what a sugar rush can lead to…

We celebrated the birthday of one awesome 7 year old last week. The morning of his birthday he wanted to go to the donut shop with family…

it was a great sugar fest morning (though we missed one set of grandparents).

To add more sugar to the day, he requested a certain type of cookie be delivered to his classroom for all his friends to enjoy.

Yep, an Oreo covered in chocolate chip cookie.  There are numerous recipes for this all over the web, I just took store bought cookie dough and covered the Oreo in it…then baked according to the dough packaging. After consuming too much sugar in one day, he spent a good amount of time with his dad and brothers flying a new helicopter around the house. I watched, but honestly there isn’t much thrill in just flying it around in my opinion.

Just dodging furniture got old, so they began trying to pop balloons and buzz family members. It still didn’t get me all that excited to participate.

They moved onto trying to fly under furniture…still didn’t get me anxious to have a turn.


And then things changed. My son took it to a new level. The blades are made of plastic and they only sting for a bit if they hit your skin…

And that my friends is how to add excitement to toy helicopters. I did have the after thought that it would have been a bit embarrassing to call my friend Brad (an eye doctor) and say, “Hey Brad I crashed a toy helicopter into my eye when I was trying to get it to take off my forehead. Can you help me?”

Happy Monday!

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