ten on ten {March 2011 my pics}

Wednesday I mentioned that I was going to participate in A Bit of Sunshine’s Ten on Ten project. The idea is to take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. I take too many pictures everyday! I tried to limit myself to ten things today – it was SO hard! So here are my random ten for the day.

If you participated be sure to link up over on a Bit of Sunshine….I’d love for you to link on my blog too (so I can see the ones by my readers!). Thanks Rebekah for such a great idea!

This is will be my Friday post too πŸ™‚

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  • Angela Vaughan - i love this idea!!! i take a bazillion photos, but like the challenge of synthesizing for 10 moments to share over a day’s time. i will have to get on it! you have an awesome set of 10! love every pic you post of your precious kids and fabulous crafty home.

  • Melissa - Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented (I’m just not a big commenter)…but! I love your new bedroom, it looks so bright and comfy! πŸ™‚ Melissa

  • brianne @ the ravenna girls - Love them all! Those stripy lil legs!! darling!

  • SugarPrints - Love this!!! I am going to try this myself!

  • Rebekah - Ashley, your photos as always are perfect. capturing such a sweet and full life I can almost hear the giggles in your busy home with four little ones! Thank you for participating this month it is an honor! xo

  • Kimberly - These are ALL so, so lovely!!

  • Cali - Been a follower for a while… did the challenge today. πŸ™‚ Thanks.


  • Christian @ Modobject at Home - What an action packed set! So fun, isn’t it?!

    I’ve been participating in 10 on 10 for about six months and love it. I feel like it’s a photography project that I can actually accomplish consistently, and I love to have a visual record of some random days in our life.

    Here’s my March 2011 set…

  • Samantha S. - Love them all Ashley! Especially the one of you and Little Miss. I did it too! Also… you’d love Ali Edward’s “A Week in the Life” project – just put it in a photobook instead of a “scrapbook”! πŸ™‚

  • caro - OH NO!!!! I forgot!!!!!

  • Yvette - Fabulous set!!!

  • hill - love your ten on ten.

  • Angela - I am loving the white chocolate chips and yogurt. Great tip! But I’m not so fond of your new membership. I can no longer use you as my example of a good-looking mom who stays active without going to the gym.

  • Katie @ explanation required - Love your photos!! And I’m happy to say that I managed to join in today — http://explanationrequired.blogspot.com/2011/03/ten-on-tenth-march-2011_10.html

  • amy - look at you, awesome first ten on ten!

  • D'On - I love it! I need to do something like this. Just so I stop looking for something to happen and just enjoy it as it happens.

  • Julie B - I did it too! I loved it! Here is mine!

  • mel @ the larson lingo - What a great set! Isn’t 10 on 10 so fun? I LOVE the one with 3 sets of legs/feet. And, your yogurt/granola/berry concoction looks A-MAZING. I want it, like, right now.
    Here is my ten: http://thelarsonlingo.blogspot.com/2011/03/10-on-10-march-2011.html

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - Look at you with your tennis shoes like a real workout girl! I love the shot of the feet.

    Thank you for your reminder post yesterday. I actually made it. It’s on on the 11th but hey, it documents the 10th so it counts, right?

    Here’s the link.

  • Jenny Smith - Love your blog, though I have never commented. Your pictures are beautiful, every one of them tells such a story. You inspire me to take pictures of moments that might not have occurred to me. Thanks for such a wonderful idea, here is my link:

  • april's craft nest - http://aprilscraftnest.blogspot.com/2011/03/ten-on-ten.html

    here are mine! thanks for telling us about this!

  • annalea - this was my first ten on ten as well. here are mine: http://www.annaleahart.com/2011/03/ten-on-ten-march-2011.html

  • giozi - Dear Ashley I tried but I couldn’t. If you going to participate next month I’m going to do too with you.
    I wasn’t sure about something, if the pictures had to take on 10th and publicate on 11th, but now I understand.
    I only did 3 pictures consecutives but I couldn’t more my morning was crazy πŸ™

    Your photos gorgeous as always, I love the one of your tennis and your little ones together.

  • Ms. Dawn - These are GREAT pictures! I am SO impressed. Just visiting from my friend Andrea’s (thegambrel4.blogspot.com) blog. She’s right…it’s a good one. Consider me your newest follower.

  • because love is a lifestlye - Great pics. I decided to do it too. I have always wanted to try it and finally felt motivated to do it today. My day ended up not being very ordinary though…

  • Pat - OMG a star wars kite, I would sooo have loved that as a kid…
    love your pics!

  • Tara C - this is definitely a favourite post for me!
    I love the every day and you capture it so beautifully.
    How do you get yourself in the pictures? Tripod?

  • Lindsey - thanks for sharing the idea! i love seeing a glimpse into your everyday life…your kiddos are adorable! i did the challenge and hope to do it again!

  • tiffani - i absolutely loved this idea! so glad you told us about us; and i took pictures for ‘most’ of those hours with intentions to do it. i think it was practice for next month;) love this idea:) love the pictures from your day!

  • Trish - cute as always. love the shot of just your feet/legs πŸ™‚

  • keely - It’s so funny that you have to seriously pare down your pics and I had to keep reminding myself to take them! I loved doing this, though and want to participate monthly (and take more pictures everyday)!
    I love the shot of your 3 sets of legs and feet. So cute.

  • Erin - The Smallest Sparrow - Adorable! Does your husband take the photos with you in them? I don’t have any pics of myself as I’m always the one behind the camera.

    Fun idea to document the day. Wish I’d seen this in time to participate. Oh well… next time!

  • Andrea Jett - I have an idea for a post! How in the world do you take such stinkin’ awesome pictures with yourself in them?? I want to do this (since I am NEVER in any pictures in this family!) and yours just always seem to turn out so cool. Can you share how you set up your camera, focal length (I am ALWAYS curious about that cause I am a fixed length lovin-fool too!) and timer or remote or however you work that magic? πŸ˜‰

  • Andrea - I love your pictures, my favorite for the 10 on 10 is the one of your feet! Too cute!!

    Thanks for posting about Rebekah’s Ten on Ten project. I linked up with my Ten on Ten. Here is the link:

  • jami nato - i wear my toms daily. except in the bowl would be ice cream instead of granola.

  • karen - you just have the nicest legs girl!!

  • aaron greenwood - I love all of this. I will absolutely be doing this for sure! So awesome.

    Love your house! Any chance you want to do a feature on my blog sometime?

    Also I too eat vanilla yogurt, Kashi Go Lean & Blackberries. Its one of my favorite treats. LOVE!

  • the whyte house - I caught your update on fb, but I had some 24 hour bug yesterday and I opted to sleep instead. Slacker, I know. πŸ™‚ I always love the photos of your oldest reading his star wars books. Reminds me of my nephew. So sweet.

  • amanda torres - I love, love, love the straddle pic. A bit of pointed toes and he’s ready for the trampoline olympics.

  • Katie - Love the pictures! Your munchkins are so precious! πŸ™‚

  • Sara - Beautiful! These put my ten on ten shots to shame. You captured such great little moments through out the day.

  • Holly Lesue - I participated too! It was a good distraction for me. Thanks for the new blog link!


  • Nicole - love them! i was so sick the last two days – bummed that i missed this! p.s. where is her cute red shirt from? love the ruffles!

  • Shannon b - http://shannonbrown.typepad.com/life_in_general/2011/03/ten-on-ten-march-2011.html

    Thanks for sharing this idea! It was the perfect challenge for me — I spent the day at home with a mildly-sick child.

  • Mirys from Brazil - Ashley:

    I did it!!!!!!
    I manage to take 10 pictures of 10 hours even in my ordinary calm day (meaning β€œwithout the kids”). I just loved the result…

    If you wanna check on it, please go to http://diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com/2011/03/10-on-10-by-mirys.html.
    I would love a comment from you and from your readers! I even texted in English so you could all join me in this β€œlife style project”.

    All the best.
    Kisses and blessings
    Mirys – from Brazil

  • Kristen Perreault - absolutely LOVE yours! Here’s mine, although it’s more of a chronicling of my day…
    I am already looking forward to next month, maybe I can stretch my creativity a little more then…

  • marla - the striped leggings, the ruffle shirt, the trampoline split…love it, love it!

  • NicoleW - What are you eating? Berries, granola and yougurt? Looks SO YUMMY!

  • Chloe - love them all! what kind of shoes are you wearing in the shot with the cereal? they are barely seen but i love the little bit i do see!

  • Melissa Lewis-Midwest Magnolia - So precious. What I like about this ten on ten concept is it’s a good way to really see what’s the priorities in someone’s life. You can tell you love your family and are very blessed.

  • Chelsea - Love your set! You take great portraits, and love the trampoline and kite shots!

  • The Old Block House - What a wonderful idea. The photos are great!

  • Amanda D - I love your pictures!!

    Here are mine: http://mandapantsdance.blogspot.com/2011/03/10-on-10.html

  • Kimberlee J. - I participated in ten on ten, too.
    I didn’t edit my pics and now I wish I had.
    Next month, maybe.
    Loved yours…especially the pic of the granola and berries.

  • Chris - I loved your ten on ten, great shots…buuuut my kids may have liked it more…a Star Wars kite AND a trampoline?!!!!

  • Leanne - oh man, we’re going to have to get a star wars kite I think. πŸ™‚

  • Megan - So stinkin’ cute!!!

  • dani - I like the crossed legs w/ cereal (?) and the mid-air shots the best. But really, they are all mint.

    Great ten!

  • Lydia - Love your photos! I don’t have a blog, so here are mine on Flickr.


  • beki - nice!

  • Kelly - Here’s mine! http://sundrenchedmoments.blogspot.com/2011/03/ten-on-ten-march-2011-reverse-of-last.html

    I love how you take photos of your family members legs. What a neat way to see everyone grow. That little boy’s acrobatics are impressive. πŸ™‚ Kelly

  • Michelle - this was so much fun! thanks for passing the idea along. here’s my link: http://mountainsonshine.blogspot.com/2011/03/ten-on-10th-but-posted-on-11th.html

  • lutachi - Thats a great idea. I am fascinated by photography but don’t have the confidence to go at it fully. I think I will try this particular challenge and see how I fare. Beautiful pics by the way.


  • hearttypat - i like that one u took in front of the mirror with firecracker in it!

  • Melissa - I love your blog and I love your pictures. πŸ™‚
    Here’s my set: http://www.theboltons.me/2011/03/eleven-on-ten-march.html

  • stefanie arnold - Your kids are so very cute! I love the way you dress them. The picture of your shins and feet turned out awesome. And I love that your oldest likes Star Wars so much. My 6 year old son talks often about wanting to meet him; asking why we have to live so far from “the best kids.” πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! It was fun to have you visit πŸ™‚

  • Emma - I love your bed! Where is it from? And that muesli with berries is making me so hungry πŸ™‚ Great snaps, love them all

  • Sarah - Here’s my first 10 on 10 project post

  • Trix - That trampoline photo is just perfect! Love the way you’ve captured the different parts of your day.

  • Joy Andrews - I am so very jealous you can wear shorts already…too cold up here in IOWA!!