what a sugar rush can lead to…

We celebrated the birthday of one awesome 7 year old last week. The morning of his birthday he wanted to go to the donut shop with family…

it was a great sugar fest morning (though we missed one set of grandparents).

To add more sugar to the day, he requested a certain type of cookie be delivered to his classroom for all his friends to enjoy.

Yep, an Oreo covered in chocolate chip cookie.Β  There are numerous recipes for this all over the web, I just took store bought cookie dough and covered the Oreo in it…then baked according to the dough packaging. After consuming too much sugar in one day, he spent a good amount of time with his dad and brothers flying a new helicopter around the house. I watched, but honestly there isn’t much thrill in just flying it around in my opinion.

Just dodging furniture got old, so they began trying to pop balloons and buzz family members. It still didn’t get me all that excited to participate.

They moved onto trying to fly under furniture…still didn’t get me anxious to have a turn.


And then things changed. My son took it to a new level. The blades are made of plastic and they only sting for a bit if they hit your skin…

And that my friends is how to add excitement to toy helicopters. I did have the after thought that it would have been a bit embarrassing to call my friend Brad (an eye doctor) and say, “Hey Brad I crashed a toy helicopter into my eye when I was trying to get it to take off my forehead. Can you help me?”

Happy Monday!

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  • Jennifer - LOL Now that sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration! πŸ™‚ The photos are fantastic!

  • cheryl - How fun! I love the Upward jersey . . . my daughter has the same one. πŸ™‚ Gotta try those cookies. Yum ….

  • Hoosier at Heart - Hey, you only live once and you’ve got two eyes right? It’s not like you would need both of them. It totally would have been worth it.

  • Cristina C - HaHaHa! What a great family you have! And those cookies sound delicious!!!!

  • maria - My husband is a helicopter pilot and I can appreciate this inventive trick on more than one level!!…such a creative kiddo you have! I bought one of those helicopters for husband and my 4 yr old and well, it didn’t make it through the day due to their shenanigans!!! boys! great pictures as usual!!

  • tiffani - what a great time:) my daughter got that helicopter for christimas and my husband ‘helped’ them to discover that little fact {that it only stings for a bit} so it became a game of chase; cruel i know!;)
    it’s so great celebrating your kid’s bday isn’t it!? happy monday:)

  • Jenny Joy - Happy birthday, awesome sauce! And please know that I will be trying the helicopter forehead trick as soon as my kidlets leave for school. (They can’t have ALL the fun.)

  • becca~capturingsimplejoys - what a great birthday~a good reason for a sugar rush πŸ™‚ that last picture is great, you are a great mom and your kids are lucky to have you!

  • Cory - This is great! It makes me look forward to when my little boy gets bigger & wants to do silly things like this!

  • Megan - What a fun sugar filled birthday…I must try those cookies, perhaps today. What a daring/adventuresome mom you are with the helicopter!

  • e l l a - So cute. Happy b-day to your little man πŸ˜‰
    We just had a coffee shop celebration when my daughter turned 3 1/2 last week – she had her 1st donut in her life! LOL
    The helicopter game is so cool πŸ˜‰

  • Kelly - Really funny! And my mantle is full of blue ball glass jars right now too. πŸ™‚ Kelly

  • ashley jensen - My father in law has one of these and my daughter absolutely loves it. It is more entertainment listening to her belly laughs than anything. That was a sweet move you pulled off there too!

  • amanda torres - That is really funny! Next time you’ll have to do a bridge and make your stomach the launchin/landing pad.

  • Julie B - Yes I usually head to another part of the house when those come out. And I’m pretty sure I would poke both of my eyes out!

  • Trish - what fun πŸ™‚

  • Minnesotamom - Love those cookies! Just made my third batch this past weekend for family.

    Happy belated to your boy!

  • Joani - My family adds excitement to toy helicopters by trying to shoot them down with nerd guns!

  • jeana - That’s the way we celebrate around here! I’m planning on making those cookies this weekend for family movie night…now I wish it were Friday already! I love your blog and you babies are precious….maybe our next one will be a girl =]Happy Birthday to your little man!

  • Katie - I love these pictures. You can feel the fun. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  • Linden - you have got to be the most fun mom I have ever seen… (well besides my own;). I wish I could come hang out with you some day. I think we would be great friends. (I’m sure everyone says that but it’s the truth).

  • caro - i donΒ΄t know that cookies, thinks are greats! and mmmmmmmm.
    Love the cushions, great flowers. love it!!!!
    Happy birthday.

  • Alison M - WOW those cookies look amazing!

  • Cat from Constant in Chaos - love the simple decorations and the photos above the mantle. And, those cookies. YUM! Recipe, please! πŸ™‚

  • amy d - omgoodness, that was hilarious!
    those oreo/choc chip cookies look so (evil) good!!!!!

  • Lori - i love this. too funny. please understamd me when I say I will never give Sterling an oreo wrapped in cookie dough…he’s already hyper enough…can you imagine?? he’s be jumping off the roof with an umbrella pretending he’s Mary Poppins. Love the bunting and balloons…very pretty. love the pillow in the rocker the most – though.

  • Ali Richardson - Ha ha ha ha!!! You crack me up!

  • Jess - Those cookies look great! My husband and all of his teens (he is a youth pastor) would love them! Last year for his birthday we served cupcakes with cookie dough inside them… just freeze the cookie dough in small balls and freeze them, then stick them inside the cupcake batter and bake. The cookie dough comes out gooey and warm when you bite into them… talk about a sugar rush!

  • Katie - WHAT? Oreo AND chocolate chip? Why have I never heard of this?

  • CharlaL - AWESOME!!!!!!! Can you be rented out with that helicopter party trick??? LOL

  • giozi - 7 wow. Are you ok, no?
    Sorry but I smiled with your last comment
    Recipe !!!!

  • Jess H - 7 years awesome…wow! all that sugar & a helicoptor flying off your head…double wow! you are a brave mom, ashleyann πŸ™‚

  • Leanne - Maybe I should try that with the helicopter my hubby got for Christmas…I’m still not that into it!

  • Desiree - Sounds like a lot of fun! Those cookies look ridiculous and amazing!

  • Sarah - You are a cooler mom than i will ever be! I couldnt pull off that trick if i tried!

  • April - Ah…fun times….they will all remember that silliness FOREVER !!!

  • amy jupin - yum.

  • Zhanna - oh my goodness!!!! those cookies look sooooo good! We have a specialty bakery here in Orlando and they make something like this but its a chocolate chip covered brownie. it’s literally heaven in every bite. the best of both worlds. lol.

    and i adore all of your photos. it will never get old. neverrrr πŸ™‚

    happy birthday to your little fella!

  • Allie - It must be a sign! I have a boy turning 7 this week and have been trying to come up with what to take to school. I seriously planned his conception so that he could take baked treats to school (being a summer baby myself!) I bet he will be on-board with this recipe πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  • Cindy - Love, Love! the doughnut shop photo.

  • cynthia - that’s sugar overload!!! i couldn’t help notice your fireplace pictures. what size are the pictures and how many do you have up, if you don’t mind sharing.


  • julie - You get the Mom Award for making sure all his stars made it onto his Upward t-shirt!