Day 12 {Good Friday}

I was going through pictures on my computer and found these. The night before her accident we were at a friend’s house and all the kids were going crazy outside. I remember trying to get her to sit just for a minute for a picture, but she kept running off. She loves the game “chase”, so she wanted to play that much more than she wanted to sit still for a picture.5.22.11-02

One week later I found myself wanting to play chase with her and wishing she wasn’t so still for pictures.

Today it has been two weeks since that night of playing chase. Today is Good Friday. I like to make a big deal about Easter with my kids. It is important to me that they know as Christians, Easter is not about bunnies, candy and new spiffy clothes (though those things are all fine – just not the true meaning).  As a family we can make it through life’s interruptions and difficult circumstances because of a faith in a God whose immeasurable love was displayed that first Easter. Spending Good Friday and Easter with a tiny daughter in a little crib in a big hospital was not on my plan 2 weeks ago. I want to be playing chase with her. I want to celebrate this weekend with my boys. Regardless, I’m here. She is healing. We are content and at peace….and celebrating Easter doesn’t mean putting on a new dress for Sunday morning. She’ll be wearing a pink cast. I’ll be wearing the holey jeans. We’ll tune in online and we’ll rock our own Easter celebration!


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