diy….a few things I’ve been up to

What would I do without creating more home projects for myself? I do truly wonder what it would feel like to not have a mile long list of home projects going in my head. Pinterest…you are evil, only adding to my addiction. What would it be like to be ‘done’ decorating? What would it be like not to feel like the urge to constantly be changing things? I will never know.

I’m redoing the playroom. Yes, I just finished it not that long ago. I don’t really like it. I tried to make it boyish/girlish. Gray & yellow just isn’t me – bring on my beach colors. When I say I re-do a room I am not talking several $100s…not even $100. For the playroom I spent $15.00 on paint and will use stuff I already have around the house and in craft/fabric drawers.


I never wear gloves spray painting. Does anyone really?


The main reason I stapled chicken wire to my bedroom wall was to have the freedom to change, change & change up my room. I spent a total of $4.00 to create an entirely new look. Thank you Martha for an easy tutorial! I like this look better than the original I had going in the room. It looks a bit like I’m having a party in my room, but why limit fun decorations just to parties?


After making paper sack flowers I added a few teal & gold tissue paper flowers and a mustard flower. I wanted to mimic the wallpaper leading to the room so it all flowed together a bit better.


On a similar decorating note, FireCracker’s bed has been featured in a few magazines recently.Β  A little while back I got an email from a thoughtful German reader. She said she had stopped at the supermarket and was browsing magazines and saw my pallet bed! She was sweet enough to purchase a copy and send it all the way to Oklahoma for me to enjoy. Thank you. There are a few other publications coming out in June that I am so excited to share. It is really wild to have things featured in magazines – so crazy!


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  • Sue - Love these flowers, so pretty, I’m going to jump over and read the tutorial now,thanks for sharing! Sue

  • Taylor - The room looks fun! Congrats on the magazines, what a sweet reader to send that to you!!!!


  • Kelly - You are taunting us with that frame. What did you do with it? I’m dying to know!

    Lately I’ve been doing all sorts of things with frames. I painted a large ornate frame in robin’s egg turquoise and put in it an old roll down school map over the old print to use to pin up inspirations for projects. The map’s colors look GREAT with the color of the frame.

    I found four large screen windows being thrown out, took them home, ripped out the old screen, painted and distressed them, tacked down green chicken wire on the back, and have some awesome (moveable) display walls for student work, that the students clip on with mod-podged 3D clothespins – another fun project itself.

    I know how you feel about projects!

    Your flowers are lovely. Colors are great, and they really tie things together. Hope FireCracker is doing well!

  • annie - How fun! I too wonder/wish sometimes that I could be “done” but I don’t see that happening (much to my husband’s chagrin). Congrats on the publications – nicely done!

  • Samantha Lee - I’m always changing things up at my house too. My style evolves and so does my house. I think it must drive my husband batty, but it’s just part of my creative process. Your room looks fantastic! I love the flowers – they add whimsy.

  • Ruth Abel - Oh my goodness, I love what you have added! I recently got a huge antique frame from my mom (who found it at the landfill -free!) and I am planning on framing chicken wire so I can have my own mini wire wall. So excited. Thanks for being inspiring!

  • Gina - You are SO getting pinned for this. Love the flowers and the turquoise is just so pretty.

  • Anna - you deserve to be featured…you’re uber talented! I too have an addiction to change stuff and yes, Pinterest does not help!

  • Mariah - Man! That must be so weird to see your room in a magazine! Cool, but Twilight Zone cool. πŸ™‚ Witch might be the coolest kind of cool, really.

  • amanda torres - I love, love, love the paper flowers.

  • Sarah - we are kindred spirits Ashley! i can’t stop changing my house either! my to-do list is never ending and i love it! i haven’t seen the lunch bag tut yet, thanks for sharing! i’m working on our decorations for our local Relay for Life Event next month and these will work perfect! your bedroom looks amazing too, looks so nice in the photo looking in from your living room. can’t wait to see the play room-i never thought it really looked like you. congrats on being featured! you deserve it!

  • lauren - love it all!!! p.s… i have dreams about that wallpaper in your hallway to your bedroom. i have a major crush on it with very little hope of being able to find it after hearing that story of how you got it…. sadness. but it it has to live anywhere i am very glad it lives with you. πŸ™‚

  • Kimberlee Jost - I fully expect to see your bedroom on Pinterest even more now. This looks amazing!
    Maybe I should try those flowers. How long did it take you to make one? I realize I’d have to add five times whatever you say to the speed, but it would help to know. πŸ™‚

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Wow! How fun to see your work in German! That was super thoughtful for the reader to send.

    I love, love the flowers! It’s really lovely.

  • Laura - Wow! The way you are so fearless in your decorating is such an inspiration! Thanks you for sharing!

  • Dana Laymon Photography - That is so awesome to be featured in magazines. and to not even know it! your style definitely deserves to be featured- you have some great ideas and i love reading the blog everyday!

  • Courtney Henson - The flowers look beautiful! And gloves and spray paint? Are you kidding? People always know when I’ve been painting/spray painting…shoes, hair, hands, jeans…I can’t keep it off me! And so very cool that YOUR stuff is making it into magazines…you are so worthy of that! Congrats!

  • Stephanie - I am sincerely in awe of this room.

  • Emily Langston - You have an amazing eye. I wish I could trade brains just long enough to decorate and then you could have it back… hey, like you said, it might take away your run of diy for a bit!

  • Ashlee - Where did you get that gorgeous wallpaper??

  • jami nato - dude, you’re famous! like going all international…

  • Sheena - Yeah, I have you to blame for start my pinterest addiction. Thanks a bunch. I actually have a timer beside my computer monitor and I only let myself browse pinterest for 10 minutes at a time…..are there 10 steps for people like me?

  • Ashley H - Love this room!

  • Katie @ explanationrequired - Love the paper flowers!! So fun!

    I think I spied a growth chart near the door to your bedroom. Any chance you plan to spill more info on that? I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of growth chart to get/make for Charlotte for a while now.

  • cailan - Good night, lady! This is so pretty-fun-cute-wonderful. I am in complete awe.

  • Stephanie - Every single time I see that fabric in your first picture on this blog, I die a little. I LOVE it so much… do you (or does anyone) know the designer/brand? I think I need it. Can’t wait to see what you do with the playroom! Also, I love the decorations in your room; I don’t think it looks like a party, but it adds a nice touch of whimsy.

  • Shannon Phillips - I LOVE LOVE LOVE! If I have a girl this time I am absolutely hot gluing fabric rosettes to the walls. πŸ˜‰ If my husband gives me grief I will just tell him that Ashley says it is perfectly acceptable to hot glue things to the wall. Then he is sure to let me do it. If not then I am sending him on a date with Chris so he can tell him to let me do it.

  • Jennifer Waldrop - girl seriously I’m convinced that you have a cloning machine in your house!! How in the world you manage to raise 4 chitlins (and an apparently elephantine cast) do laundry, dishes, and all that and still bust out crazy beautiful rooms is just beyond me!!!! You inspire me to get the paint out!

  • Courtney - Love the growth chart on the wall next to the door! It is adorable! You are awesome!

  • Stephanie - I LOVE your style! I just wish I had enough time to diy my own home…I have two young children. I know you have mentioned that the wallpaper is no longer available but who makes it?! I am in LOVE with it.

  • Margie - Love this!!! I am also drooling over your wallpaper….I have been wanting it since seeing it on design sponge a loooooonggg time ago, finally found a space to use it!!

  • Randi - I love LOVE your wall paper! And congrats on being featured in magazines!! So awesome!

  • Sarah - I love those paper sack flowers and the gold and teal flowers really make the room pop! I am also loving that growth chart! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas, I stop by here everyday πŸ™‚

  • Katie - How did you make the smaller blue flowers? I LOVE the idea of having chicken wire on your walls!


  • Margaret - I LOVE this idea! I’ve been looking for some cute decor ideas for the wall area above my baby girl’s bed that i can easily change out (and that won’t fall on her head) and this one is definitely getting put on the list!

  • Sara - I love this! Such a pretty idea to have it flow over your walls. And the chicken wire makes it so much better!

  • moxiemandie - That is so cool that your projects were in magazines! COngrats Ashley! πŸ™‚

  • Amy - Love the paper flowers and their flowing path across the wall. Looks awesome!

  • pine tree home - I love the color combo and the chicken wire is so fun…who knew it was so cheap. I bet you beat your hands up installing it though.

  • Kathie - I have been totally inspired by your pallet bed and I am working on making one of my own!! It is going in what will be my baby’s room when ever I am blessed with one…for now it is our reading room and is in desperate need of some cute decor…and well, the bed will be perfect for the small space and for reading πŸ˜€

  • Amanda Joy - Wow that bed is officially gorgeous now! And agreed, the mustard/gold and teal is wonderful.

  • Melissa - So dreamy! I love this so much.


  • Lisa Johnson - Beautiful! I love this room even more now. And I didn’t think that was even possible!

  • Mindy Harris - u do the neatest things. you are so inspiring.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Congratulations on being in more magazines! That is so wonderful! I’m really happy for you!

  • Katherine Bach - Those flowers are perfect to tie the bedroom in with the style of the rest of the house! LOVE… I might have to try it somewhere in our house as well… & I agree pinterest is addicting. Thanks for sharing it with us. πŸ™‚

  • lindsey - seriously, you are the most perfectly creative person! I think it’s time to write your own book.

  • erin - wow! congratulations on the magazines…you are really deserving of it with all of your creativeness! is that a growth cart by the bedroon door? it is so unique and just what i am looking for!

  • Alicia @ La Famille - i just found your blog last week and i am LOVIN’ every minute! i’m excited to see your room all done. i love that pallette bed idea, too. so cool to have your ideas in a real live magazine. i had a handmade item from my etsy shop featured in country living this month and i’m still giddy πŸ™‚ way to go!

  • sara's art house - I LOVE the flowers! Wow! They look great- and the little pops of color are perfect.

  • sarah j - you’re famous! whoo hoo! ;]

  • Michelle B. - Congrats on all the love you have been getting, but I am curious… did the German magazine contact you for your permission to insert your picture into an article? That is your property and it would be a shame to think they didn’t ask first.

  • Lesley - Well, according to your brother-in-law, you should have your own magazine so it’s not crazy to the rest of us that your stuff is in mags!

  • Lisa - I’m excited to see your new playroom colors. I did the “party on the wall” in my daughter’s room… I love Martha’s helpful tips! Keep up the inspirational work, friend!

  • kristina - i was seriously laughing reading the beginning of this post! it sounds exactly like me!! i love it!

  • Ashley C - I didn’t know about the magazine….then over mother’s day while visitingg my mom in Charleston…what did my little eyes spy! Congrats!

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  • Angela - I love the room!! Everything is so beautiful!!

  • sherri lynn - This looks AMAZING!!

  • Andrea - I just liked you on FB

  • Andrea - I am already a fan of Silhouette

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  • Katie Kubler - .THis might be a silly question, but how did you attach the flowers and signs to the chicken wire. I’m thinking of tackling this project but I wanted to know how you attach stuff to the wire..

  • AshleyAnn - Katie, I just stuck a paperclip through the flowers and hooked them on to the chickenwire!

  • Melissa - Hi Ashley,

    I know this post is old, but is there a reason that you don’t allow people to pin pictures from your site? I have a master bedroom pinterest board that I would love to get a few of your pictures onto. Just curious as to the reason?

  • AshleyAnn - Melissa – I was having server issues for a time so I had to host my pictures on flickr. Recently flickr made all private photos unavailable to pin on pinterest. My current posts are able to be pinned, but I just don’t have the time to go back to old posts and reload the pictures so that they can be pinned. Sorry about that!

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  • Sarah Jean - Well, Pinterest may be an evil addiction, but that is how I found your blog! (Someone posted your son’s Warrior Dash Birthday party!)

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