giveaway winners…to be announced soon

Well I haven’t gotten the giveaway winners determined yet…but I will by Tuesday morning. Last week was spring break. To give you an idea of my current state….

Here is Friday afternoon of Spring Break…Chris took this picture while he was getting the grill ready.


And here is where he found me.

Crashed out. He’s proud of his use of “lines” in this picture. You can see the tent poles all lead to my head. The kids and I were watching a movie on the computer in the tent. Well I guess the movie ended and they left me alone.

That is what Spring Break does to me…

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  • Becky - That just made me laugh out loud. Every mom needs a good rest now and then, and it was awfully nice of them to let you have a moment.

  • andy - awesome
    glad you had a good and restful spring break 🙂

  • Caroline - it took me a few seconds to realise it was you sleeping!
    sorry for not reading, your pictures always catch my eyes first!
    anyway, looks like an awesome break!! enjoy!!

  • Sadie - What a cute post. Glad you got some rest!! I can only imagine how tired you must have been. I will be that way next weekend….Spring break starts tomorrow here in AR!

  • Jess - Looks like an awesome place for a nap!

  • amanda lester - haha they abandoned ship, didn’t they? i love when people put tents up in the backyard. so fun and you look super cozy in there. im dying to know if i might have won anything and its going to kill me to wait until tuesday but i will try real hard. : ) maybe my patience will pay off? lol

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - That looks really heavenly! Hope you had a wonderful spring break!

  • Jenny B. - Awesome! I have great memories of camping out in my yard as a kid.

  • steph - oh, that looks so cozy!! ha ha!
    our spring break starts in t minus 5 days! yikes!
    i think i’m gonna be a tired momma too!
    hope you get some more rest now that the kids are BACK in school! ha ha!

  • Charity - This is awesome, and it is such a great idea. We’ve made forts outside, but I love the idea of watching a movie out there.

  • Mindy Harris - love the lines. looks like a beautiful day. wonderful, wonderful!

  • ashley jensen - Good job Chris…lol.

  • Katie - so glad you had a restful spring break…you deserve it!

  • Kara @ Kara Paslay Designs - How fun! I love camping in the back yard!

  • bopha - so you do sleep, i really just assumed you had endless amounts of energy 🙂

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - Oh man, I here ya!! Lucky you they let you be. Mine are all over me the minute they see even a hint of my eyes closing.

  • Amnah - LOL! Yes, I’m quite impressed with Chris’ lines as well. If there was ever a place to knock out, that would be it.

  • Lacey McKay - Oh my gosh! I totally took a nap in a tent in my backyard this weekend! I don’t have a picture to prove it though.

  • christa - I so look forward to your posts everyday! this one made me giggle.