in her daddy’s shoes {indoor lighting}

I was in the kitchen and could hear FireCracker laughing while repeating, “Dada shooos. Dada Shooos.” I peeked over to the front door and saw her getting in and out of her daddy’s converse. I keep my camera on a shelf in my kitchen at all times, so it is quick to grab. After getting my camera I came back to capture a few pics of her playing. When I downloaded the images to my computer I thought you all might like seeing the process I go through in regards to photographing my kids in this kind of scenario and lighting….


Picture #1: This is just as it happened. The curtains were open so the light was harsh and yucky.

Picture #2: I reached back and closed the curtains, then adjusted my settings for the change in light. She was in an area that wasn’t well lit after shutting the curtains, so it was still a kind of yuck place for pictures.

1/250, f/2.8, ISO 100…………………………………………………1/125, f/2.8, ISO 200

Since she was getting in and out of the shoes I could easily move them over just a bit without really bothering her. Once she stepped out of the shoes, I moved them over just a bit where the curtain covered windows flooded her with great indirect light. Our curtains are white and still let a tremendous amount of light in when closed. Now that she was in my more ideal place, she kept on doing her thing, while I adjusted my settings again and did my thing.

1/125, f/2.8, ISO 320

Her daddy is her hero.

His shoes are big. She’ll never be able to fill them.

His shoes are big. Her feet are small.

His shoes are big. They’re perfect to stand on.

His shoes are big. They’re perfect to dance on.

I won’t mind sharing my dance partner.

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