Day 8 {if you’re happy and you know it}

There are A LOT of these moments during the day.

I don’t have many of these pics because I’m usually too busy trying to find the next activity to calm her down. She has tons of shirts here with her, but REFUSES to wear any of them but one – Wonder Woman. Appropriate for her.

The truth is she is pretty happy most days…as long as she is entertained. Thankfully she has 3 big brothers who stop by and make her very happy. I mean seriously, who can’t have fun in a hospital crib when you have a 5 year old with a gummy lizard in his toes in the crib with you? Can I just say, I really love having boys.

We do a lot of tickling and laughing. Bubbles…GENIUS gift and idea.

One of my favorite pics from the weekend.

We took her on a “walk” around the floor. I thought she’d like to look out the windows at the cars. Nope, she just wanted us to keep walking. Now she daily points to the door of her room and says, “Go Mommy!”

About 10 times a day we play with stickers. About 20 times a day she wants to sing “If you’re happy and you know it”. The doctor came by one day and she was yelling at me “HAPPY MOMMY”…her way of telling me it was time to sing again.

I arrived with her at the ER 9 days ago and have not left since. I have the luxury of being able to be here with her around the clock. There are moms all across this globe who have children in far more heartbreaking circumstances than my daughter and for numerous reasons they can’t stay by their child’s bedside. My boys are very well cared for and I get to see them often. It is a luxury for me to spend the last 9 days here with her. I don’t take it for granted. She has a really bad broken bone, but it will heal. She is in a clean, safe hospital with the best care available. For the majority of hurting & sick children that is not the reality. That breaks my heart. So, I begin this week here in the hospital with my girl. Grateful for all we’ve been given. Grateful I can meet her needs. Grateful I can say, “Sister I’m right here” when she cries out “Mommy”. Her soft skin is covered in stickers, she’s happy and she knows it.

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