in her daddy’s shoes {indoor lighting}

I was in the kitchen and could hear FireCracker laughing while repeating, “Dada shooos. Dada Shooos.” I peeked over to the front door and saw her getting in and out of her daddy’s converse. I keep my camera on a shelf in my kitchen at all times, so it is quick to grab. After getting my camera I came back to capture a few pics of her playing. When I downloaded the images to my computer I thought you all might like seeing the process I go through in regards to photographing my kids in this kind of scenario and lighting….


Picture #1: This is just as it happened. The curtains were open so the light was harsh and yucky.

Picture #2: I reached back and closed the curtains, then adjusted my settings for the change in light. She was in an area that wasn’t well lit after shutting the curtains, so it was still a kind of yuck place for pictures.

1/250, f/2.8, ISO 100…………………………………………………1/125, f/2.8, ISO 200

Since she was getting in and out of the shoes I could easily move them over just a bit without really bothering her. Once she stepped out of the shoes, I moved them over just a bit where the curtain covered windows flooded her with great indirect light. Our curtains are white and still let a tremendous amount of light in when closed. Now that she was in my more ideal place, she kept on doing her thing, while I adjusted my settings again and did my thing.

1/125, f/2.8, ISO 320

Her daddy is her hero.

His shoes are big. She’ll never be able to fill them.

His shoes are big. Her feet are small.

His shoes are big. They’re perfect to stand on.

His shoes are big. They’re perfect to dance on.

I won’t mind sharing my dance partner.

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  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - You must be the quickest camera settings adjuster in the world because them kids move fast!! She’s such a cuttie. She sure keeps yall entertain, doesn’t she?!

    I like the verse at the end. Is that from a country song?

  • Melissa - So sweet!

  • Danielle - I love her outfit!

  • becca~capturingsimplejoys - love how she just kept on stepping in and out of them when you moved the shoes!

  • Caroline - firecraker is SOOOOOO CUTE!! i love the picture with her mouth wide opened! πŸ™‚

  • Tess S. - great post. she certainly is a beauty and growing so fast.

  • the whyte house - So cute. I bet chris will love those shots!

  • MyCreativeEscapes - LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures – and the notes about the settings you use to – I have two girls and love to see them walk in grownup shoes. Beautiful!

  • tiffani - so sweet:) and even though i don’t have a photographer’s type camera{i like to call mine a ‘snap n go’ hehe}, those lighting tips helped me out, thanks! happy weekending!

  • hearttypat - i must really keep the camera clicking at all times next time i have a kid. look at all your children! they are never shy in front of the camera, and they are always so natural!

  • Ashley A - So cute, she will treasure those pictures in the future! I love her leggings! Thanks for the settings πŸ™‚

  • Erin - The Smallest Sparrow - Soooo cute! Thanks for the quick lesson. I’m hanging on your every word right now as I’m trying to learn to take better pics. BTW – after yesterday’s post, I’m totally consumed with the desire to switch to a pro photo blog. I love the way your photos look and am so frustrated with blogger. Maybe someday…

    Thanks again!

  • Jenny Joy - These photos make me swoon. I love your explanations of settings and such. To be able to SEE the difference makes all the difference.

    And Firecracker is sooooo cute. That certainly doesn’t hurt!

  • Lesley - Ha!! Love it! She is hilarious.

  • jami nato - cars on a little girls outfit…that’s what i’m talking about! sweet peanut…

  • Sarah - Like Yanet said, you must be fast on the settings adjustments. My kids are to fast for me.

  • Jill R - My little guy does this with my shoes. At least once a day I can hear his clomp clomp clomp down the hall. It is sweet to see how you have captured this phase!

  • ashley jensen - I have always wondered if you just know what your camera settings need to be but now I know you don’t! Plus I am glad you told me that you take RAW imagages, that is the best thing ever! It has been helpful when changing the brightness just a smidge or the white balance.

  • Heather - i love seeing your process and firecracker rocking her daddy’s shoes. it’s so encouraging to know you take more then just a few shots to capture the great images that you do.

  • Danett - This is so sweet. Daddy’s little girl!

  • Nicole - Great way to share your tips – thanks! But seriously – where did her cute little outfit come from!??! Happy Friday!

  • Ruth - So sweet. I love these captured moments! Thanks for sharing them.

  • Jennifer J - Great tips, thanks for sharing. Just wish your floor were a little dusty, I’d feel a little better about my grimey floor.

  • Cherished Hearts Vintage - She’s adorable!

    My youngest brother used to fill my dad’s work boots – with TOYS! He’d hide his little GIJoes inside the boots.

  • Julie B - Yes I’m not sure how your floors are so clean. Does it get easier when they are older? Having 4 with the youngest at 8 months I’m finding it rather difficult to keep the kitchen floor spotless! How on earth do you do it all? Thanks for the photo tips and the first shots. I like seeing your process.

  • Krystina - I absolutely love these photos! My favorite is the bottom one. So freakin precious!

  • Chris Campbell - Daddy definitely loves dancing with his girls! I have it really good.

  • amac - This is so adorable! My little one is in this stage right now too. And her Daddy has the same exact pair of shoes! Although I haven’t been quite quick enough to get good pictures yet.

  • Raquel M - Sweet Shots!!!! It’s like you don’t want them to grow up, but then you do so you can share moments/memories like this with them…

  • Megan - So cute! These pictures are ones you will cherish forever.

  • Chelsea in MO - What a sweetheart! This made me smile! Happy Friday!

  • Emily Langston - so sweet…. I love the last ones.. like she’s mastered them enough to lean back in them..

  • Shelley Smucker - As the new mommy of a little girl, this just gets me! I am also starting to crawl my way into photography…but I have so much to learn it’s ridiculous. So thanks for the tips and the adorable pics of your little dear!


  • Mallory - Thanks so much for your photography tips, Ashley. I really enjoy taking pictures but my relationship with my camera & lighting & finding the correct settings is a constant battle. And those pictures of your daughter make me think of myself so much! I was always all about my dad when I was little. She’s so sweet!

  • Lori - i love your poem of sorts at the end. very true. love her lil outfit as well. I would still be looking for my camera…oh,here it is…too late. ;0(

  • Emily - Thank you so much for the photography tips Ashley! I took a photography class when I bought my new camera and the first thing the teacher said was to never use auto white balance, but since you said that is all you use I am trying it out again. I have the hardest time finding the correct white balance fast enough! Thanks again!

  • Carissa - I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I think Firecracker and Coco could be best friends. πŸ™‚

  • Mindy Harris - love that you guys are converse peeps. we live in ours.

  • Leanne - I love her outfit! she is a doll.

  • Mandy O'Dell Jones - Ashley, this post brought tears to my eyes. I remember playing in my Mom and Dads shoes when I was “firecrackers” age. Those are moments that will be cherished forever and it’s wonderful that you were able to capture them in still form. Thanks for sharing your process and settings with us “hopefulls” (the ones who aspire to be half as good a photographer as you).

  • Laura - Fantastic examples of poor vs perfect lighting! She is super cute and what great words you chose. πŸ™‚ Awwww…

  • giozi - Happy weekend Ashley πŸ˜‰

  • Brooke Whitis - Love every part of this. The daddy’s shoes…the sweet girl who is getting so big…the sweet momma who captures these moments…
    Most of all, thanks for sharing this process. I do the same thing…usually go through a couple situations before I find the right place…and settings.
    PS> I saw your CUTIE Target LITTLE GIRLS shoes the other day and loved them. Too bad I wear a WOMENS size 10…so that won’t work for me. Jealous of your cutie little feet that fit into tiny, inexpensive shoes!! haha!!

  • Lisa - This is a cute post. I am a daddy’s girl and I enjoy every minute of it. I am the only girl with two brothers and I love it! The part “I won’t mind sharing my dance partner” reminds me of dancing with my dad. He is an excellent dancer and there isn’t any other place I would rather be than dancing with him. I always steal my mom’s dance partner away at weddings…. Even though she is sitting on the sidelines, she is so happy that she married a terrific husband and father who loves her little girl.

  • joan kimball - Was it the 85mm lens?
    thanks for processing with us.


  • sophie - The most charming little girl and dress !

  • Jess H - love it! daughters adore their daddys!!

  • Becka (Life as an Artistpreneur) - Be still my heart!

  • Jessica - I just discovered your blog today… and Im totally being a creeper and looking at EVERYTHING. I love your creative insight, and love for fun. These images are just lovely, and one day they will mean soooo much to your family.