diy {super simple door chalkboard}

A few months ago I realized I was in dire need of something to help me keep track of stuff. I have a daily planner, but it doesn’t help much if I don’t look at it everday. I was starting to forget a lot of things so I started thinking of ways to help me tackle my ‘stuff’. I saw all kinds of cute little organizers online, but I needed something BIG. The other factor I ran into was a complete lack of wall space to put something BIG. I remembered Kevin and Layla’s mirrored closet doors over on The Lettered Cottage and it inspired me to do something similar in my kitchen with a chalkboard.

This was such an EASY project. I used a big piece of hardboard (looks like pegboard but without the holes) cut to the size I wanted. I painted a few coats of chalkboard paint. Once the paint was dry I took the door off the hinges, laid in on the ground and used Liquid Nails to glue the chalkboard to the door. To frame it in, I sanded down yardsticks and used Liquid Nails to glue them to the chalkboard. The yardsticks match my backsplash, but I especially love that they say “the helpful place” because that is by far what this chalkboard has become for me.

It is usually covered in notes and writing, but I felt funny posting that online….so you get the more cleaned up version!

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and now that I know what I like on there I am thinking about making the categories more permanent, so I am only erasing and writing the weekly changes. I love the chalkboards by MaryKate McDevitt on etsy. I’d like to attempt something similar for my category titles, but I’m afraid of messing it all up…I’m pretty confident mine could never look as cute as her’s.

While I was adding one chalkboard I was taking down a much larger one. I have had chalkboard paint on a few of my walls for about 2 years (which is REALLY long for me). I was ready to see it go. I’ve had some wallpaper (it’s no longer in stock) waiting for months to be hung and decided one evening to hang it the next day. My mom came over the next morning to help me, but we quickly realized we needed my dad to intervene…or most accurately I should say we needed dad to come hang it all. I helped a little.

“diy” means “Do It Yourself”…..just in case someone has been wondering….

Spring is here and it makes me happy. This time of year you can find me kindly pruning a tree down the road. It is close to power lines so I don’t mind helping the city out. They should give me a discount on my bill for being kind enough to prune trees.

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