The Best Loved Doll

I’ve been on Goodbye Blue Monday‘s etsy store too many times to count now. I really love her dolls and I have in my mind the one I’d love to get FireCracker. Aren’t they the cutest things?!

My hesitation is I wonder if she will say goodbye to “Amy”. Surely she will let go of her hard, plastic, old (as it in was my babydoll when I was little) doll. Surely. Right? Don’t get me wrong, I love(d) Amy too. You can tell how well loved she’s been. My grandma made her little nightgown probably close to 25 years ago. It does make me happy that out of all the new dolls FireCracker has been given…she chooses Amy. I think these are some of my very favorite pictures of her at this age.

(yes, she still has the tattoo….the monkey was her biggest brother’s)

a doll and a Lego…



Have you ever heard of the book, The Best Loved Doll? It is one of the sweetest books…should be a classic in my opinion. We don’t read many books about dolls around here, but one day I hope FireCracker enjoys this book as much as I did as a little girl. I sure could handle reading it every once in a while instead of books about putrid ponds, galaxy battles and squirmy worms!

Reek Reek Reek


We love Amy, but I think FireCracker has enough love for two babies. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to order her one of those sweet dolls for her 2nd birthday. It would be nice to have a doll laying around that wasn’t a little creepy (we love you Amy…you aren’t creepy at all…really we like your paint peeled won’t open eyelid)

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