getting in the shot

So yesterday was crazy in regards to SnapShops. For those of you that were not able to get a spot, I hate that it happened so fast. Within 90 minutes all four were full! I currently do not have any plans for more in 2011, but that could change. I know a lot of you are waiting for news about an online version. I am still hoping to get that going, my goal is June (maybe posting that will help me get it done!). When that day comes I will share it here and on Facebook. The online version will be a bit different (it is online afterall). One benefit is that more will be able to participate at a time. I’ll let you know….


I’ve been asked about how I get into so many shots, so I thought I’d share on that today. I don’t want to be ‘missing’ from our yearly photo albums, but the reality is Chris isn’t home 24/7 so I have to find other ways to get in the pictures. Here are a few of my methods:

Method 1: Chris

A lot of times I get the camera settings where I want and tell him exactly what I want in the shot. Sometimes he just captures what he wants.

Method 2: Self-timer

To take pictures using the self timer I first decide where I want to be in the photo. Next I place someone or something in that spot, focus on the spot & take a trial picture. If everything looks good I leave the settings alone, turn it to the timer and then jump in the shot.

For this picture I left the sanding block on the floor, focused, set the timer and got back in.

For this one I set the camera on the countertop behind us. She was standing in the chair, so I took one focused on her…set the timer and stepped in.


Method 3: Me

Usually this means shooting on automatic (my focus button is on the back so it is difficult to hold the camera with one hand, focus & shoot). For this photo I just held the camera high over my head. Some of you asked previously what is in this bowl: Greek Plain yogurt, granola, berries, white chocolate chips & honey (thanks Meredith for showing this to me at the frozen yogurt place).


For this one of my niece and I…I held the camera out in front of us and hoped we were in the frame.

I don’t shoot into mirrors very often, but every now and then it works. I’ve also set the timer and shot into a mirror so my face isn’t covered.

Method 4: My kids

My kids are always around and always love to take pictures. I switch everything to automatic (again because my focus button is not the same as my shutter button on Manual, but on Automatic they are both on the same button).

Below my oldest was using my cell phone to take a few pictures. His perspective always makes me smile.

My oldest with my big camera…a little out of focus and on automatic, but it works.


My 3 year old son took this one. He wanted to take a picture with my big camera. He was sitting down, I put it on automatic. He can barely lift it so I just squatted holding FireCracker until I saw my reflection in the lens then I told him to ‘push the button’.

If you are thinking “I don’t want any pictures of myself” or even if you do want to be included…

you should read this post I wrote in 2009.

And along those lines have you seen Emily’s Embrace the Camera? I’m linking up today (since this post just so happens to fit!)

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