diy {chicken wire wall; antiqued frame}


I’ve gotten a few emails requesting more details on how I did my chicken wire wall, so I thought I’d just do a post on it.

Step 1: I started with a few rolls of chicken wire from Atwoods (love that place). I cut out strips about 6 inches longer than the wall (to give me some extra to work with).


Step 2: I spray painted the wire and some staples (used to attach the wire to the wall)

Step 3: I started in the corner and began stapling the wire to the wall. I pulled tightly to get it as flush to the wall as possible.

I plan on changing out what is hanging on the wire pretty regularly.

The whole point of doing the wire was to give me a “canvas” that I change as much as I want.


And just because I know some people have maybe never ‘antiqued’ something. I thought I’d also share some simple steps for giving painted items an aged look.

My grandpa built me a frame for a mirror my old neighbors were throwing away. I painted it with one coat of teal paint.

After the first coat I used a sanding block over the whole frame. I talk to a lot of people that try painting wood and get frustrated because it doesn’t feel smooth. If you paint unfinished wood, the wood fibers will rise up. You really need to lightly sand it down after that first coat of paint to get a smooth finish in the end.

After adding another coat of teal, I rubbed on some wood stain with a rag. You can use a lot of stain of just a little. It totally depends on your taste. After the stain dried I added little latches to hold the mirror (grandpa already pre-drilled holes for them to go in).

Random old pictures stuck in the frame. Reminds me of something a high school girl does with pictures of her & her boyfriend.

While painting my frame it was blocking one side of my room. I told the kids they had to stay out since there was wet paint. I was on the inaccessible side of the room working and told FireCracker she couldn’t come in because the paint was wet. She decided to come on over to me her own way. I kind of like that she just does things her own way. She keeps me laughing…and active.


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  • jami nato - super, duper freaking cute. must do this. asap. unrolling chicken wire with feet as i type this… talented…don’t ask.

  • Sarah Balzac - Look at her face! I love that she did that.

  • reeve - I LOVE the chicken wire wall!! What a great idea, thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Shannon Phillips - I absolutely love it (but you already knew that). 😉 I knew your readers would love it too. Don’t worry, my family doesn’t get my taste either. They have asked me if Keegan’s bed was finished or if I was going to do something else to it. I used white wood stain so that you could still see the wood grain but I think they wonder if I just ran short on white paint on accident. 😉 I thought to myself, “So this is how Ashley feels.”

  • Kristin - I think I’m in love with FireCracker.

  • tiffani - i’m gearing up to try this “paint, sand, paint, stain” thing to the chairs in my dinning room. i’m nervous! thanks for sharing your diy steps:)

  • andy - cool
    love it all
    thanks for the info on how you did the mirror
    it looks great

  • Jen Helbert - awesome tutorial! look at lil’ firecracker 🙂

  • amanda torres - Great tutorial! AND, Firecracker has to be the cutest little thing. Not to mention that girl has perseverance.

  • Mary - Not to sound like a complete city kid, but I call Atwoods, the indoor zoo. When my kids are restless and the weather is bad, I tell them let go to the indoor zoo. hmmm…it is raining today, and I think the baby chick have probably arrived.

  • ashlee - i love your bedroom!!!! your daughter is so cute and totally lives up to her nickname:)

  • Pamela - So beautiful~

  • kylahailstone - hilarious! my little one also gets inventive when she wants something. I love the chicken wire wall and the antiqued turqoise wood!! I am planning on using your floor idea only my floor is concrete. Not sure how well it’s going to work but I’m goning to give it a shot! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas Ashley!

  • Liene - Haha, that last picture just cracks me up.

  • ashley jensen - I am feeling you on the “918”. I’ve had problems calling people since I cant remember to dial all ten digits. My daughter is the same, if she wants to get somewhere she will find a way.

  • Tess S. - she’s so cool.

  • Tess S. - i suppose that could mean both you and your little one.

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Girl-
    chicken wire is not all that easy to work with. I know from, well, building a chicken coop. Not so creative! But, it does not like to stay unrolled. I’m impressed with your determination to get it in a vertical position! And- because I like to be every one’s mama on the intrawebz and get all up in people’s business- have you put some plants in the room to help with all the off-gassing from the paints and varnishes?

  • Cristina C - How creative! I love the idea that you can change what is hanging on your wall. And that teal mirror, beautiful!!!

  • Carissa - What? Tulsa has a new area code? Seriously, I am so out of the loop. I guess that explains why my phone keeps telling me I have to dial the area code. I was wondering about that…

  • Erin - The Smallest Sparrow - Love the antiqued mirror. Thanks for the “how to.” I’m getting ready to do this same thing to a bunch of old frames to create a gallery wall.

    And your little firecracker is so cute. She reminds me of my little girl.

  • Hannah Bunker - I remember when I was a kid they added another area code and we had to start dialing the 10 digits here in Houston. Now, we have about 4 area codes.

    Love the room! I’ve been meaning to try using wood stain on a few pieces.

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - I love all the color and personal touches you’ve added to your room.

  • Lori - I love Firecracker scrunching under the bed to get close – that is so funny!!! I love the antiqued look on the turquoise…hate the 918 dialing. please. But, I really love that you said anywhooo. that made me laugh out loud for some reason. too funny.

  • andiejaye - we got a new area code in our half of the cornhusker state as well. wonder if this is a midwest thing or something? are we catching up to the rest of the country or leading the way? anyway…just had to comment. i’ve followed your blog for a while. you actually have a spot on my brower toolbar (sheepish grin)

  • Melissa W. - Ha! LOVE the photo of Firecracker. 🙂 What a stinker! 🙂 Beautiful frame for the mirror, awesome color – thanks for the DIY.

  • Gertie @ The Old Block House - Thank you for sharing the chicken wire wall. I hadn’t thought of spraying the chicken wire with color. A couple of our larger frames are being made into message boards for a springtime sale, so this info comes at a wonderful time.

  • Celeste - oh how I love the chicken wire! I may just have to duplicate this in my craftroom. {I love the honeycomb effect it makes!}

  • Holly - Love it! I just painted a mirror frame a very similar color last weekend. Mine is in my kitchen!

  • Heather C. - Love the chicken wire wall! Infinite possibilities there! I know what I’m digging out of the shed as soon as all the snow melts. Thanks so much for sharing. Also, super cute munchkin under the bed:)

  • Krissa - Lol…Is that paint on Firecrackers hands? Too cute! Great post!

  • Melissa Lewis-Midwest Magnolia - Thanks for the tutorial…drooling over your pillows!

  • Mariah - Woah, Nellie. I am feeling your ten-digit-pain. Stupid. hate it.

  • Amanda - Love it. In all honesty… you make me enjoy the little things that the kids do that are easily over looked. Like Firecracker crawling under the bed. Mine would do the same… 🙂

  • Melody Strayer - Just so you’re not caught unaware– I plan on replicating every aspect of your bedroom. Sorry to be a total stalk-y copycat.

  • Jennifer - I found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it. But when I saw this post, I realized you live in Oklahoma! Which makes me love it even more. I come from the 580…

  • amber - We’ve had 10 digit numbers since I was in high school around here. I remember my mom having the hardest time remembering. My sister & I would crack up at how silly it seemed. Now, as a busy mom, with way too many things to do, I totally get it.

    Oh! And, Happy Birthday to your biggest bro…a little late. 🙂

  • meg duerksen - i like your mirror but i think you should’ve taken my advice on where to put it.
    chris would most likely agree with me if you ask him.
    he’d figure out how to make it work……


  • Jennie Larsen - I adore your sweet, charming, shabby country chic room. The Chicken wire wall and the bed frame with the gold saying is just precious. I adore it all. WELL DONE! I can smell the sunflowers and feel the cool breeze coming from the window laying on your bed… right now…. winks-jen

  • LeeH - Seriously, you must have that camera right with you every minute to get that shot of Firecracker taking the low road. I love that she thinks for herself, it is a wonderful thing. I know a lot of moms would want to get mad because she didn’t do as she was told.. ‘stay out’ but she gave it some thought and decided you meant stay away from the mirror.. so she did. She is smart and she thinks, that’s so great.

  • able mabel - Very neat! I love the texture it adds to your wall.

  • karen - you would totally see dust bunnies under my bed:)

  • Danielle - thank you so much for sharing! awesome!

  • Danielle - I love the finish on that frame! I swear I will never tire of that sorta turquoise blue color.

  • april's craft nest - that look on her face is to DETERMINED! love it! “I MUST get to Mommy!”

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  • Pat - We’ve had 10 digits for about 10 years now…funny just five years before that–they had ‘Party Lines’ here. I guess we’ve grown pretty fast here in these parts.

    That Chicken wire wall– Su-Wheet! I love that idea. So clever and unique.
    I just found your blog today and will be back to read more, count on it!

    ~ Pat

  • sherry - What a great inventive idea….and so useful! Also love the color of the mirror. And that little sweet thing under the bed is pretty awesome also 🙂

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  • LOO - Great idea, I have always loved chicken wire. And hardware cloth, that’s the one that is wire in little squares. Ask your grandpa, he’ll know 🙂 This is very cool and cute. Easy way to change what you hang on it, and I like the geometrics of it, and the country look. Good for you.

  • LOO - Robyn, I hope you didn’t paint that parquet floor. I wish I had that kind of flooring. Hope you got some hints from this website. It makes me crazy when people paint everything, paint all that beautiful old wood. 🙁

  • Inspire Me Heather - Your wall looks amazing and the entire room looks fabulous too! I’ve got this linked to my chicken wire post as well today, for inspiration!

  • Elena Kingsley - Could you tell me the brand and name of the color of the paint?? I love it.

  • Tiffany - Where did you get the “&” sign? I love the ‘you & me’ idea but i can’t seem to find anywhere that has that.

  • Lacy - Thank you for posting this! You have great taste! Im curious, what did you to your floors? love it

  • Cindy Brown - Just found your website through another and love, love, love it! You are talented, girl!

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  • AshleyAnn - Kelsey – my dad built it 🙂

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