulness for who we are straight out of our hearts which in turn crushes are thankfulness for the Creator for creating us as we are. Soooo true and such a good reminder. Thanks for sharing from your heart 🙂
    And… loooove all of your sweet estate sale purchases! Tell Chris that that diaper pail is rockin’- love it!

  • Katie - I read your blog because you love the Lord, you love your husband, you love your children, you love your church, AND your creative. There are a million creative blogs…but yours and some others bring glory to God! That’s why I read it! Keep doing what God has made you to do!

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Wow, Katies comment above says it all. Thats why Im here too!(I dont like to copy but she said it perfectly)
    Be inspired! We love & appreciate you!

  • karen - My favorite is the diaper pail. The mustard yellow is so fun! Estate sales are a favorite of mine too!

  • Carissa Miller - You go girl! And I am so glad to know that some days you struggle with blah AND comparing. I think with blogging you can easily fall into the “comparison trap” and like you said, it totally steals your joy! My sister once told me “comparison is contrary to contentment.” And it has always stuck with me. We can’t be content with ourselves when we are comparing ourselves to others. Thanks for this post.

  • Amber Simons - I’m glad your over the blah’s. I just wanted to say this blog is uplifting and inspiring, my own personal anthro if you will. I love creating things but since my husband works away for 2 weeks and I stay home with our 2 year old son I have hit a long and drawn out rut that I think has more to do with being to tired by the end of the day to think of anything but my couch and a good book. Then I come here and it inspires me to get busy, because even if I’m to sleepy to come with my own projects right now it’s fun to do projects that come with some instructions. Plus you have an amazingly kind and loving heart and amazing taste! Who wouldn’t want to read this blog?

  • Laura - i LOVE the diaper pail. niiiiice.

  • Caroline - I agree with Katie too! I look forward to reading your blog everyday and being inspired by your family and your adorable house!

  • Jenni - I love this post and I’m gonna tell you why:) It is hysterical to me that even someone like you with so many insanely wonderful ideas could EVER feel that way. I only really started reading blogs a few months ago and yours was my first love:) But I have to admit that looking at your huge long list of projects at times I have felt the same way!! I’ll have you know that I currently am attempting 5 of your projects (with many more on my list). I wrestled with e-mailing you a picture of my pallet “corner seat” when it’s finished – praying that it comes out okay so you wouldn’t laugh at me if it didn’t turn out as good as yours:) Thank you for your post – you have made me feel more normal and I love this blog even more!!

  • Jessica P - Cat eye onesie, wood-burning crafts, painted plates, Firecracker’s nursery…those are just a few of my favorite projects you’ve shared. If you feel blah, you should just walk around that lovely house you’ve made. It’s proof that you are anything but blah. 🙂

  • Sarah - I need to go to Estate sales more often! What awesome finds! Love the “LOVE” glasses! Totally retro-awesome!

  • Kimberlee Jost - The diaper pail is rad…it’s not stinky is it? I could see myself hiding the kids’ shoes in there!

    I am going to chew that comparison quote today.
    I, too, have been in the blahs.
    Blahs of blogging, blahs of decorating, blahs of life.
    I wonder if that’s the root?
    Thanks, friend.

  • Candice - We must all feel like that from time to time. To hear that you get the blah’s too…makes me feel like I am normal. Whenever I am feeling less than creative, I come to your blog and am totally inspired. I like that sayin, “Comparision is the Thief of Joy.” That is the truth! I think you’re fabulous and you always impress me with your great attitude and the fun things you do!!

  • Jenny B. - Posts like this one are why I read your blog. I rarely do anything crafty, but I love seeing what you do, reading about your family, and being inspired by all the fun things you do with your kids. Your amazing photos are what first drew me to your blog (I think I came to it after I saw the photos you took of Kara’s house on her blog), but I continue to read it because your posts speak to me and encourage me. 😀

  • Anna - I understand how that is, friend. I feel that way especially in my design classes. Did you see this print through Pinterest?
    I’m glad you got out of your blah funk!
    I love your finds from the estate sale. I always wanted to go but I’m afraid to…it’s weird of me.

  • Rebecca - You are so sweet. Whether you have ideas to share or not, I just enjoy checking in with you to say Hi. Enjoy the day.

  • Katie @ explanationrequired - Really great post!! You’re so right about comparison getting you down. And how could Chris question that diaper pail purchase? It’s awesome!! Perfect color. It’s the color of the light fixture we recently hung in our dining area actually. Love it.

  • reeve - that diaper pail is amazing!! So jealous.

  • ruth@gracelaced - Amen! …and often we forget that others who read our blogs could feel the very same way about us! You are right–the goal is to be inspired and to inspire….to do the most with all that God’s given us in creativity, desire, and resources! Thanks, Ashley!

  • ashley jensen - I have noticed that estate sales always tag things as “vintagte” and slap a stupid high price on it even though it is uglier than crap and probably won’t hold you if you sit on it! . Anyway, the pail is AWESOME, and so are the birds. You should put one in random places each day for the kids to find. Kind of like it is just flying around on its own. It could be in their bedroom one day and downstairs on top of a curtain rod the next.

  • giozi - I like your vases more he he he. Your girl is almost 2 mine is 2 and almost half 😉 and single :p

  • giozi - My boy !!

  • Kara @ karapaslaydesigns - Ashley! First of all I hate that you left feeling inadequate because you are absolutely AMAZING!!! But I also know exactly what feeling you are talking about. I get it often (especially looking at your blog). It is so hard not to compare and to just enjoy others talents while also treasuring your own. I have by NO means conquered this issue in my life but I just keep telling myself that God has each of us on our own special path and all I can do is do my best with the opportunities that he provides me. But it is hard not to get competitive and discontent when things don’t work out how I hoped. But just so you know, I know exactly why people choose to read your blog- it’s because your wonderful genuine, creative heart is not stifled by the inability to audibly hear your words. . .we see, hear, and feel the love you are filled with everyday. Thanks for being a shining example of Christ’s love and God’s remarkable creativity everyday! I love ya sister!!!

  • Kayola - You ARE AMAZING! We are ALL in a different season….it’s hard NOT to compare ourselves to others….why we compete I’ll never know…but it can drive us to be better or totally bring us down….we just have to find that balance and NOT spend time worrying about things THAT DON’T MATTER!!! YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FAITH is what matters and from what I have seen YOU MAKE THE MOST OF EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!!

  • Nicole - I think we all get in a funk every once and awhile. I am currently in a photography funk – boo!

    Thought of your blog this weekend after I picked up “The Homemade Home” by Sania Pell and a few similar books from the library (that I have yet to dig into). Some cute stuff in there but I don’t have a fancy sewing/embroidery machine so there are only a few projects that I could do as is. Please, please, please try the artwork on china (similar to the Martha Stewart dot china idea but different) and let me know if it works out 🙂 What a fun idea for utilizing children’s artwork!! I just know I won’t get to it for a few months!!

  • Nicole - I think we all get in a funk every once and awhile. Thought of your blog this weekend after I picked up “The Homemade Home” by Sania Pell and a few similar books from the library (that I have yet to dig into). Some cute stuff in there but I don’t have a fancy sewing/embroidery machine so there are only a few projects that I could do as is. Please, please, please try the artwork on china (similar to the Martha Stewart dot china idea but different) and let me know if it works out 🙂 What a fun idea for utilizing children’s artwork!! I just know I won’t get to it for a few months!!

  • Bree K - Don’t compare yourself. You are extremely creative. By saying you are not…where does that leave me:)? Some of us aren’t here just for the awesome crafts. Some of us are just doing life and are interested in how a woman who loves Jesus interacts with the world. Thats the big draw for this Pastor’s wife in CA:) Be encouraged. You are a blessing.

  • Amy K. - THIS is why I look forward to every single post on your blog!! The great creative ideas have become second priority to the glimpses into your head, your life & your family. Please know that even when you don’t feel inspired, you continue to inspire others!

  • Erin - I love your honesty! I’ve been reading your blog for just a month or so, and I love it. You take your real life (including trials like your daughter’s cast), and combine it with inspiring projects in just the perfect balance!

    I love coming here every day to see what you’ve been up to, and I am never disappointed. Even on a day where you have simply followed someone’s tutorial, it’s inspiring – I wouldn’t have found that tutorial if it weren’t for your blog, and your photography and website design alone are enough to drool over for days!

    In short, thank you for your honesty and showing your readers that you are a real person, and yet still continuing to inspire us and give us the motivation to get out and DO something today!

  • Marykay - Fabulous post! I love the diaper pail and the pots are so great. Question… I have never used latex rubber like you used on the fabric garden markers, but do you think that could be used in place of the modge podge to make the pots weather proof?

  • lindsey - I echo what the other ladies are saying! Not only are you a creative genius – you are a real, God-and-family-lovin’, humble woman that inspires me every monring when I open your blog (first thing I do when I get to work 🙂 ) If you arent’ inspring me to create, then you are inspiring me to love better – love God, my husband, my daughter, all creation. You are a blessing to anyone who opens this blog!

  • Molly - Ashley, your blog is my favorite. No joke, of all the blogs out there. And it’s precisely because of posts like this. You are so down to earth and there are no hints of arrogance or pride in your writing. Your pictures are beautiful and tell stories very effectively. I love that your stories are relatable and that your craft projects are accessible. Keep up the good work!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Thank you so much for this beautiful post.

  • kpicou - i was spray painting hinges just last night! i am commenting because that diaper pail is PERFECT!!!! i seached high and low for something simple practical and cute, and let me tell you- you SCORED 🙂 and thanks for the reminder, its so easy to allow ourselves to be robbed of joy.

  • emmybrown - best thing about your posts….they include both creating AND heart! I love hearing your journey and this post is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a while (from all the blogs I read!) LOVE how it refreshes my soul, and that is more important than finding a fun item to create. *hugs*

  • Catherine - LOVE the diaper pail, I think I would have paid $15! And, thank you for that quote. I constantly find myself doing that and it’s so true. I need to write that down!

  • Minnesotamom - So when I first clicked through I thought you were painting your hinges from black to ’50s green (because that’s what the brass kind of looks like in the picture), and I thought, “That’s so HER. Super-creative.”

    I posted that quote about comparison on my FB page because it is so true and so necessary to remind ourselves of it. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Elizabeth - LOVE the 2nd pic of her, lol. Also, your quote really sunk in right where I needed. I’ve been taking the steps over this past year to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do for a decade, and it seems each time I reach a new level of creativity, I begin comparing and then decide it’s not worth it after all since there are so many other people out there already doing it, and better. Pi.Ty. Par.Ty. 😉 And the only way I EVER pull myself out of that slump is to just put blinders on and push myself into a project, and DO IT. I’m so grateful for this post, as it may have saved me from the slump I was about to fall into. (This is me finding a fun tutorial online and just DOING it, TODAY.) 🙂 (P.S. Yesterday I tackled a group of accessories all waiting to be spray painted.)

  • Becs - Hello. Long time reader, first time commenter but this post really struck a chord. I read a similar quote – comparison is the enemy of creativity – and it is so true and has held me back for so long. I have FINALLY done what you did – create something – and I launched my own blog today. Yay!
    I always come away from your blog feeling inspired and love your creativity and photography. I also love that yellow bin. Good call!

  • sonal - i love your blog… it’s one of two blogs that i read religiously daily. nice to hear that you have thoughts like this… I compare myself to others too much and i wish i didn’t.
    on a different note, i love estate sales too in fact i went to one of saturday morning and found some amazing things:

    i loved the chair stool that you bought, and the yellow pail.

  • katie - this is a good word.

  • elizabeth - I laughed so hard at that Portlandia episode–I guess I could relate a little too well….

    I love all of your finds-especially the diaper pail!

  • Nicole @ Here's the Diehl - I love, love your blog. So inspired to do so many things after I see what you’ve done! And I’m SO happy to see you spray painting your hinges…that’s totally on my to-do list when I change our knobs out to bronze. At our old house I spray painted some door hinges brushed nickel and they lasted at least 5 years (that’s when we moved out) so I’m sure that this will work!

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - Seriously, I think anyone and everyone who is in the business of creativity feels that same way countless times. Its human nature. But you do inspire others. You are incredibly talented and creative, but it’s those who let the Lord guide them, work through them, speak through them, and inspire them… who truly have joy and give that joy to others! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Carrie - Thanks for this post. I have been feeling a bit blah creatively myself. Comparison IS the thief of joy… Thanks for the reminder. I have pretty much let it rob me blind lately. It is really nice to know there are others out there (especially ones i admire) who struggle with this too. Thanks you Ashley!

  • maribeth - thank you so much for this post! i really needed to hear that quote. it is hard for me to accept compliments when i look around and know that whatever i am doing could be done by anyone else. i have let comparing myself to others steal my joy over and over and hopefully these words will help stop the comparing in the future. and, i come here time after time because you are creative and inspiring in a fun, refreshing way. you are real and not in a negative way. your blog is different because you are just being you. thanks for sharing your creativity! and, i think your diaper pail was a steal!

  • - I LOVE those fabric-covered flower pots! So cute! And your little girl…my goodness…could she be any cuter?!
    Star Hughes Living

  • Pam K - ASHLEY! Yes I am sort of yelling. You are sooooo talented. Your spark of creativity inspires me. I visit this blog everyday for some “creation love” and you deliver. I am even inspired when you just talk about home life. I’m inspired today because I spent the other day on blogs comparing myself and wondering when I would arrive. Hah, I’m still not there with all these undone projects. I am a stay at home mom as well and it’s great that I don’t have to compare myself to you because you make me a part of your journey in realizing that it’s the same one I’m on. Be encouraged and keep creating! I am making those paper clip flags this week and I have some terra cotta pots that I have kept in my closet forever so I may give them a makeover like the ones shown in today’s post. Thank you for being so real to us all. BTW, I read Fresh Style from front to back or rather back to front because I like to do that with my magazines and girl you are hanging with the BIG GIRLS now. Great magazine, great piece on you and I will probably reread it. Enjoy your week.

  • twirlingbetty - Ha! That last photo is hilarious. Love your fabric covered pot, too. Have had that on my own to-do list for ages too. You know, don’t forget that while you’re looking around you and wondering to yourself, everyone looking at *your* blog is thinking “how the Dickens (I’m being polite because I’m in public!) does she constantly come up with these fabulous ideas?”. I’m not saying you should take comfort from the fact that your blog makes other peeps feel the way you do when you’re comparing yourself to others you admire, but just remind yourself that everyone else thinks you rock. Even if you’re not feeling particularly rockin’ on the inside.

  • e l l a @ lifeologia - There is so much out there, but it’s also your sweet down-to-earth personality that shows through in every post 😉

    By the way, I’ve stopped and thought of how you quoted your husband saying that ‘stuff’ about the new cute garbage pail. Can you please tell me how you both deal with decorating/renovating etc. Do you just get your way and he’s cool with it or do some things have to go back to the store or the curb? Please please tell us about your decision making as a couple and how you compromise, IF you do. xo

  • Morgan - I must know, where did you get that cute swimsuit? (Is that what it is?)

  • Marie-Claire - Bahahahaha! Those pictures are hilarious! Blah=I know that, compare=yes all too familiar, make=smile, must remember to do more of that! Love your pots, very INSPIRING 🙂

  • natalie - I can’t wait to see what you do with those boxes.

  • jennie - Not only are your crafts inspiring to me, but your attitude has really helped inspire me to see the best in things! Keep blogging, I love it!

  • pam heggie - Oh my goodness that diaper pail is RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF CUTE!! Just like your daughter. 🙂

  • Asha - Oh my! I bought the SAME yellow container (I thought it was a hamper) at a garage sale!! Funny. I put it in my daughter’s room and it holds some of her stuffed animals. When I bought it my sister came over with a weird look on her face like, “i saw that and thought it was junk but now I think I love it”. She was jealous.

  • AshleyAnn - Morgan it was from Gap Kids….I got it back in December!

  • Stacey - Hard to believe that the wonderful Ashley Campbell ever gets stuck in a creative rut.. I started reading and I’m thinking, well yeah.. I guess she is a normal person, not this superhuman crafting mama machine 🙂

    And PS We will always come here for inspiration, you are after all, a superhuman crafting mama machine <3

  • jami nato - “uggg you just straight up blew dust in my eye…just paint the bird.”

  • maggie McKenney - so true~ thanks for keeping it real & continuing to inspire me!

  • Rosie - Um, that diaper pail is amazing. And $6 is a steal.
    I am jealous!

  • Georgia - I am helping my Mom get ready for a garage sale. There are so many things I see and think, “Ashley could make something amazing with that!” But sadly, she lives in West Texas. So unless you can bring a truck and come shop, it probably won’t happen.

  • kelly - I stumbled upon your blog via pinterest and instantly fell in love with those sweet little flower pots. Thanks for the inspiration; your blog is lovely!

  • Carol - Love your blog, your walk with the Lord, your family, photos, crafts, everything is inspiring!
    I’d like to try the flower pots, but want to make them waterproof so I googled “how to waterproof mod podge” – did you know there is “outdoor Mod Podge”?
    I’m going to try it!

  • Jeannette - I love you because you are awesome and honest! I love the yellow pail – your sweet husband doens’t know an awesome deal when he sees it! You are an inspiration to me all the time.

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  • amy b. - First of all, I love your blog!! I’ve been reading for a couple of years now but am new to commenting. This post hit home with me because sometimes I feel the exact same way-and it usually is from spending too much time on the computer too! There’s always gonna be someone who is better at this or that but nobody can be me and nobody can be you-that’s what’s great!! And that’s why people love your blog-because we feel we know you! Thank you!

  • Kristina - so beautiful, I am in love with those plant pots. I want them reeeeeeally bad 🙂

  • Amy - When I bought my house 3 years ago I also had to “de-brassify” everything, as I called it! I, like you, purchased door knobs and spray painted all the hinges and pins. Three years later they still look perfect! Such a cheap and easy way to change the look. The front porch lights were huge and brass as well. I spray painted them, left off a few parts when I re-assembled them and then installed them “upside down” from the way they were intended. Beautiful new lights for just the cost of spray paint! I LOVE spray paint!

  • Von - Reading this was great timing for me! My 8 year old graduated from the same swimming level as my very disgruntled 9 year old this week and I had just the right thing to say to the older one about not making comparisons 🙂 Someone above said, ‘awesome and honest’ – I totally second that.

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  • Kelly - You are just AWESOME! I see your Porter Peaches Boxes! I live in Bixby and can’t wait for the Porter Peaches to start making jam and other yummiest yummies!

  • Mandy Stansberry - Loved seeing your Livesay Orchard boxes there! I grew up in Porter and worked at the orchard growing up. Do you live in the Porter area?

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  • Nancy Nelson - LOVE the LOVE glasses & the painted hinges, etc. I think I might have to steal that idea to spruce up the house. =)

  • Nancy Nelson - OH–and the pots are marvelous!! LOVE the fabric–toooo cute!

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  • Sara N - I love the fabric on those pots. What is it called?

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  • Mod Podge Amy - As always, I love your blog – but this takes the cake, because that little one is too cute! I love it!

  • Kre8ive Life - I love your collection of goodies. They are fabulous and your project is great. Those pots are fab. I too always find creating helps remove then need/ urge to compare. Found your blog today and loving it.

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  • Stephanie May* - I just found that exact same diaper pail today, except it is orange!! I love it soooo much! And it only cost $2! Whoo-hoo! 🙂

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  • Nadine - Hi Ashley Ann!
    wow… 105 comments..too much for me… so I don’t if someone alreday asked: Where the hell did you get this awesome fabric from? 😉
    Maybe you could tell me via Email?
    Would be sooo nice!
    Thanks a lot and nice greetings from Germany! 🙂

  • Carole Gunderson - Love your blog. I saw your modpodge flower pot on Pinterest and followed it back here -I just love it! I am going to steal/borrow your quote “Comparison is a thief of joy.”

    Can’t wait to get your newsletter.

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  • Luiza - Adorei as ideias!!!

  • Fave Five « The Quasi-Librarian - […] Fabric covered Terracotta Pots from AshleyAnnPhotography […]

  • pretty pots « brownwilliam art - […] getting rid of the ‘blah’ » Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Tags tutorial Categories crafts, DIY […]

  • Molly from Anthromollogies - What a great post. First time commenting here…That quote you shared…I’ll be darned if I don’t wish I would have known it 20 years ago. Scratch that…if only my own mother had heard it before she started having children!! Trying to unlearn a way of life you were raised with is a hard pill to swallow. Thank you for your candid honesty. You are a refreshing, artistic, breath of fresh air. (and no, I didn’t compare just now 🙂

  • Rebecca - Hi,
    I loovee the fabric you used on the flower pots! Do you know the brand/name/any details about it? Thanks!

  • Rebecca - Hi,
    Do you know the brand/name/any details about the fabric on the pots? I love it!

  • Paige Estes - Man, you hit my current struggle right on the money with this post! Yes, I realize this is an old post, but I’m catching up with your sweet little family. I have been focusing on the fact that for me, comparison is the KILLER of my joy. Whew! I’m needing to log off on a lot of places at the moment because I am comparing myself to some amazing creators and feeling like failure with my hit or miss less extravagent ideas. We just need to focus on God, the Master Creator, and how He made us imperfect so His perfect glory can be seen. We serve our specific purpose when we show others Him. Love this blog!

  • Add a Bit of Summer… « Aimee Steckowski « - […] via aimee on […]

  • raquel - I love it!!! where can I get that fabric you show in the last picture?
    thanks for your answer.

  • Top Ten - DIY Terra Cotta Planter Updates | Match Made on Hudson - […] clockwise from top left: A Beautiful Mess, Under the Sycamore, You are my […]

  • Charlie - The fabric-covered planter turned out SO sweet! I just included them in a round-up of terra cotta planter makeovers over at Match Made on Hudson 🙂

    Charlie @ Match Made On Hudson

  • Sunday Click List | Adore Wedding Blog - […] Fabric covered pots – found on Ashley Ann Photography’s blog here. […]

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  • CheyAnne Sexton - how cute this little sweety is and it made the whole post more magical. brought a smile to my grumpy, out-of-sorts day….
    peace n abundance,
    and love the pots, that’s why I came..

  • Helen Wilsher - The sweetest thing here (and I really love the fabric covered flower pots)is the little girl. My babies are all long grown up, but my heart is touched when I see the pictures of children. Each and everyone are a blessing from God. Thank you for sharing this picture of this wonderful, precious baby girl…
    God Bless you and your family..Helen

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  • amanda haught - Where is the fabric from that you covered the pots with??

  • Getting rid of the blah with pretty terra cotta. - Mod Podge Rocks - […] Christine Chitnis.  I’m inspired by both of them, personally.  Visit Ashley’s entry here. Filed Under: Fabric Mod Podge, Gift Ideas, Mod Podge, Outdoor Mod Podge, Projects Tagged With: […]

  • Sandy - Hi, Just discovered your gorgeous and inspiring blog! Boy could I relate to this blog post. Comparison is definitely the thief of joy, but then, it’s human nature and sometimes we all fall into this trap. That’s exactly what it is, a trap.. I love that you were inspired by someone else’s project and you tweaked it here and there to make it your own. Sometimes we just need movement, some kind of simple little thing to get us back into our creative groove. You have so much here in the way of photos and projects, your blog will keep me busy for weeks catching up on everything! I recently retired (not my choice health issues) and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’m getting creative. I’ve been stuck for quite awhile but I am experiencing an inner shift and lots of ideas are flowing. Just need to write them all down before they are gone. Love your photography! You family looks amazing. I’m an older woman who finds great inspiration from the younger generation! You gals rock!

  • Modern Frills » Blog Archive » diy fabric scrap project ideas … - […] Keychains via Living with Punks 2. Fabric Flower Pots via Under The Sycamore 3. Fabric C Clamps via Under The Sycamore 4. Quilted Cards via A Beautiful Mess 5. Heart Patches […]

  • Julie Kurtz - would these pots work outside???

  • Julie Kurtz - btw i LIKE!!

  • AshleyAnn - Julie – Mod Podge is water based, so it depends on how often they would get wet. If you get lots of rain I don’t think they’d hold up well. If they are on a covered porch I think they will work just great.

  • Weekend DIYs | Ariela Designs - […] had these weird obsession with flowers […]

  • Ash - I just want to say that you have the most creative and cool ideas. and I kind of envy your talent:P
    “Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.”-Unknown


  • {Grow your garden}: Earth Day picks | Bells and boards - […] DIY fabric-wrapped pots Share: Pin ItEmailPrintLike this:Like Loading… Leave a comment […]

  • Sandy Coleman - What a lovely project. Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to be facilitating workshops for cancer patients and this one seems like a lot of fun. Please email me if you have other ideas about other projects that would be interesting but not too intimidating for adults. Thanks.

  • Miriam - I know I’m a few years late to read this entry, but boy did it describe exactly how I’ve been feeling all month- just overall uninspired and plain blah! I went on pinterest to get the creativity flowing and thought your fabric covered pots would be a good place to start 🙂 thanks for the encouraging words, I certainly got more than a great idea for a project for when I clicked on the link!

  • debbie - I realize this is an old post but I was wondering if you used your pot that you decoupaged for an actual plant or just for decoration? I plan on doing this but want to know if it holds up well with plants in them. Thanks for your help.

  • AshleyAnn - Debbie – Yes, I still use them all the time. I wasn’t sure how long they’d last since Mod Podge is water based, but they’ve help up great…and get wet all the time.

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  • Allie @ HGTV - I just wanted to let you know how much we at HGTV loved your terra cotta pot craft. We featured it on our blog, Design Happens:

    Thanks for inspiring us!

  • Joy Proctor - Absolutely LOVE the flower pots, but can’t find instructions! What kind of paper, glue, finishing coat was used. . . please?!

  • jordan release dates - I was very pleased to find this internet-site.I wanted to thanks on your time for this excellent learn!! I undoubtedly enjoying every little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you weblog post.

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  • Al Prudhomme - With havin so much written content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement? My site has a lot of unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my authorization. Do you know any solutions to help reduce content from being stolen? I’d definitely appreciate it.

  • Juliet Grace Design - […] 3. Make your own chevron rug.  4. Tie twigs around a coffee can – instant vase! 5. Mod podge fabric onto flower pots – thinking of doing this soon with the free flower pots I got this weekend. 6. Attach paint […]

  • Sylvia Hartwell - Wonderful ideas, pity we cannot get mason jars England.But
    other ideas are GREAT. Can’t find instructions for flower pots.
    What glue etc. is used.

  • Getting Rid of the “Blah” | Creative Home Ideas - […] is a great website to get some new innovative ideas on what to do with that extra junk lying around your house or […]

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  • vilma - You have absolutely nothing to feel blah about. I just love your sense of humour and your free writing (if I can call it that!). And yes, there are some people that are just unfairly tooooo creative, but like someone once said to me: there has to be average to even things out and anyway, we are in the majority. Please, please keep on doing, because I and many, many others love it. God bless

  • Kirsten - I love how these pots came out, but I’m curious to see how they will withstand regular watering. Will you post an update in a couple of weeks? Thank you!

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  • d A s h Diet - Greetings! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was
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    site? I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform.
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  • Sydney - where did you find the fabric for the flower pots?!

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  • D'Lynn Harrison - Hi I was trying to look up the information on creating the pots and the link doesn’t work. Thanks

  • norma - me encantan las masetas si tenes mas modelos comparti milll gracias

  • stephanie - I couldn’t get the link for the fabric covered pots to work. What size pot did you use and approximately how much fabric per pot did it take? Did you cut the fabric into a certain shape before you pot it on the pot? Did you put the modpodge over the top of the fabric too? How long did it take to dry? Thank you so much! I want to use this as a party gift/activity for guests.

  • DIY Painted Pot Tutorials - […] Kate   5 – I Spy DIY   6 – Bright Bold and Beautiful   7 – Ashley Ann Photography   8 – I Spy DIY   9 – Miss Renaissance   10 – […]

  • Anne Marie Phillips - Can’t find anything about tose great plant pots on that blog. The page is empty. Tried searching but no luck. Any ideas?

  • Anne Marie Phillips - Aaaaargh!!! Struggling to find tutorial for that great covered plant pots!

  • Debbir - Hi I just love your web site
    I am from New Zealand
    I would love to know how to make no 7 in the painted pots they are gorgeous.
    Can you help please
    Thanks Debbie

  • 10 DIY Pretty Plant Pots You Can Create This Weekend by Kimberly Duran | The Oak Furniture Land Blog - […] / 4 – Bohemian Kate / 5 – I Spy DIY / 6 – Bright Bold and Beautiful / 7 – Ashley Ann Photography / 8 – A Little Birdy Blog / 9 – Miss Renaissance / 10 – […]

  • Lisa - I know this post is several years old. However, I like the pots that you did and the link in your blog no longer works. I was hoping you could briefly tell me what you did. Tissue paper? Mod Podge? Thanks.

  • AshleyAnn - Lisa – I used fabric and mod podge. Mod Podge isn’t super water resistant, so I avoid getting much water on the outside of the pots

  • Frances Lyons - I love the things I’ve seen so far. They inspire me. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anna - Oh. My. God. That little girl. That gorgeous little girl. Just made me happy seeing her face.

    I know. I know. This has nothing to do with crafting, but she’s so beautiful I just had to post it!

  • best alarm disc lock - Inspiring story there. What happened after? Good luck!|

  • Monerath - My favorite is the diaper pail. I really love and thanks for sharing.

  • Best Gaming Mouses - My favorite find was a mustard yellow vintage diaper pail. Isn’t it awesome! It was $6.00. Chris asked, “did you actually spend $6.00 on this?”

  • Eva Mali - That very cool for both article and picture.
    I really love reading this article.
    Thanks for share.

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  • Francine Lambert - Absoultley love the colors