diy….a few things I’ve been up to

What would I do without creating more home projects for myself? I do truly wonder what it would feel like to not have a mile long list of home projects going in my head. Pinterest…you are evil, only adding to my addiction. What would it be like to be ‘done’ decorating? What would it be like not to feel like the urge to constantly be changing things? I will never know.

I’m redoing the playroom. Yes, I just finished it not that long ago. I don’t really like it. I tried to make it boyish/girlish. Gray & yellow just isn’t me – bring on my beach colors. When I say I re-do a room I am not talking several $100s…not even $100. For the playroom I spent $15.00 on paint and will use stuff I already have around the house and in craft/fabric drawers.


I never wear gloves spray painting. Does anyone really?


The main reason I stapled chicken wire to my bedroom wall was to have the freedom to change, change & change up my room. I spent a total of $4.00 to create an entirely new look. Thank you Martha for an easy tutorial! I like this look better than the original I had going in the room. It looks a bit like I’m having a party in my room, but why limit fun decorations just to parties?


After making paper sack flowers I added a few teal & gold tissue paper flowers and a mustard flower. I wanted to mimic the wallpaper leading to the room so it all flowed together a bit better.


On a similar decorating note, FireCracker’s bed has been featured in a few magazines recently.  A little while back I got an email from a thoughtful German reader. She said she had stopped at the supermarket and was browsing magazines and saw my pallet bed! She was sweet enough to purchase a copy and send it all the way to Oklahoma for me to enjoy. Thank you. There are a few other publications coming out in June that I am so excited to share. It is really wild to have things featured in magazines – so crazy!


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