diy {MacGyver meets flea market iPad cover}

Yes, I wrote “iPad” cover. Yes, I am jealous of myself for owning an iPad 2. Yes, my awesome wonderful handsome husband got up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning recently to wait in line to score me one. Yes, the iPad 2 is all that it is hyped up to be…and maybe more. I had my doubts on it, but it quickly won me over. My new little silver friend needed something to protect it when traveling. I searched online for something that would work, but nothing was just right. So I made my own version using my MacGyver style sewing. For those of you that don’t know, MacGyver sewing is how one who doesn’t know how to sew improvises and makes due with a sewing machine and some fabric.

If you know how to sew, don’t read this. I am fully aware that there are a billion mistakes in my method. I am okay with that. I’m sharing the steps I took mainly to show that you don’t have to do things the “right way” or the “perfect way” to make it work for you. Experiment. Mess up. Who cares if your stitches aren’t straight anyway?

I started with a vintage tablecloth (very stained, got for $1.00), a crocheted collar, and scrap fabric.

I wrapped the fabric around trying to decide how I wanted the finished product to look. Then I tried to guess how to make it happen by starting with the end and stepping back. My measuring stick was in FireCracker’s room. She was taking a nap, so I did without it. I cut flannel (enough to make it 2 layers thick) to fit, then cut the tablecloth the same size.

Does my sewing box look like it belongs to someone who knows what she is doing? Yeah, not really. Anyway, next I turned the tablecloth outside facing in, pinned the 3 layers together, and sewed down 3 sides.

Double checked to make sure the iPad still fit. Then I trimmed excess fabric, turned it right side out, ironed it down and cut a strip to be a fold-over flap.

I sewed down one side of my flap, turned down the inside of the main cover (the end that I did now sew earlier), then stuck my flap inside to see how big it should be.

Next I cut the extra flap fabric, pinned it inside the opening, sewed it down and double checked to make sure the iPad still fit.

Next I decided where I wanted the collar to go, pinned and stitched it down to the backside.

Finally I pinned the main cover together and sewed down the sides…and double checked to make sure the iPad still fit. It did! Right now I am tying it with twill tape, if I like it that way then I’ll stitch it down on the back too.


It fits and it looks quite perfect nestled in my bag ready for a trip!

1. Is it perfect? No.

2. Does it protect my iPad? Yes.

3. If I started over would I change a few things? Yep.

4. Is it perfectly perfect for me? You bet.

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