my mother’s day gift {reclaiming the garden}

April seemed to disappear for me. I usually spend hours planting, weeding, and tending to our garden and flowerbeds. I had a planted a few things prior to our extended stay at the hospital. When we got home it was overwhelming to even look at the garden. A lot didn’t get planted. A lot was overgrown. My mesculin had already gone to seed. The neglected garden was a reminder everyday of how quickly things change and plans get put on hold.

I told Chris all I wanted for Mother’s Day was time alone in the garden.  I wanted to look out and see the garden again – not choking weeds.

We even planted some more carrots, potatoes and beans. I really wanted to create a bean tunnel this year. Not too sure if it is too late, but I thought I’d try anyway.

Jedis laughing in the background…my favorite soundtrack.

Strawberry lemonade….my favorite gardening drink.


My peonies bloomed a few days after we got home. I sure wish they lasted longer.

Greens for the compost pile…which needs a new cuter home. Can a compost bin be cute? I dare say it can.

Part of what I enjoy about gardening is it is relatively quiet and calm (for my life). It gives me a bit of solitude and time to think. The thing about a garden is it needs a lot of attention, care & time to thrive. Yes, you can throw seeds in the ground and some will grow fine. But the best gardeners know all the details of every single one of their plants. The best gardeners know what a plant needs and when a plant needs it. The best gardeners spend consistent time nurturing the garden to insure the final harvest is the best possible.

For a month my garden was neglected. It got watered, but other than that it was ignored. Weeds took over. Grass grew high. It survived the neglect, but sure didn’t flourish. Gardening is a lot like parenting…know what I mean? My kids need more than food and shelter. They need time & nurturing. They need me to know what they need and when they need it. They need attention & care to flourish.

They would survive without all that, but they wouldn’t flourish. Weeds in their lives would choke out potential and dreams. They’d make it though. But I don’t want my kids to just make it. I want and dream of so much more for them…..I’m learning to garden…..just like I am learning to parent. So far to go, but so very worth it.

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