Day 2

Well it has been rough here, but with a few tear free moments. Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday. My girl had an accident at home doing something she does numerous times a day. She broke her femur in a big time terrible way. She’ll be in traction for the next two weeks. The pink cast is for traction, that is not the broken bone. After 2 weeks in the hospital she’ll go home with her lower half in a cast for 4-6 weeks. It is heartbreaking, but she is healthy & strong. Our time here will be brief and then I will leave the hospital with her in my arms. I can’t fathom what so many moms endure when faced with so much worse.

We are overwhelmed with love and support from friends and family. My girlfriends have me on a steady flow of coffee. It gives me a false sense of energy and alertness πŸ™‚

We spend the majority of the day just trying to entertain her and stop the cries.

It has been rough, but in the midst of the rough sometimes she sleeps. Sleep is a wonderful thing.


When her brothers and cousin come she perks up tremendously. They help her forget just a bit she is stuck on her back in bed. Thank heaven for little boys.

We doing a lot of kissing and sleeping together in her crib.Β  I hate everything about this, but I know this too shall pass. Soon she’ll be scooting around in a crazy looking cast and then shortly after that chasing her brothers around the backyard.

We are making it. The hospital staff is wonderful. Our family and friends are nearly begging us just to come up with things they can do for us. Our cup is full, we are beyond blessed. Exhausted, but blessed πŸ˜‰

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