diy {dressed up Target sailor bracelet}


The Target $1.00 bins…I can never pass by without peeking. Even if I am in a rush I do a fast paced ‘mall walk’ just in case there is something wonderful needing me to take it home. Earlier this week I saw simple Sailor Bracelets in several colors. Technically they are super easy to make, but it was worth a dollar to save my time. I picked up two to combine for a wider bracelet. Simple and fast. I made mine while kids were eating lunch…because the only time my daughter doesn’t want to be held is when she is eating 🙂


2 Target dollar bin Sailor Bracelets

fabric (3 1/2in x 30in strips)


Step 1: Cut your fabric into 3 strips that are about 1/2 inch wide and 30 inches long

Step 2: Tie the strips together at the end

Step 3: Braid about 2 inches down


Step 4: Begin braiding the fabric through the bracelet. This might look confusing, but you are just doing a simple braid and as you braid weave the fabric through the Target bracelet.


Step 5: Once you’ve braided all the way around the Target bracelets, braid the fabric just a bit more.

Step 6: Take the long ends of the fabric and tie them together. End with a knot.

Step 7: As you braid the fabric it will fray a bit. Take your scissors to trim in extra strings.



If you don’t like the fabric fray you could do all kinds of things to keep the edges more defined. I like the fray look…and it is super fast!

Yeah for Target!

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