filling my home with the unseen

I like to decorate my home. I enjoy filling it with things that represent me and my family. I spend the majority of everyday within these walls, so I think about what I want hanging on these walls. I was reading recently in Proverbs about how the ‘foolish’ man focuses on filling his home with expensive treasures and on acquiring things. It made me start thinking about what I truly want to fill my home.

When my kids and Chris (and myself) think about our home there are certain things that I want to come to mind. When my kids have homes of their own one day I want them to remember what filled our home….not just the crazy things that mom hot glued to the wall, but what I really hope fills my home. It is a lot easier to hang a cute picture on the wall or make a fun pillow for the couch than it is to be intentional about what is unseen in my home. It is easy to see when the laundry is piling up and the floors need sweeping. It is not so easy to recognize when the unseen is out of whack.

So I am thinking more about the unseen in my home and thinking more about what I want overflowing from my home. Here’s a few “things” I want my family to think of when they think of our home….starting with a pic of my oldest when he was 2.

3.11fillhome-04 3.11fillhome-09


Tad Carpenter quote found via Design*Sponge

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