Day 14 {spending Easter in a cast}


The photo below is my little sister Lesley & I with our friends Joey & Amanda. Amanda left a comment that seeing my girl in a cast reminded her of the night she pulled me on a blanket to my parents after I did a front flip off a tall train toy box in my bedroom. If I remember correctly the flip was awesome, but the landing not so much. My mom hot glued white eyelet to my cast and a little green bow…which I loved. I’ve had more than one cast and more braces than could fit into a box. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find a body part I haven’t messed up pretty good at one time or another. Imagining my life without injuries is impossible…kind of like imagining my life without Easter. I just can’t fathom it.

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  • Phyllis at All Things Beautiful - Happy Easter to all of you!

  • Asha - You are reminding me that all kids get hurt. I say this because I have an accident prone daughter (stitches twice on her face before she turned 4 along with many other injuries). I felt like it was only her. I would ask other mothers of kids in her class or dance class. No stories of rushes to the ER from any of them.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  • Emily - …so she’s taking after you! Many wishes for a miraculous easter for your entire family!

  • Ashley A - What a sweet story.

    I was thinking about you last night. On Good Friday my city was hit by tornadoes. We received word that the airport was in the tornado path. My best friend and his father are both pilots at that airport and I had friends catching flights to go home for the holiday. Although it was just for a few moments, my world was turned upside down. Fortunately, everyone was safe. The damages are merely structural, but it really puts things into perspective. Don’t take things for granted. Celebrate the little things in life. Help those around you. Just as with your family, things will be difficult for my city over the next few weeks and months. However, every Good Friday in the future will bring remembrance of the tragedy that hit my city and make us so very thankful of what we have: each other and God’s grace.

    From one Ashley Ann to another…Happy Easter πŸ™‚

  • Ruth - Happy Easter Ashley. I love that your mom hot-glued lace to your cast. Clearly your amazing talent is genetic! πŸ™‚

  • andy - Happy Easter
    love the pictures
    love that you mom put lace and a bow on your cast
    i feel like i can say this because i’ve heard it from tons of people about my own pictures of me when i was younger but “you look exactly the same”
    love it
    glad all is still well

  • Brooke Whitis - I love that your momma hot glued lace and ribbon to your cast. I am shocked you have not bedazzled the pink one with a lace masterpiece yet πŸ™‚ Happy Easter, keep the great attitude and rejoice in your savior today! Have a wonderful day!!

  • meg duerksen - that is awesome.
    easter casts.
    maybe you are starting a new trend!

  • Margie - Hope it wasn’t to tough to be in the hospital on Easter!! Praying that all goes well and you get to take your baby home VERY soon!! Happy Easter πŸ™‚

  • Lynn - WOW!! Your daughter looks like you sooooo much! I hope you enjoyed your time with family celebrating our risen Savior!!!

  • amy - i have to say i just love that your mom hot glued fabric to your cast! hahahhaha. ythat is awesome, and you totally get your macgyver skills honest, huh? ; ) happy easter!

  • Anna - Happy Easter! Like mother, like daughter. πŸ˜‰

  • Peggy Annan - Been holding your dear little family since Cindy first told me of firecracker’s accident. I saw your mom yesterday at church with Cindy. She looked tired but thrilled to be able to help with the kids. I know how that is as a grandmother…. our older bodies do not afford us the stamina we once experienced, but our hearts our becoming stronger and stronger. We are able to hold a sad daughter, a broken grand daughter, a separated family and a risen Lord all in the same space. I enjoy your blog, your creativity and your sensitive heart. Please do not think you have to respond to this comment. I believe you have far more important areas to give your attention.

  • Mirys - Dear Ashley:

    What a coincidence!
    Casts for all the girls in the family!!!

    Happy Easter!
    Kisses and blessings.
    from Brazil – still praying!…